Serge Ibaka Says “It Hurt a Little Bit” When Kawhi Left | How Hungry Are You?

– It’s a shame that Kawhi said, “F–k it” and left. Did that hurt your feelings when he left? – Of course. It hurt a little bit, but you’re not gonna be mad about someone who tried to go back home. – Did he change his number on you? – You guys, you didn’t tell me he’s like that. – [Laughing] – OK, showtime. What’s up, babyyy? This is Serge Ibaka, aka Mafuzzy Chef. Welcome to “How Hungry Are You?” Today, I’ll be cooking for Charlamagne Tha God. – I don’t know what I’m expecting here today, you know? I hear Serge be cookin’ up all kinda wild stuff. – He hosts a talk show called “The Breakfast Club” in New York. So today, I will be cooking him a classic New York bacon, egg and cheese… with pig snout bacon. [Oinking]
[Laughing offscreen] ♪♪♪ – I’m about to cook this pig snout. It’s easy. You know my secret, baby: salt and pepper. Let’s go. This is gonna take time, like 20 or 15 minutes. Very thick—one for me and one for my guest. Next up, we have the eggs. I love some eggs. I’m gonna do it Congo-style. Learn from Mafuzzy Chef. I learned to do this from my dad. Looking good. So I have to keep moving, you know. So I’m enjoying. – [Offscreen:] All right, here we go, guys. Let’s send him in. – Yo. How’re you, King? You good?
– How you doin’, man? – Peace. Blessings to you, man.
– Welcome, bro. – Yes, sir.
– Thank you for coming, man. – It don’t smell like you cookin’ anything. – Oh, don’t worry. But you can have a seat right here. – What’s on the menu today? – Today?
– Yeah. – I got a surprise for you. – So can you help me to do the fruits here? I already did everything, you know. You have just to help me here. – Did you wash these apples? – We did, bro. It’s clean. – You didn’t wash these apples.
– We clean. OK. – Hold on. This what they do in restaurants.
– Yeah. – They don’t even wash it off. They just put it back.
– That’s what they are doing? – They don’t even wash it off. They just put it back.
– That’s what they are doing? – Put it right back, cut it. Why am I cuttin’ up my own fruit plate? I thought I was a guest! – You a guest, but I wanna see, I wanna see your skills. I heard you love basketball. – I do like basketball.
– Oh, are you excited about the Knicks’ season, this season? – No, I’m not a Knicks fan. Knicks are trash. Why would I ever be a Knicks fan? – You in New York.
– No, I’m from South Carolina.
– Someone told me he’s a Knicks fan. – No, nobody told you that.
– Come on, guys! – Nobody told you that lie. – OK, you are not Knicks fan?
– You assumed that cuz I’m in New York. Knicks suck. First of all, I’m a Dallas Cowboy fan. Grew up a Dallas Cowboy fan. – Yeah.
– Been a Dallas Cowboy fan my whole life. I’m saying all that to say— – Yeah.
– I have suffered since the ‘90s with a losing franchise in football. Why would I do that in basketball? But I used to go to the Nets games when they, when they were in New Jersey. I’ve never been to a game in Brooklyn.
– But now you wanna go because they have KD and Kyrie. – No, that’s gonna be a hype—like, they, they not gonna do nothin’ together. – No?
– Nah. – Bro.
– I think that their emotional IQs need to be higher in order for them to play together. Cuz what we’ve seen over the years from both of them is kinda two fragile personalities. Like, Kevin Durant had a burner account, you know what I mean, so he can tweet and say things about himself. Like, that shows a level of insecurity that I don’t think that you can have if you’re trying to lead a team on your, on your own. I just think that him and, him and Kyrie—their emotional IQs need to rise up.
– You know, you know, people—we learn from our mistakes. need to rise up.
– You know, you know, people—we learn from our mistakes. – Yes, absolutely.
– You know, so I’m sure KD learned from, from what he did, and then, like I say again, he already won two championships. By the way, Kyrie – he already won one, too.
– Yeah, but this is, this is New York.
– I know. – You understand what I’m sayin’?
– Yeah. – If you come in here weak-minded, if you come in here with thin skin, if you come in here worried about what people got to say about you, you gonna get eaten alive.
– Yeah. And those are two people who absolutely care what people think about them. So the only way that they gonna really be able to prosper in Brooklyn is if they take the attitude of somebody from Brooklyn and not give a f–k. – I’m sure they’re prepared for—they know. – I hope so.
– I’m sure they know. – Cuz I’m a real big self-help guy, and one of my principles is,
“Live your truth so nobody can use your truth against you.” And I call that the Eminem in “8 Mile” theory. You seen Eminem in “8 Mile”? – No.
– You never seen Eminem in “8 Mile”?! – Nope.
