Hi everyone welcome back to my kitchen and another episode of what’s for dinner tonight We have a slow cooker meal that is short. Please this is creamy Italian chicken I’m serving it over pasta and with just a vegetable on the side It’s super easy to make you just throw it all in your crock pot and it’s super delicious I am going to be using my Shirley J. Products to make this however. I am going to share with you How you can make this with simple pantry items and pantry stock to make this delicious meal So let’s go see how this all comes together Over all the ingredients for our slow cooker creamy Italian chicken This is so good, and I made it up one day and it’s similar to one you might see on the internet I kind of used that you know that recipe for ranch chicken I call it ranch chicken a lot of people call it cracked chicken this is kind of in a way similar to that, but it has more telling any flavors, and we serve this over pasta and Everybody loves it it’s kind of like a pseudo alfredo If you will, but it starts off with two pounds, I have three chicken breasts here. I always freeze my chicken In bags of three because I usually if I’m gonna saute it I cut it into six pieces, and this is enough for my family when I make a slow-cooker meal like this It will have we will have leftovers for at least a couple of lunches, so there’s two pounds of chicken breast here And I’m gonna talk about chicken breast in a minute. This is a con chicken and I I’m gonna tell you guys about a special offer here in a minute, but because if you’re new and you’ve never ordered But you’ve thought about ordering. This is the time to do it so two pounds of chicken I have I’m gonna be using my Shirley J Universal sauce so that’s gonna require 4 cups of water 1 cup of universal sauce mix this is going to make the equivalent of two cans of cream of chicken soup you can use two cans of cream of chicken or can of cream of chicken and a can of cream of mushroom and And then you’re gonna want to use water to go along with that according to the can so I also have two small cans four ounces each of Sliced button mushrooms, you can use fresh and saute them up up to you I have one medium onion that I chopped up I have a cup of freshly grated parmigiano-reggiano I have about four to six cloves of chopped garlic and that is Prepared garlic, and then I’ve got all of my seasonings here. I’ve got a T’s tablespoon of Shirley J. Chicken bouillon a tablespoon of Shirley J Pizza & Pasta seasoning Alternatively you can use your favorite chicken bouillon and your favorite pizza seasoning. I’ve also got a teaspoon each of dried parsley dried basil Onion powder garlic powder salt and pepper. What makes this creamy and delicious is two 8-ounce bricks of cream cheese And I just have that cubed up, so I’m gonna clear this off And we’re gonna get started building up this creamy Italian crock-pot chicken and then I’m gonna tell you about this Akon thing because it’s Too good to pass up if you have never ordered from them before we’re gonna start off by Building our sauce now. I’m gonna use four cups of water and 1 cup of the Shirley J Universal sauce mix now that is what is recommended on the canvas of how you mix it up. It’s four to one water to mix Like I said you don’t have to worry if you don’t have this mix you can still make this dish by using a can of cream of mushroom and a can of cream of chicken and two cans of water so about in about you know about two cups of water, so And you’ll get this same result so there’s my sauce base now I’m gonna throw in all of my seasonings Just like that Give it a good stir Why do you guys always ask me what that whisk I’m using is This is a rate of handy stir, and I will leave a link down below where you can find out more information I can’t live without these one of my kitchen tools I absolutely love and then basically we’re just gonna drop everything in here there goes our garlic Our chopped onion which is optional you don’t have to put that in here Our mushrooms, which are also optional if you don’t like mushrooms anytime you see me use something You don’t like you guys mostly. You’re free just leave it out. I mean you don’t want to eat something You don’t like in with our Parmesan cheese give that a good stir. Just get it all in there okay now We’ve got all of our sauce mixed up I’m gonna pop my chicken in there And that’s two pounds of the Zaycon chicken breast and you can use whatever chicken breast you like I’m just saying that because I want To tell you about Zaycon they currently have a deal, and I don’t know if you guys follow me over on Facebook But I always post deals For Zaycon over there when they because they will notify us They will let us know we’re running this 99 cent deal on chicken or running a really good deal on ground beef or whatever I will always have the coupon codes for you If you have never ordered from his a con before and you have thought about ordering, but have been on the fence Trust me. This is the time to do it. They currently are offering for first time customers only A promo code that will get you a 40 pound case of boneless skinless chicken Breasts for 99 cents a pound that’s thirty nine dollars and sixty cents for 40 pounds of chicken breasts Which is $36 off their regular retail price? Now I’m gonna leave the details down below in the description box But you’re gonna want to use the coupon or promo code my first 40. That’s my first 4-0 at the checkout to receive that price like I said, it’s for first time customers only this offer is gonna end at 11:59 Pacific Standard Time on February 17th 2018 and it can’t be combined with any other promotion or promo code per order you can only use it one time per household It’s not transferable void where prohibited and the offer will be revoked if terms and conditions are not met due to partial cancellation Order offer not valid on previous purchases offer subject to change at any time without notice I just want to make sure you guys all know that So if you if you have been on the fence about ordering Zaycon um I hope that you give it a try because this is A really great time to do it chicken is how they got their start this is the the flagship kind of product that they started out with and I can’t Enough about Zaycon I order from them all the time They are tried-and-true company their small family-owned American business And I really love what they do the last thing we have to do here for our creamy Italian chicken is just pop on the cream cheese, and you don’t even have to do what I did see how I cubed it all up I Just feel like it incorporates better But you can just plop those two big old bricks of cream cheese in there I did that before and it works out just fine, so what we’re gonna do now is We’re gonna put this in the crock-pot sleeve We’re gonna put the lid on it And I’m gonna put mine on high and cook it for six hours There you have it our delicious creamy Italian chicken right from the slow cooker This is delicious now what I will say is that about five hours in I just took my tongs and I shredded that chicken because it was super super tender and You just kind of incorporate that into the sauce I like a lot of sauce and so does the family so you can add more chicken if you like to this recipe Sometimes I add a package of chicken thighs in with this And it skips it’s nice and meaty, and you make it go even further because you’ll have lots of leftovers But this is nice and creamy and everyone in this family loves it you can see the chicken is just Really, this is like chicken and dumplings tender okay, and I just made some angel hair you can serve this over pasta rice mashed potatoes whatever you like and It’s just it’s just a real comfort food meal and it’s super easy to do and after a long day You’re come home And and and have this ready and all you have to do is cook up some pasta or whatever Starch you want to have with it, and it’s gonna be great. So are you ready to taste it? Okay, I love this dish Claire’s really delicious you can really add or take away any of the things that I put in it mushrooms if you don’t like certain Seasonings and leave them out, or if you like others add them to it. That’s as simple. It is it as it is It’s really great for a crock pot meal I Love the addition of the cream the cream cheese Because that’s what makes this nice creamy sauce and it’s very very much like an alfredo and you really didn’t go to a lot of Work to make so that’s how you make my creamy Italian Chicken in the slow cooker. I hope you give it a try I hope you liked the video and if you did Please consider giving me a thumbs up if you are new to my kitchen welcome always a pleasure to welcome new friends Please make sure and hit that subscribe button And if you are already ate right into remember of the Noreen’s kitchen family be sure and go down below and hit the bell Notification button I have been getting people telling me. They’re not getting notified when I upload a video That’s how that happens you can choose a push notification or an email or both And you’ll get notified whenever we upload a video because we don’t want any of you to miss out on Oh the real food for real people Real easy recipes that we present all the time right here on our YouTube channel and straight from our kitchen I hope you give this creamy Italian chicken in the slow cook or a try And I hope you love it and until next time. I’ll see ya


