Hi! welcome to Spanish cooking.
Today we will prepare Spanish omelette, tortilla de patatas
First, you wanna peel medium size potatoes and then you will cut them in halves
and then in quarters after this, you wanna slice them homogeneously
it actually doesn’t matter whether your slices are thinner or thicker
this is up to you but the important thing is that your slices are approximately equal
in thickness, right? Once you sliced all potatoes you will slice
the onion as well following the same method
the amount of onion is up to you I personally prefer it with a lot of onion
because it gets more tender some people don’t like onion in the tortilla
it’s up to you now you wanna heat a large amount of extra
virgin olive oil a large amount enough to half-cover your potatoes
and onion the quality of the oil is actually really
important, right? Once it’s warm you will place your potatoes
and onion and then you will fry them at high heat for about 4 to 5 minutes
to get some nice golden brown color after t his don’t forget to add some salt
because otherwise it will be really really bad taste
you will cover and you will reduce to medium heat for 10 to 15 minutes
until potatoes are almost done just keep stirring once in a while to avoid
sticking and to get homogeneous brown color after that just uncover and fry for another
2-3 minutes at high heat again to get nice crispy golden brown color
again After that you will strain your potatoes and
you will set aside just to get off some of the olive oil
And now you wanna crack three eggs and you will whisk it with a pinch of salt
don’t forget the salt with the eggs and then you will mix potatoes and onions
with your eggs you don’t have to mix it really so much
and you will get about this consistency you will see here
is like a creamy consistency, right? it doesn’t have to be really dry
Now, in your very warm pan with a spoon of olive oil you will pour the mixture and you
will keep moving it otherwise it can be sticking
So in order to avoid the sticking you will move it continuously at high heat for 4 to
5 minutes If the omelette is really thick then reduce
the heat to allow it to cook in the inside otherwise you can cook it on high heat all
the time but just keep stirring
After 5-6 minutes or so you will see it is half way cooked through
then you will flip it over, carefully and voilà: half of our tortilla is done
Carefully put it again on the pan and cook for about 3 -4 minutes not more
and after this your omelette is ready to serve Here you will need to decide wether you want
it runny or completely cooked through I personally prefer somehow creamy in the
inside but it’s up to you just don’t forget to enjoy it
and see you soon!


  1. I am getting better at making this. I always make a mistake when flipping the tortilla but it turns out good in the end. My sweetheart from Spain loves it when I make it and says that it is getting closer to the tortilla taste from Spain. Yipeee! Thank you for this channel! I benefit a lot from this. Next one on my list is Gazpacho. Oh and I also made alioli the other day and he loved it with tortilla! 😀 Muchas gracias! 

  2. So so yummy 😀 I finally mastered it on my 2nd attempt. I had been craving spanish food since my last trip there! Muchisimas gracias por este video y por compartir un poco de la cultura española increíble con nosotros! 😀

  3. Looks delicious and really easy and fast to cook. Can you add additional vegetables to it like zucchini or carrots or shrooms? Thanks

  4. Hi, I tried it out today and it is simply delicious and easy to make. The only thing that didn't work well was flipping it over. But otherwise. Really good, I will practice and then will master it 🙂

  5. Thank-you VERY much for this awesome video.
    Made a huge Tortilla and added a few things in like Garlic, Spring Onions and lemon. Mmmmm!

    I used a frying pan with fairly low sides, would you have any suggestions for altering the time as next time i plan to use a tall saucepan for a taller omelette… more like a slice of thick cake.

  6. I made this after watching the video. I used a mix of green and red onion with mushrooms as we'll. It was really good.

  7. Hay un bar en el barrio de la latina que se llama Juana La Loca. En ese bar tienen una famosa tortilla con la cebolla caramelizada. La cebolla caramelizada no es lo que me llama la atención porque no tiene mucho secreto, sino más bien el hecho de que la tortilla que hacen tiene como una costra muy definida y dentro de la costra, toda la tortilla está similarmente cruda. Sabrías como hacen la tortilla en ese sitio?

  8. Hi there! Thanks for a great video! One little thing: it'd be nice if you began the video by listing all the different ingredients required, instead of starting the preparation right off the bat. But other than that, estupendo! Gracias – y hasta luego!

  9. аппетитно и приятно! выглядит вкусно:-) вы очень приятно готовите;-)

  10. аппетитно и приятно! выглядит вкусно:-) вы очень приятно готовите;-)

  11. As gimmicky as they may seem, I like using a double/interlocking frittata pan for this. Just turn it sideways to drain the oil from the cooked potatoes…and flipping the tortilla is worry-free. Easier clean-up, too.

  12. Great videos like these inspires me so much. I keeps me motivated to keep producing new recipes too and share it with the world. Please feel free to see some of my recipes too. Hope i will inspiring people too.

  13. Why would you call this omelette? This is very far from being an omelette, It is a tortilla, maybe call it a frittata if you can´t come up with an accurate name for it.

  14. hi can i boil my potato and add with them the tomato without of onion because i don't like onion to add it in my omelette.

  15. It wasn't cooked in the middle. And raw eggs can be a dangerous meal for most. I'd definitely add cheese and cook it through and through. Great dish however. 🌹🐝

  16. Increíble video de cocina española gracias por compartirlo porque mi prometido español vive en Sevilla con nuestras hijas españolas. Pronto me uniré a ellas, así que quiero aprender cómo cocinar comidas españolas para mi familia, así que tus videos son de gran ayuda gracias amigo

  17. Tried to make today 1st ever attempt. Didn't quite get the flip bit right and can taste the egg a lil too much, but a great video to start from and it was pretty damn good!

  18. I feel like it would be nice to add a clove of garlic and half a red pepper in there. Just to spice it up a bit. But I've never made this before.

  19. Menuda mierda tortilla jajajaja . Un puto giri me está enseñando una cosa q acaba de aprender en internet jajajaja

  20. I just did it and granma was like "this is the first time in your whole life you cook something so good"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂and she was like"Sunday I'mma have to do it, I'm gonna add this and that"😂😂😂😂 this recipe is really good.

  21. Very nice recipe, we also do similar dishes in Poland and simple natural ingidients are the best. Greetings!

  22. Why do i watch this when i's 2am and i'm suuper hungry…Now i either go to sleep hungry and wake up in a bad nutrition state, or i stay up for another 45min to cook this, eat it and go to sleep right after, and gain more weight….

  23. Don't lid while cooking and the potatoes/onions will develop their color and flavor better and won't be as greasy. (Done that way should only absorb about 1/8 of the volume of olive oil used to fry.)

  24. Nice video… New subscribers here… Hi guys.. . I have also a video on my channel, flip the tortilla in the same pan. check it out if you like it. Thank you

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