– Jesus Christ! – Jordi!
[Laughing offscreen] You know, I’m an original man so I come from a pure place. – So what’s classic movies in, in the Congo? What’s a classic movie?
– You know—OK, classic movie. I used to watch, uh, “Scarface,” Tony Montana, you know?
– Garbage. – Garbage?
– Hate it. – Garbage?! No, come on, man.
– Hate it! – That’s my favorite movie.
– Never liked it, never liked—
– Why? Tell me why. – Because I never understood why black people, especially young black men, were so fascinated by a, a Cuban comin’ to Florida and prosperin’ off the drug game, especially when you had a Nino Brown. Like, I gravitated towards Nino Brown, “New Jack City.” You seen “New Jack City”?
– No. – What the f–k?! – Jordi!
– [Laughing] – What, man?! And people used to have— they used to worship Scarface like he was a real person. They had Scarface on the wall, the posters and stuff. I never understood all that.
– The movie was good, though. The movie was good. I never understood all that.
– The movie was good, though. The movie was good. I never understood all that.
– The movie was good, though. The movie was good. – I never cared about it.
[Imitating Al Pacino:] “Say ‘Hello’ to my little friend!” And I never— – Like, you couldn’t kill ‘em at the end.
– But you know, it’s just a movie, though. – If that’s what y’all was watchin’ in the Congo,
y’all had a terrible perception of Americans. – I guess that’s why. And what do you think about the Raptors, the Toronto Raptors? You know what, I think you are jealous of Drake because he have a good team. – No, he HAD a good team.
– No, no, no, wait. Let me finish. – [Laughing] I think you are jealous of Drake because you in New York, and you, you don’t really know which team you are to support, Knicks or Nets. Like, he have his own team, and his team just won a title. – This, this year—
– Are you jealous of that? – He’ll be making sad rap love songs about the Raptors this year cuz that’s how bad the Raptors are gonna be. Listen, I respect the energy Drake brings to the Toronto Raptors. Because when everybody was givin’ him flak about bein’ on the sidelines—
– Yes, sir. – I was like, “Yo, that’s dope!” Now you think about Jack Nicholson with the Lakers. Like, he represents the new wave of that.
– Yeah. – It’s just that he’s a little more active, you know what I mean?
– He’s young too. – He gonna give the coach a little massage, you know what I mean?
– Yeah. – You know, dap up the players. Like, and exactly, he’s young. He’s havin’ a good time out there. And, and the culture of basketball is somethin’ that was new to Toronto. – Yeah.
– So they’ll, they’ll never see that again. – Why not?
– Nah, it ain’t happenin’. You stickin’ around? You not even gonna stick around!
– Yeah, I’m—yeah. – When is your, when is your free agency, Serge?
– I got one more year, bro. – Serge Ibaka— – Yeah?
– You’re not staying. – I’m staying.
– No, you’re not. There’s a lot that you could be doing, and you’re not gonna be able to do it in Toronto. – If you’d really be in Toronto, you know Toronto, you would not say that. – What?
– Toronto’s the place, bro. – It ain’t L.A.
– I mean— – It’s not New York. If you tryna, like, branch off into entertainment, Toronto’s not the hot spot. – Well, after I’m done with playin’ basketball—
– So you’re gonna retire in Toronto? – You never know.
– Serge, stoppp! Why? Why you tellin’ that lie to the cameras and all they gonna do is bring this footage back later when you leave in free agency?
– No, I’m just saying, you never know. – Can I get some tickets if I wanna come to Toronto— – Yeah.
– To a game or somethin’? – Yeah.
– All right. I’m gonna come support, like, when y’all not good. When y’all good, it’s hard to get tickets. I’m probably gonna get, like, courtside.
– No, we gonna stay, we gonna stay good. – You think so?
– Yeah. Just watch. – Hey, man, I have no reason to doubt you. I believe in you, Serge.
– OK. – I may not believe in your ability to cook—
– Yeah. – But I believe in your ability to play basketball. If you tellin’ me y’all gonna make the playoffs, you— – Yeah, we make the playoffs.
– Y’all could though! Y’all still got, y’all still got Kyle Lowry. What’s the— – Yeah. Pascal Siakam—
– Pascal, yeah. The other— – The big fella, Marc Gasol. Marc. – Marc Gasol, OK.
– Yeah. – All right.
– We got, uh— – Yeah, I could see y’all bein’ maybe a eighth, seventh seed, somethin’ like that.
– No. – What do you mean? In the East?! – We are top five, bro. – Boston, Indiana, Milwaukee, Philly… hmm.
– We top five, exactly. We top five. [Laughing offscreen]
– All right. OK. – Top five.