  1. Too bad they don't ship to Canada! It has been so many years since we saw chicken at that price anywhere! Your dish looks delicious! xo

  2. Noreen, instead of Shirley J’s, could Magic Mix be substituted? I have some pre made up in the freezer ( your recipe) and it is DELICIOUS. Jo

  3. Hubby loves Alfredo, thank you Noreen! I live in Zaycon's headquarters area so the local grocers have a really high bar to meet. This week there was a boneless, skinless, chicken breast special at a competitor for $1.37#. Very cool! But by the time I got there their 20# boxes were gone so it was just a haphazard amount of chicken poundage per package. I'm a previous Zaycon customer so no 99cents price for me. Wowie, I am so impressed with all the legaleze that you had to say. Sadly, hubby does not like the Zaycon chicken breasts and feels that no matter how I prepare them they are dry and stringy. 🙁 And also sad…he didn't want me to try their wonderful boneless, skinless chicken thighs either. What can I say…life with a really picky spouse is a challenge.

  4. So sad everything on Zaycon is sold out until sometime in June. I was hoping they prepared for this sale and had more than normal chicken to account for possible new purchasers. So sad and disappointed

  5. Yep making this tonight looks so delicious 😋 I have a Rada handi stir and love it 😍 got it last week and us it daily. Thank you so much for sharing for all your wonderful work

  6. You are so right, I bought that whisk you are using… is fantastic I use it all the time. Thanks so much for the link!!

  7. I swear I give up on beauty videos..the old look at me I have tons of money and I am oh so come back down to earth with actually HELPFUL ideas and recipes from our Noreen. Much thanks!

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