Should Have Bought A Farm – WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

– [Asa] Hi there, hi. – [Priscilla] Say that’s okay. Hi, you sure are cute. – [Asa] What’s up guys? Welcome to the vlog. Exciting day, we are at Celestial Farms. We’ve been here before. It is a rescue farm, so they rescue all these
animals and give them a home. Bunch of farm animals,
whole variety of stuff. Abbie loves it here. We get to feed the animals. We’re also gonna be
announcing the winners from our first sponsored video this month, with Audible. Stay tuned for that. Winner winner, chicken dinner. No, no chicken dinners. There’s chickens here, shh. (chickens clucking) – You wanna pet him? Pet him, no pet him. – [Asa] Live? – Pet him. Put your hand down there. There you go. – [Asa] Look at that.
– Doesn’t he feel cool? – [Asa] Are you happy here? It’s fun, huh? Hi guys, hi guys. Look at this. – [Priscilla] Pet him. Here, let’s not throw that at them. So the first time we came,
she was super nervous. So this time she’s doing a lot better. – [Asa] Way more comfortable. (goat chomping apple) – Don’t you love the way that sounds? You guys are so cute, you’re so cute. Hi. Hi. (upbeat music) (animal noises) (upbeat music) [Asa] Oh, the pigs. – Look at that. – [Asa] Look at that big ole pig, Abbie. (upbeat music) – [Asa] Go ahead, feed
that duck right there. (upbeat music) – [Asa] What do you think, girl? She’s like, I would play in that mud, in a heartbeat. Do you like the apples too? You wanna bite an apple? Hey, do wanna bite an apple? No, okay. Wanna go feed it to somebody? Little pony. No, don’t eat it. That’s for the ponies. Okay, so you did want apple. Abbie ate the pony’s apple. – Look, does he want some carrots? – [Asa] No, he wasn’t super interested. – No? – [Asa] They’re getting
all set up for Christmas. They’ve got all their Christmas decor out. – Hi. How are you? – [Asa] Look Ab, it’s mom’s favorite. – Here, you wanna give it to him? (giggling) Give it to him. – [Asa] Good job. – Pick it up. (laughing) – Pick it up, I’m nervous
every time. (laughing) Look, oh gosh. (laughter) – [Asa] Get ’em Abbie, pick them up. Give it to him. Good job.
(laughter) Look at you, good job. – Can you pet him? Oh, be careful, watch your step. – [Asa] Don’t step on the ducks. Feed for animals is $1000 per month. Good to know. Gotta hold the gate, go ahead. Look at the bunnies. Oh, the bunnies. What do you think of the
bunnies? Watch your feet. Don’t step on a bunny. (peaceful guitar music) – [Asa] Oh, he almost got it. Good job holding it for him. Good job. Good job, Ab. Awe, she loves this. Told you we should’ve
moved to the country. (laughter) – [Priscilla] Look, she’s like (laughter) (peaceful guitar music) (cow chewing) – [Asa] Here, you gotta feed him. You know you have to. The whole internet wants
to see you feed him. – Oh look, he’s got a whole mouth of, okay, let’s work together. (laughs) (Abbie imitating cow noises) – I’m trying not to get
my hand in his tongue. Hold on, I’m sorry. (nervous laughter) Him and that tongue, okay. We’re good, we’re good. (Asa laughing) – [Asa] Hold on, Ab. They’re fighting. Just walk by, just walk by. Let ’em duke it out. Look, a pillow fight. Y’all quit. That’s not nice, don’t get
excited about them fighting. – [Asa] Go feed that horse? (laughing) She loves it. – Oh, I’m sorry. – [Asa] You gotta hold it out flat. – I got nervous. (laughter) – There you go. What’d you think? You’re pretty. Oh, you found the sand, huh? Ooh. How do you feel about those people that are different than you? How do you treat them? Look at that. Okay, go wash your hands. Come on. Abbigail, this way. – [Priscilla] Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. – [Asa] Good job. – Do you want me to