– You might got a point. The Nets might be the seventh, eighth seed. – Oh, yeah, forgot the Nets too.
– Yeah, but they don’t got KD. – One thing I believe: We are top five. So we’ll see. – It’s a shame that Kawhi said, “F–k it,” and left, but, you know, it was a good, solid unit. Did that hurt your feelings when he left? – Yes. I’m, I’m—a little bit, because he was a friend of mine.
– Mhmm. – And then he was a great guy, great teammate, great player. And then losing him, of course, it hurt a little bit, but you’re not gonna be mad about someone who tried to go back home. – Did you try to get him to stick around? Did y’all, like, have a team meeting, conversation, “Let’s go out to eat,” somethin’?
– No, we already know. We already know, like, he wanted to go back home, you know? – Oh, y’all knew that?
– Yeah, we all know that. – So he told y’all that during the season? Like—
– I mean, like— but after we won the championship, you know, I thought, like, maybe he may change his mind, try to stay one more year, but—
– Yeah. – Yeah.
– Did he change his number on you? – No.
– Oh, OK, OK. – You caught a great meme, by the way. The, uh, “What’s up, babyyy?”
– Yes, babyyy. What it do, babyyy?
– Yeah, you caught a—what it do, babyyyy? – Yeah, you already know, baby! I’m here with Fun Guy. Fun Guy, what’s up, baby?
– What it do, babyyy? – Yeah, you already know! Can we try me and you? – Huh?
– Can you—let’s try. – What do you mean?
– I’m gonna say, “What’s up, babyyy?” – OK.
– OK, and then you just— – Why you wanna call me “baby”?
– Come on. I mean, “babyyy.”
– OK [Laughing offscreen]
– Whatever makes you feel better about all this— – You know, it’s different, it’s different— I’m saying “babyyy!”
– You stretch the “E.” – Yeah.
– OK, OK. – So to, so to make that a little different—
– OK, gotchu. Stretch the “E.” I get it. I gotchu. – You know, I’m so comfortable about what I just cooked for you. – OK, what’d you cook?
– I’m sure you’re gonna enjoy it. – What’d you cook?
– Don’t worry, it’s coming. – I don’t like that. – Why?
– I don’t like mystery meat. – No, don’t worry. – Speakin’ of meat— – Yeah.
– Sym! She keep talkin’ about you when you had on the gray sweatpants. – [Laughing]
– Who? – Her name is Sym. She, she works at the radio station with me.
– Hi, Sym! – Yeah, she was like, “What?! You’re goin’ to do what with Serge?! You’re goin—I, I love that show! He be on there cookin’.” You’re a lot of women’s Man Crush Monday.
– I guess I’m doing something good, right? – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – You know, it’s crazy because I don’t really know about all those things. – Yeah, you full of s–t. This guy is so good—
[Laughing offscreen] Lemme tell you how good this guy is. That’s how you get all of the women, by the way, just play clueless—
– No, nah. Exactly, like— I never heard that before. – You’ve dated superstars! – So, uh—
– Let’s not move on from your meat. Let’s talk about you in those gray sweatpants. – What about?
– There’s a lotta women out there that wanna know, you know what I mean? – OK, what—what about?
– Was that all you? – Of course it’s all—
– That’s a wild question for me to be asking. – Exactly, it’s a wild question.
[Laughing offscreen] But, guys, you didn’t tell me he’s like that.
[Laughing offscreen] Why you guys didn’t tell me—you guys didn’t tell me at all about that! I thought he was a nice guy, smart, with books. [Laughing offscreen] Best-seller books, but I was not prepared for this, bro.
– I definitely sell books. – In your books, you say those things too? – No.
[Laughing offscreen] – I heard you talk about a lot of mental health. Why is that important for you? – Um, my second book was called “Shook One: Anxiety Playing Tricks on Me.” I put that out last October, and, well, you know, I had been goin’ to therapy to deal with my anxiety. You know, deal with my bouts of depression, you know, PTSD. And I was like, “You know, maybe I can talk about that.” Cuz nobody ever wants to talk about their vulnerability, their innermost, darkest secrets, but I did. And, uh, one thing I realized is goin’ to a therapist helped me to understand the feelings I was feeling better, so I was able to explain ‘em. And I feel like it’s kinda helped elevate the conversation about mental health, especially in the black community.
– Yeah, that’s important. Where I come from, if you ask somebody—you tell somebody to go see a therapist, they’re gonna say, like, “Are you crazy?!” – Yeah, same here.
– You know, they think, like, you crazy. – You know? But, like, I’m glad you said that
because I think it’s important. We all need that. – Especially black people. We think we doin’ ourselves a favor—
– A favor, yeah. – By keepin’ secrets.
