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Hi everyone today I am going to make
salad it’s a very hot here at the moment, it’s a 44 degrees centigrade so I feel
like to have salad. my salad going to be with smoked salmon quail eggs and lots of lovely fruits and vegetables that I like. This salad is going to be very summery and light that I’m going to dress with lovely sweet sour and automatic
vinaigrette, it is going to be delicious that you can start with bread or other main
dishes but you need to follow my recipe I have here all ingredients clean let’s
get it started first I am going to boil the quail eggs, it needs to be in room
temperature before putting in to hot water it helps to not to break I’m going to
cook for four minutes to hard boil you can cook for 3 minutes for soft boil
water is boiling now I’ll put a bit of salt and drop the quail eggs like this 4
minutes passed and turn off the gas and drain the eggs, keep them in the cool water before peeling let’s drain the water peel it, to peel you need to be careful
they are very fragile. Quail eggs are done so I’m going to make vinaigrette to
make vinaigrette I’m going to use this bottle you can use any bottle that you
have so first I am going to put 4 tbsp of olive oil extra virgin next going to put 2 tbsp lime juice 1
tablespoon of honey 1 and 1/2 tablespoon of Dijon mustard 1 tablespoon of capers
finely chopped this bit of basil chop finely
this is I’m using for aroma so I’m going to wash my hand close it and mix well, shake it like this, you need to shake very hard that oil and everything mix very well so seems done now look all are
combined so I’m going to taste hmm so sweet and savory tangy flavor I’m going
to put little bit salt table salt this is the time you taste and put salt and pepper
at your taste mix it well little bit more so this is done I’m going to keep
aside boil eggs are done and vinaigrette done so let’s prepare the vegetables and the
fruits so my vegetables and fruits all are cleaned here and peeled also
so I’m just going to slice like this so I’m going to slice carrot in strips going to chop the mini cucumber cherry tomato as well and the eggs, let’s slice the strawberry like this reserve here
let’s open the avocado like this. It comes like this remove the
seed I’m using one avocado but not as well one mango I’m going to peel and
chopped, It easier to peel like this. This slice it in strips. I’m going to
put salad lettuce direct to the serving plate like this, isn’t it look good
already and rocket salad as well so carrot on top for color and looks nice vinaigrette here now mix it well let’s
add the fruits strawberry also like this looks really
nice already. Lets slice avocado so let’s add this one as well like this so now
let’s put the salmon and let’s give a personal touch
I’d like to make like flour and put on top like this I’m using 200 gram of Salmon. let’s put the basil to look nice and the
flavor it seems like restaurant style isn’t it
now the vinaigrette for our final touch see now we’re done look how amazing it
looks Wow now I’m time to taste! My salad looks
amazing I hope your one as well let’s eat
I even don’t like to use spoon in this plate. It’s so nice, little bit salmon hmm let’s have the bit of salmon with the bread. Today we made amazing summer salad I
hope you enjoy it and you should try it at your home so leave a comment down below
and not forget to Like and subscribe to know about more delicious recipes bye
see you in the next video I’m going to carry on eating. This is to kill the
summer, cheers everyone 🙂

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