put a check in the box? – [Woman] Yes, thank you so much. – [Asa] Yeah, no problem. So I was trying to
decide on how to do that, like if I wanted to tell
her what we’re doing. – Yeah, I wanted to. – Or nah, just stick it in the box. – I just want, okay. – Just stick it in the box, you know? – Yeah. – Put a smile on her face later on. So yeah, so if you guys
don’t know what’s going on, if you only watch every
so few videos or whatever. We’re donating half of
the money we get from brand collaboration, from
sponsor videos to non-profits. We picked Celestial Farms because it’s very handicap and
special needs accessible, and because they rescue animals. I mean, they’re just doing a good thing, and it’s all volunteer based work. All these people here are volunteers, so it’s a good organization. We love it. They’re always very welcoming to everyone. – [Priscilla] Yeah, they are. – So it’s not just gonna
be autism associations and things that have to do
with autism in general, but just good folks doing good things. And you love it here, huh? Don’t you, isn’t it great? You ready to go? What do you want to go do? Go where? In the car? But what do you want to do? No opinion on the matter? Hey do you want to try to talk
on the gator looking thing? Look. Can you walk on this? Stay on it, step up. Oh, look at you! Keep going, step on that one. Yes! Look at her go, mom. Isn’t that impressive? – [Priscilla] It is, I
didn’t think she would do it. – [Asa] I know, step up. Oh, that one sunk. (laughter) Good job, Ab! Well, that’s part of what they’ve
been working on in school. Remember the stepping from the tiles thing that they worked on last year? Hey, Ab. Abbie. Abbie. Abbie you hungry? Do you want to go eat? Hey girl, do you want to go eat? I can’t tell if you’re nodding or not? Do you want to go eat? No? Come on kid. (excited vocalizing) – We’re gonna go cook some food. Then see if you change your
mind about not wanting food. (Abbie vocalizing) So she got her iPad out right after I said do you want to eat or not. She got her iPad out and started
requesting all the foods. – [Priscilla] We’re gonna
go gook you something. – [Asa] Cooking the foods. We have all those Hello Fresh meals still. – [Priscilla] Yeah, we do. – [Asa] Let’s make a
non-sponsored Hello Fresh video. All right, go. – [Priscilla] Our back porch looks like we can’t decide what we wanna do. – Do what? – Our back patio right here looks like we can’t decide what we want. – [Asa] A very confused back patio. – Like, be merry, we’re
like really into Christmas, but then we still have our fall decor up. – We didn’t show this
rug in Priscilla’s video. Look at this rug, you guys. How awesome is, and how accurate is that? When did you take Maverick
to the vet, yesterday? – [Priscilla] Yeah. – We had to take Maverick to the vet. He has exceptionally foul breath, so we wanna get his mouth checked out. He was fine. He just had a couple bad breath days, but now he’s good. Like we didn’t want to be
around him it was so bad. Seriously. And then the cat goes. When does the cat go? – [Priscilla] Monday. – Monday. Monday, we gotta get
her fixed and of course, just like all of the vet
stuff that you do with a cat. Not getting declawed though. Not happening, don’t worry about that. We’ll never do that. That’s super sad. – It’s pork and rice. I definitely can’t have that. – [Asa] Well, can’t have pork and rice, and then that’s pasta so that’s not really gonna do well for you either.
