September Retrospectives, Healthy Food, and Mobile Tech | Toast Top 5

September was a rollercoaster ride even
by the standards the restaurant industry. With these changing times restaurants need to
rethink their strategies to keep the prices down, profits up, and customers
coming through the door. I’m Ross and in this video we’ll be discussing some of the
biggest news stories released for the restaurant industry last month and the
key takeaways for your business. Let’s take a look at what’s trending in
this edition of the Toast Top 5. Restaurant goers have spoken, and they
want healthy food at an affordable price. However it seems that some restaurants
have been struggling to accomplish both. Hospitality magazine found that
sixty-seven percent of small businesses restaurants have added healthier menu
items. But fifty percent have absorbed the added cost themselves. While we think
there is merit in keeping menu prices down, there are other ways of absorbing the
cost. For example: Engaging in predictive sales forecasting, and taking control of your
restaurant inventory can help you reduce waste and portion properly so you can
serve those healthy menu options at a reasonable price point. Mom and dad aren’t
giving us lunch money anymore and it can be tough to buy lunch every day.
Restaurant hospitality is reporting that restaurant lunch sales are on the
decline with possible reasons being higher prices, an increasing telecommuters,
and more online shoppers which are keeping people off the streets and out of the
food court Our advice is simple: Try making it
easier for customers to come to you. Offers like online ordering, loyalty
programs, and mobile payments increase efficiency in a restaurant and can
result in more repeat customers Everyone is addicted to their
smartphones these days. So take advantage of it found that more than
half of diners base their decision on where to eat on whether or not a
restaurant takes mobile payments and if they have a mobile app. Some restaurants
need to catch up though as only forty-nine percent allow mobile payments
41-percent have a app. If you want to read more about the importance of mobile
payments and its future and restaurants check out our blog on the topic linked
below. Does your restaurants point-of-sale system you need an upgrade? If you think
so, you are not alone. According to a report released by Starfleet research (live long and prosper everyone), about a quarter of restaurants with older POS
systems are planning to upgrade in the next year. Some key takeaways from the report, are that 93% of restaurants want a point-of-sale system that will lead to
increase loyalty and positive word-of-mouth, and seventy-eight percent
see POS mobility as a key factor in their decision making process. Luckily, Toast can do both of those, plus
more, If you’re in the market for new point-of-sale why not take a demo of Toast
today? It should not take a crystal ball to get
answers about your restaurant. Facts like your food sales, table turns, and your
check sizes? These need to be to be at your fingertips. If you run a full-service
restaurant, we’re here to tell you to stop guessing. We at Toast released a
report on the state of the full-service restaurant industry exploring the ways
that things like drinks, appetizers, and time at the table can impact your bottom line.
We collected data over 700 full-service restaurants Did you know that only sixty-two percent
of FSR sales come from food items? That guests who order alcohol will spend a hundred
percent more on thier checks? And I’ll personally spent over three hundred percent more?
In all seriousness though, and jokes aside, the results are fascinating. To get all the
facts download your copy of the report by
clicking on the link below. So what information can we pull from this past
month? Well, customers are being more selective about what and where they eat.
There’s an opportunity for restaurants succeed by listening to what those
customers and more importantly the facts are tellingthem. What do you think the
biggest stories for restaurants for this month? Let us know in the comments below and
subscribe to our blog for more updates. Thanks for watching the Toast Top 5. I’m Ross, and we’ll see you next time.

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