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– Hey guys, so several times
over these last two years or so that I’ve been doing a YouTube, excuse me my seat is stuck there, I have mentioned and I think I’ve shared in various videos about doing
taco meat in a slow cooker. Now I’ve never had a
dedicated video for it, and so I thought I would just show you, I’m getting ready to do
a big batch of taco meat in a slow cooker for our
weekend, it is now Friday. We’re gonna have tacos,
and we have soft shells, we have hard shells,
we can do taco salads, a couple different configurations. That’s gonna be our big weekend meal. Tomorrow is Saturday, and
on Saturdays I usually leave the house for at
least 12 hours or so to bust out a bunch of my
business to do list stuff, and my husband is home with all the kids. And then Sunday, we have church
twice on Sundays usually, and it’s just, busy weekend
like I’m sure at your house. So I usually pick one
main meal and we have that several different ways for the weekend. It’s also quick and easy heat up, you know if teenagers wanna get themselves tacos for lunch, or just however it works. One of the questions I get is, Jamerrille why don’t you
just stand at the stove and cook your five pounds
of hamburger in 20 minutes, and I don’t usually have
20 minutes to stand there plus deal with the
grease mess at the stove. So even though it takes
a couple hours for me to do my meat in the slow cooker, I started my meat earlier
today around lunch time. It is five pounds of ground beef, this is heavier fat ground
beef, I think it was like 73/27 or so from Aldi, I
would like at least an 80/20 but they didn’t have it
and I wasn’t runnin’ into another store just for meat on that day. So my meat is cooked in the slow cooker, it has cooked on high
for about four hours, and all the grease is
contained in this slow cooker so I can drain it now and
then I’m gonna add in now- Thought ahead a little
better I would have also had some pinto beans or northern
beans or black beans done to add in with my meat
mixture that I’m gonna do. Totally forgot and it was
time to get meat cookin’ so I didn’t fool with it. I also did a whole bunch of french toast in bulk this morning too,
and so I thought okay well we just won’t have beans. So what this is gonna end up being, cause you know this is all about
workin’ with what you have, it’s gonna be five pounds of hamburger, it’s two pounds of cooked brown rice, it’s four cans of corn,
unless I eyeball it and decide to add in a little more corn. And then I’m adding in
chili powder, onion powder, garlic powder of course, salt and pepper. Mixin’ it all up in the slow cooker and then it’ll just
warm until dinner time. So here is my hamburger grease mess all contained in the slow cooker. So I’m going to drain it,
I’ll set the lid off here. I’m gonna drain it and chop
it up, put that back in. Also my rice is done,
I’ve just been letting it sit over here to drain as well. So I’ll show ya what this
looks like once we mix it up. So in the spirit of not
making any extra dirty dishes what I rigged up, is this
is the pot I did my rice in. I put my drainer in
it, poured my hamburger and hamburger grease into it. So I’m just breaking up my hamburger now, all the grease is dripping
down into the pot, we’ll dispose of that later. Honestly what I do a lot of times, is I just let the grease sit overnight and then I’ll scrape it
out into my trash bag the next morning and it’ll
go in our trash pile. I can’t dump anything, because
we live in the wilderness and we have, you know
real predatory animals. The last thing I need is a pile of beef grease anywhere near
the house or on our land to draw animals in, so that’s just how I quickly dispose of it. I don’t save grease to reuse for cooking, I mean I certainly could but I don’t. It’s just not something
I’m in the habit of doing. So those of you who do
are probably thinking, oh there’s 50 things
you could do with that and you are certainly free
to share some ideas with me. I just honestly don’t know too much about what I would reuse it for. So all of the meat now,
that’s pretty good, so now I’m just gonna put
the meat and the rice back- I just got the meat back
in there and actually before I do the rice I’m
adding my corn and then I’m gonna add in my spices
because I had this over here and I’m all about saving steps when I can. So this is just a total
of four cans of corn. These happen to be 15.25
ounce cans, four of those. But of course you use whacha have. Now I didn’t have any cumin available, I never buy the taco seasoning packs, I just put in, it ends up
being about three tablespoons of chili powder, three table
spoons of garlic powder, also three tablespoons
of onion powder, and then I just liberally shake in salt and pepper and I’d put in some cumin if I had it, I don’t have it available;
now I’m gonna stir this up. So I have my taco meat
mixture all worked out. Again if you have refried
beans or if you wanna do homemade refried beans
those are wonderful in this, I just, I’ve had plenty of
times where I don’t have ’em or I don’t think to plan ahead enough and it works out fine too,
so if I had some beans, I’ll still, I might check my pantry to see if I have a can in there somewhere. I would mix those in as
well, and so here’s my rice. I am not going to obviously be able to fit all this rice in this slow cooker. I should be able to use
maybe a third of it, and then I will save the rest
and as we start to get low on our taco meat I will add in extra rice. Here’s a quick view
before I start stirring- Here you guys go, I was actually able to fit almost all the rice, this is the little bit of rice that’s left so I think I got about
two-thirds in there really. And we’ll put that in a bowl for storage as needed for the weekend;
if we don’t get to it I’ll just end up freezing that and then I’ll use it in something else. But here’s how it turned out. So this is five pounds of hamburger, just about two pounds of brown rice, corn, spices, and that
is what I had on hand. Again, you can add lots
of different things to your taco meat in the slow cooker. Now it’s just on warm, I’m just gonna let it warm for a little bit. We have our taco shells,
which I’m carrying here. We have soft shells, I have
to actually run out the door real quick for an errand, and
I will have my 13 year old and probably my 10 year
old, they’ll get sour cream and cheese and other things out cause my husband is doing some homework, and also watching little kids you know. And later this evening or tomorrow I will try to add in another video
clip just to show you what, what it looks like when it’s all done. Hello guys, we are back from dance and we’ve gotten all the
taco stuff out again here. About nine o’clock at night
we got the slow cooker full, and then we just heat
it up on this big plate, and I’m makin’ another soft shell- S here’s the behind the scenes of how I’m doin’ my soft shell, I’ve got my meat mixture on that, and
lettuce, and some cheese, and sour cream, and hot
sauce, I like Texas Pete. Did you find a clicker? – Yeah clicker
– Yeah say night night friends – Night night friends. – Show you guys the taco meat in action, that’s how I’m having mine. We’ve also been through a
few boxes of hard shells, we got our soft shells
out, so we’ll see you next time with another brand new video, and my all directions written out recipe of how I do the taco
meat in the slow cooker will be over on, bye-bye. (gentle music)

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