100 thoughts on “Smoked Jamaican Jerk Chicken Is Taking Over Manhattan – The Meat Show

  1. Kudos to Island Spices for the publicity! Having said that, if Nick Solares had ventured out of the confines of Brooklyn and Manhattan maybe he would have discovered Smoked Jamaican Jerk Chicken if he had gone to the Jerk Chicken Festival years ago. Either that or possibly ventured into the Caribbean sections of the city.

    Too bad there aren't any subways, bridges, and tunnels that would allow Solares to travel to into Queens or deeper into Brooklyn. #HipsterFoodieProblems

  2. This makes me miss home (Jamaica) so much more. I'd eat some jerked pork and chicken right now with some of that hard dough bread (NOT a Yoga mat)!

  3. You can't start off eating jerk chicken with it drenched in sauce. Come on now! At least let your mouth experience the actual jerk seasoning! It's a rookie move to put all that sauce on it.

  4. Those guy in line ain't here for the food ; ) They will have some jerk meat in the privacy of their home after seeing Roxanne DAYUM!

  5. And just a question or two? Do they pay rent? If you have to use a restroom where do you go? Perhaps a brick and mortar place paying insurance, workers compensation, insurance. Street vendors are an outrageous affront to real restaurants. The customers show no loyalty..Shame on them for not supporting real restaurants.

  6. That is one genuine NY accent, can anyone tell me what part of the city? I'm thinking Queens but could be wrong.

  7. Why haven't you been to Chicago to see what a real hot dog town is or are you scared the New York will fall short again just like in pizza not just due to deep dish there thin crust pizza is bomb

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