I’ll cook it for you guys, and then I’ll just have leftovers. It’s fine. – Kinda feel bad, Ab. – (vocalizing) – [Asa] You don’t feel bad, do you? You hungry? Yeah, okay. What’s up? Go? We just got here. We literally just got here. Where’d you get the puff
coat from Priscilla? – Sam’s Club. – [Asa] Really? It’s a London Fog. Look at Abbie’s coat. Do you want to stand up and model it? Stand up. I want a puff coat. You can just put them inside
the little bags they come in. Ultra portable. Look at you. It comes with a hood. That’s pointless, huh? We don’t wear hoods. You look so cute though. – [Priscilla] I thought
it was pretty cute. – [Asa] Yep, black was a good choice, it matches everything. You comfy, where are you going? Wait come back, let me take your coat off. Okay master chef, how closely do you follow the instructions when you’re not cooking for a video? – Um, I kinda look at it and then I do my own thing. – Isaiah had school today. Abbie did not. She was off from school,
they had a teacher work day. Then he’s going to a party, so you probably won’t
see him until tonight. He’s 18 now, you know. He’s just doing his own thing already. It’s like he doesn’t even
live here anymore guys. – [Priscilla] Oh my gosh. – I swear. Dang, that looks really good. – Doesn’t it? – [Asa] I’m sure it’s not
as good as your spaghetti, we just prefer yours, but
they said this was ragu. What’s the difference
between ragu and spaghetti? – I don’t know. – Okay, comment down below if you know the difference between ragu and spaghetti. Without Googling it. Looks like spaghetti with vegetables. Like a lot of vegetables. Hey, we’re going to go sit
in the dining room okay. – (excited vocalizing) – Hey, after dinner walk? Do you wanna go on a walk? Okay, get shoes. – (excited vocalizing) – There is so much glitter. Look at this, there’s glitter everywhere. – Yeah. – In our house. – Where do you want to go? Do you want to go this way or
do you want to go that way? You pick. Which way? That way or this way? Take your finger. That way, or that way? Which way? – Both. Let’s go down by the marina this time. – Okay. – When we go on walks we have to make sure we go out the front door, because the back door means a car ride and she’ll get mad if she thinks
that we’re going on a car ride and we walk right past the car from what we’ve experienced in the past. Strategic. (rhythmic music) – [Asa] You got him? You’re doing a great job. I would venture and say she actually enjoys this quite a bit. (music) – [Asa] Maverick, you’re just pulling her all over the place. Walk in a straight line. Come on, she’s doing a good job. Don’t mess her up. – [Priscilla] Maverick. – [Asa] Hey, come on. Oh, nice transfer, Ab. Did you guys catch that? Behind the back hand transfer, wow. – You’re doing so good walking your puppy. – (excited vocalizing) – [Priscilla] Stop, stop. Okay, you gotta look. – [Asa] Maverick, get out of the road. Maverick, you just. – [Priscilla] Messed her up. Look, come here. Hey, look that way. – [Asa] This way guys. Come on Maverick. – [Priscilla] Come on. – [Asa] This is comical. You guys are doing awesome though. You guys ready to pick some winners? I’m excited. Are you excited? Okay. I guess we need to talk about
what we are giving away. That’s kind of important. You might want to know that. Well, if you watch my Audible video, you know that my favorite
way to listen to Audible is so that not everybody else can hear it. So, air pods. We’re giving away air pods. Don’t worry, if you don’t
have an apple device, they do work with android as well, and they actually work
really well with android. I used them with a
Samsung for quite a while. Seven people are gonna win air pods. Crazy. That’s how math works, it just is. Seven pairs of air pods, version two. Not the pro. We’re not rich like that. Version two comes out to be
about half of the money that we got for the sponsorship. The other half went to the non-profit. This is our way of giving to
you guys for the holidays, getting you kinda excited. It’s gonna be fun . Woo hoo, let’s do it. I can’t hear anything. Okay, we had 2.6 thousand
comments on Facebook, 3.6 thousand comments on
YouTube, on the same video. So what we’re gonna do is, YouTube, four people are going to be picked from the comments at random, and on Facebook, three people at random. Okay? All right, let’s do this. Oh, I do need to mention, you will be vetted. Sorry, I’m gonna have to make
sure you are who you are. What’s up? We just had dinner. It’s not happening. We have to make sure you
are who you say you are, so that process, don’t be offended. It’s not because we don’t trust you, it’s ’cause we don’t trust other people. We actually had somebody try
to pretend to be someone else to get a device for their child. That’s messed up. Okay, so YouTube has this super handy tool for selecting winners. Facebook does not, so we’ll have to do that old school style, but this will be fun. All right, don’t forget, in order to win you had to have told me what book you like on Audiobooks or on Audible in audiobook form, or what book you would like
to see as an audiobook. Here we go, first one is, Carissa Adams. It’s not what it looks
like, by Molly Burke. Good book, good person too. I like Molly Burke. I met her mom and her dog
in New York, pretty funny. Congratulations, Carissa . Now Facebook, we are
gonna scroll and scroll, different directions, all over the place, wherever we stop, that’s the first winner. Should I close my eyes? I’ll close my eyes. Stop. First winner is Christina Raddick. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me. I’ll have to try that book. Congratulations, Christina. Oh, Christina’s an RBT, how cool is that? Okay, I’m sending messages
to everybody as I go so I don’t miss anybody. Here we go, here’s the
next one for YouTube. And the winner is, it would have been Raquel V. Sorry, wow, Raquel was
even giving us a hard time, I tell ya. All right, picking another one. Winner is Danni_Dee. Congratulations, Danni_Dee. I Hate My Selfie by Shane Dawson. It’s one of my favorite books.