– Secrets, yeah. – But we not! You gotta share those resources, man. – So, so what is next, in your life? What is your next? – I’m about to eat your food and get sick.
– [Laughing] – That’s what I’m thinking’s about to happen. – I don’t cook, I design food. You know what the difference is? – You just don’t even care about none of the
bulls–t you spewin’ on this show today, huh? – You just don’t even care about none of the
bulls–t you spewin’ on this show today, huh? – I know you, you host a show. It’s called “Breakfast Club” in New York.
– Yes. – Yeah, so today I make you—I made you breakfast. – What kinda breakfast?
– You should open it first. – I feel like I’m about to be thoroughly disappointed in whatever this is. – Exactly. This is a pig snout bacon, egg sandwich with cheese. [Laughing offscreen]
It’s a classic breakfast. – I don’t eat pork! – You don’t eat pork, nothing?
– No! No pork on my fork.
– When is the last time you had pork? – Years! Like, like decades.
– Decade? – What—did you call me a d–khead?
– No, you say “decade.” – Oh. Yeah, you better off servin’ d–khead. I might’ve ate that. I’m not eatin’ no f–kin’ pig snout.
– OK, so, my guy just told me you eat pork. – Nobody told you that.
– Marcus! Come here please, Marcus.
– Marcus, you terrible researcher, you. [Laughing offscreen]
– [Serge:] Come here, come here. – Before you bring me over here—
– Yeah. – I’m not eatin’ that s–t. – No, Marcus, Marcus—
– You a horrible researcher. – You told me he eat, he eat pork. – Who told you that lie? No pork on my fork. – [Marcus:] Don’t do this to me.
– OK, wait, wait, wait. – You gonna eat this f–king nose! – Wait! This nose pork, you’re gonna eat it because it took me, it took me a lot of time to cook this.
– Eat pork nose! – [Marcus:] Y’all gonna have to fight me for this one.
– [Serge:] OK, so you gonna eat that pork. – Get a good picture of that. Get a good picture. Get the boogers in that snout. – [Serge:] OK. – Bite into the meat. There you go. Bite into that meat. There you go. Oooh! Bite that snout. No, chew!
– No, no, no! – I did f–kin’ bite the snout!
– No you did not bite the snout. – Yeah.
– There you go. Oooooh. Oooh! – [Marcus:] Oh s–t.
– [Serge:] OK, you stay here, and I have to try too. – Hmm?
– I have to try it. – Mmm — It’s chewy. – Why this meal? Is this a delicacy in the Congo? – We eat pork in Congo.
– OK. – Yeah, we eat pork.
– But pig snout? – Pig snout, because—
– [Marcus:] Can I leave? – Huh?
– Can I go? – Yeah, you can leave now, thank you.
– Good job. – No, no, no! You have to finish. No, uh-uh, not yet. Finish that.
– Yeah, share that. – Exactly.
– Why don’t you cut it in pieces? – Yeah, thank you.
– Cut it up in pieces and share it with the crew. – OK. It’s my turn now. You know I never had it before? But, the only thing about my show, I have to eat everything. You know what, you lucky you don’t eat pork. – No.
– I give you that. I’m not gonna force you. – You don’t give a f–k about your diet in the offseason, huh?
– Man. – Bite into that snout, Serge! – [Offscreen:] It’s just like bacon.
– No, this isn’t bacon, OK? But I’m, I’m gonna go for it. – Mmmm. Mmmm. So you don’t like your own cooking? You know if you don’t like your own cooking, there’s really no need to keep doin’ this show.
– No, it’s not my cooking. No, no, no. The cooking is good, the cheese is good, it’s just the—
– The texture, right? – The texture of the…
– Yeah. Think about all the stuff that comes outta your nose, and think about all the stuff that’s comin’ out that pig’s nose.
– Ahhh, come on, bro! I’m eating, bro! – It’s the same thing—
– No, no, I’m eating! – And you know why we don’t eat pork? – No, don’t say that!
– Cuz pigs eat anything! Pigs eat their own s–t— – No, oh, ohhhh, OK. I’m done here today. It was fun.
– No, you can’t be done! This is your show, you cooked that.
– l already did. OK, we done here today. – If you don’t like your own cooking, then there’s no need to carry on this show—
– We got it. – At all!
– We done, we done today. It was good. – Serge, it was a pleasure meeting you.
– My man. – [Laughing] Thank you for havin’ me, man.
– No, man, it’s my pleasure, bro. You have to come back again, and for next one,
I need to cook you something you can eat. – Oh, y’all gonna do y’all’s research next time? – Last time I had pork was about 20 years ago. – I know you do a lotta interviews, you been doing it for so long. – Yeah.
– Any tips? – Yeah, man. My biggest tip I’ll give you is don’t quit your day job. – [Laughing]

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