Small Kitchen-Dining Open Plan, New Designer Ideas

More than twenty-five designer creative and inspiring ideas for a compact and modern open plan that brings together kitchen and dining room. These magnificent ideas can be a great source of inspiration for those that want to remodel their own living space. In this image you can see a small kitchen and a tiny but stylish dining room. Medium size living space with a L-shaped kitchen and a dining space with round table and elegant chairs. Superb design with a modern bi-color kitchen and elegant dining area. Small kitchen-dining room combo with a Scandinavian look. Another creative design ideas for a compact modern open plan. These are just a few ideas. Watch this video and you’ll find more. Thank you so much for watching. ROYALTY FREE MUSIC by EPIDEMIC SOUND

2 thoughts on “Small Kitchen-Dining Open Plan, New Designer Ideas

  1. Thank you for sharing magnificent video. I was watching a video of yours from a year ago, when this this notification came. Perfect timing.😀

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