good morning y’all I hope you guys have
had a fabulous week and welcome to foodie Friday today I’m gonna be sharing
another recipe with you today it’s gonna be a slow cooker pork chops with gravy
over mashed potatoes that I found on Pinterest and the recipe will be linked
down below anyways I hope you guys enjoy this recipe first off for this recipe
you’re getting 1 pound of pork chops you can use them bone in or we used bone out
you’re also gonna need some garlic powder some a ranch dip seasoning the
seasoning mix for ranch some pepper some brown gravy mix some a cream of chicken
condensed soup some cornstarch and some beef broth all these ingredients are
extremely informal in total it cost me about seven dollars and fifty cents for
all of these ingredients and this made us about eight servings so that’s pretty
cheap less than a dollar per serving now I am just laying all the pork chops
out on a plate so that I can season them with all the seasonings before I put
them into the crock pot to cook so I will leave the original recipe with all
the exact measurements down below I don’t measure seasonings in my house so
I just sprinkled all the pork chops with the pepper and the garlic powder and
then also the ranch dip seasoning and just put half of the packet on one side
and half the packet on the other side and so I just sprinkled them all on this
side with the seasonings and then I flipped him over and sprinkled him on
the other side with the seasonings as well to get them nice and coated and
then I kind of mashed in the seasonings with my fingers just make sure it was
kind of really like on the pork chop after your pork chops are seasoned
you’re just gonna set those aside for a second while we get the crock-pot
all set up and ready to put them in there you’re gonna want to take your
crock pot and you’re going to want to pour the 1 can of beef broth into the
crock pot we’re gonna be using the crock pot to mix kind of the gravy mixture
together so you’re gonna take the 1 can of beef broth and then you’re also going
to take one can of cream of chicken soup and you’re going to pour that into the
crock pot as well you’re also going to want to add your one packet of brown
gravy mix to the crock pot to mix in as well like I said this is going to be our
gravy base that our pork chops are gonna cook in and now you’re gonna wicks
those all together to make kind of the thin consistency basically you’re
weighing the cream of chicken soup to get all mixed in with the beef broth and
the brown gravy if you’ve watched my slow cooker recipe biggest before you
know I usually cook with the slow cooker bags inside of my crock pot but I did
not this time since you are mixing the gravy inside of the crock pot and then
at the end you’re also like thickening up the gravy all inside the crock pot
this is truly a one pot meal and so I didn’t want to use those bags because I
didn’t want to risk like them getting torn or leaking or anything just messing
up I just thought it would be easier just to cook this directly in my crock
pot which I don’t usually like doing but for today it was a necessity and then I
did have some ranch seasoning leftover that I just didn’t get onto the pork
chops so I just threw that in with the gravy as well and mixed it all in just
to give some extra flavor in that gravy once the gravy is all mixed together we
are just going to add in our pork chops to the crock-pot and I just tried to put
them in a thin layer on the bottom of the crock pot as much as I could I did
end up having to kind of layer them a little bit but for the most part I just
laid them in a thin layer across the bottom of the crock pot that way they
would cook as evenly as possible as I was putting the pork chops in the crock
pot I did just kind of skip them across the plate as you see here just to get
any of that extra seasoning off the plate so you’re not wasting any of that
seasoning and I’m just gonna scrape the rest of it into the gravy mixture and
then before I close the lid up I am just gonna add a little bit of more garlic
powder to the top just sprinkle that across because I am a garlic lover in my
house so we use a lots of garlic in my cooking
anyone else have that issue anyone else out there a garlic lover so you’re gonna
want to close your crock pot up nice and tight so it can get cooking and then
just go ahead and plug your crock pot in now you’re not going to want to put your
crap out on the low setting if you want to cook it quicker you can put it on the
high setting and just cut the cooking time in half and then the recipe says to
cook this for six to seven hours on low or for three to four on high I chose to
do it for about six and a half hours on low and decide if I needed to cook it
more when I got home I could but I’m cooking this while I’m at work so it
wasn’t me sitting with warm on for a while anyways I just went ahead and put
it at six and a half to get that cooking now once I got home we did go ahead and
make some of these mashed potatoes we love this brand of instant mash we use
it all the time and then we went ahead and we took the pork chops out of the
crock pot so that we could get the gravy made with the leftover dressing as
you can see here they’ve pork chops were nice and like falling apart nice and
moist and so delicious so I just pulled all those pork chops out so that I can
make the gravy once all the heat porkchops have been
removed from the gravy mixture you’re going to want to go ahead and take your
cornstarch and you’re going to want to take 2 tablespoons of cornstarch and mix
it with 2 tablespoons of water so basically just equal parts cornstarch to
water and you’re gonna want to make sure that’s really mixed together and there’s
no clumps left in it don’t mind my dog waiting to see if I
drop anything home once the cornstarch and water mixed together you’re gonna
want to slowly pour them into the leftover juice from the pork chops and
whisk it all in and let this just kind of simmer well it’s in a crock pot so
it’s not simmering but just put it back on warm for a little bit and let it kind
of cook until it thickens up a little bit for me I never really thickened up a
whole lot it was a very thin gravy but it was still delicious on top of the
pork chops and that is it you guys I served this over mashed potatoes oh he
did end up having some green beans on the side as well and it was so good and
a quick easy weeknight meal for those of us who are working moms if you enjoyed
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19 thoughts on “SLOW COOKER PORK CHOPS & GRAVY RECIPE | Foodie Friday

  1. I've never used a crockpot before! I just like to cook right then and there and get it out of the way but that does look really nice!

  2. Yesssssss I almost always make pork in my crockpot or instant pot cause I always over cook it in the oven. And 🙌🏻 to a one pot dish!

  3. I don’t have a crockpot do you think I can make this in my pressure cooker on the slow cook option? Lol

  4. This looks so good! I legit never use my crock pot! I might have to try this when Ryan gets home

  5. Hmm that looks so good!!! My husband would love this recipe. 7.50 is cheap for all that food and ingredients!!! You did a good job!!

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