He is inspiring in my eyes. I like Shane Dawson too. Congratulations. Okay, next one for Facebook. Scrolling, scrolling,
closing my eyes, stopping. Idinah J Davis says I stay so busy trying to take care of my family. At this point my husband
had recently disabled and we have our granddaughter who has some needs we have to think about. I am an avid reader and used
to read about a book a day, no longer get that luxury
and really miss it. Well, hopefully this helps you out. Idinah J. Davis, congratulations
on your Air pods. Third person on YouTube, here we go. Picking out another winner. Be a good one, be a
good one, be a good one. And the winner is Jo Arblester. Congratulations. The Reason I Jump, by Naoki
Higashida and David Mitchell. That’s a really good book, by the way. You guys should check it out. Congratulations, Jo. Okay guys, this is the
last one on Facebook. You excited? Up and down, up and down, back and forth, back and forth, here we go, just keep going, just keep going, we’re just gonna keep going. Let’s go to the top. Close to the top. These aren’t in order as
far as when they were post, they are just like random order. Some are just two hours ago, some are like a day ago, and stop. Carson Montgomery. My favorite audiobook
is Then She Was Gone. First listened to it
when I was on my way to see my husband graduate
from basic training. Great memories with Audible. Awe, how sweet. Congratulations, Carson. Oh my goodness, oh my goodness. Are you ready to pick
the last one on YouTube? I’m so excited too. Oh my gosh, I’m so excited. Holy cow. Okay, last one for YouTube. Here we go. Picking another winner. Come on, here we go,
everyone’s so excited. I’m so excited I can’t take it. Nancy Foster, you’re the winner. Books about dealing with
grief after loosing a child. Oh, that’s super sad. Well congratulations, Nancy Foster. (smooches) Thanks, what’s up? A snack, you’re ready for a snack now? Okay, it’s been like a
whole hour and a half since you ate dinner. Okay, hold on just a second. (laughing) Hold on, just wait a minute. Okay, so I think we’ll be
able to figure this out. If you are not in the U.S. for this one, one of you seven people, don’t fret it. Don’t worry about it. We’ll figure it out, we’ll get
it to you one way or another. Yeah, we’ll figure that out. Don’t worry, so congratulations. So tomorrow, we have family pictures. We haven’t had family pictures like this in a long long time. Hopefully it goes well. Fingers crossed, we’ll see. Join us tomorrow. Abbie, you wanna close out? Say bye everybody. (beep) – His tail’s going. He’s happy as a pig in mud. (laughs) Isn’t that the saying? – No. – What is it? – Happy as a pig in… – [Asa] Hey, do you want this job? Do you want to do it? Do
you want to pick up the – Do you want to pick up the dog poop? – [Asa] No? No, let go of the bag,
please don’t tear that bag. It’s the only one we have.

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