Spice Organization or Storage Ideas | Indian Kitchen Organization Idea | Health Benefits of Spices

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in today’s video I am going to share the two few ideas on spice organization and
a little information about your spices specially the spices which we Indians
use in our regular day-to-day kitchen so this video has two parts one is spice
organization and another one is information regarding spices before
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start with spice drawer this is actually how I have organized spices in my home
it is an inbuilt spice drawer which is very useful for daily access now here is
a quick look of behind the scene some serious painting is going on okay so
let’s start with the organization process on the top shelf in this red
containers I keep turmeric coriander powder and garam masala at the bottom I
have spread newspaper and anti-skid mat then in front I am keeping holes IRA or
cumin mustard seeds patch foreign red chili kara garam masala black salt hing
Zira powder etc I used everything on daily basis if you notice I have used
all glass jars for spices specially for spices to retain their aroma and
benefits always use glass jar or steel it is an old shoe box which I have
repurposed from my daughter’s cabinet just because it fits with the space
perfectly on the third shelf I used to keep all extra spices to be refilled
in this mug I used to store extra sauce packets on the second shelf
I used to store spices which I do not use on regular basis but twice or thrice
in a week like as wine calozero basically the
whole spices I always keep salt and pepper on kitchen
countertop as every day multiple times I use them so this way it comes very handy
now if you see this spice drawer is in a perfect place just near the gas stove
within my reach whenever I look for them perfectly organized spice drawer
according to my need rest of the Sheldon reused spices I used to keep them in
freezer to increase their shelf life which I have mentioned in my fridge
organization video if you wish to check them then find the link in the
description box or in the I button if you do not have this type of a pullout
drawer then simply use cabinet or cupboard space
the real challenge with the small space is to keep only daily or frequently
accessed items do not over clutter as the cabinet will not be functional as
you want it to maximize the space use this type of a shelf riser to extract
extra space for the functionality always remember to keep daily or frequently
used items in this cabinet use turntable or lazy susan for better access of your
spices it is so easy to just spin around and find what you want
and I have to mention about our very famous Indian masala dhaba here you can
see I keep only daily used spices and here you can also keep bay leaf and
dried whole chilli – because of the shelf riser it is so helpful to just
slide in and out the masala dhaba overall this cabinet is very functional
and neatly organized and for the extra spices keep them in a single storage
container again if you notice I chose this cabinet because it is near the gas
stove and this is very convenient for the daily access idea number three is to
use theta spice rack just place them inside the cabinet or cupboard and
organize spices according to their size big bottles you keep back off the shelf
and smaller containers should be kept in front if you have cupboard space then this
three tower shelf is a very good organizer for you and if you do not have
cabinet space then you can place them on kitchen counter to here you can see I
have placed them just right beside the gas stove very easily accessible and
looking very clean and organized in this way now move on to the idea number four
if you do not have cabinet space you can utilize your wall space mount any kind
of a wall shelf to keep your spices there I am just giving you some idea if
possible you use the similar type of a glass or steel container to store your
spices it will look very nice on the shelf and I completely forgot to shoot
in this to blow canister I used to store bay leaf and dried red chili there are
plenty of options to help you out I will try to put the links down below in the
description box if you are interested to purchase it online you can find the link
in the description box below idea number five counter top shelf you can use this
type of a counter top shelf system too if you are renting and you have issues
with nailing the wall then definitely you can go with this type of counter
shelf in this way you can use the vertical space to solve the small space
problem you can hang it to on your wall as this shelf has dual functionality so I have given five organization ideas
to organize your spices do let me know in the comment section below which idea
you liked the most or already you are using now I am going to share medicinal
properties of few spices specially which we use in our daily Indian cooking
recipes if you are interested then keep watching as per your request I thought I
should cover this important topic a little disclaimer here all this
information I have gathered after reading different articles or from
family members so do a little research or consult your doctor before using
anything if you have any health issues always keep in mind that use spice in
limited quantity overdose of anything is not at all a good idea I will highlight
only few medicinal goodness which can be remembered easily let’s start with most
commonly and every single day used spice turmeric it has a great
anti-inflammatory property which helps to reduce pain its curcumin substance
helps to reduce swelling and turmeric use widely to make medicines spice number two coriander seeds or
coriander powder it helps to decrease blood sugar blood pressure improve
cholesterol levels helps to prevent urinary tract infection spice number
three cumin mostly used to enhance the taste of the recipe it helps to maintain
healthy skin most immunity remove toxin from our body spice number four red
chilli in spite of its heat and flavor it is a great source of vitamin C and
carotene which helps to boost immunity or prevent spreading prostate cancer
spice number five muster seeds it is an excellent source of vitamin b-complex
rich source of minerals helps to lowering cholesterol relieve muscle pain
helps reducing constipation to spice number six punch foreign which is a
combination of Kalonji fennel seeds fenugreek seeds coriander seeds and
cumin seeds nagare seeds or Kalonji fight with dental issues fennel also
overcome in digestion and gas a controlled stomach pain fenugreek seeds
it is the most beneficial spice among Indian spices it helps to control
diabetic reduce inflammation it is said that it helps to increase milk flow for
breastfeeding mothers spice number nine pepper another spice which has enormous
health benefits it aids weight loss it helps to get rid of gas helps to get
relief from asthma and nasal congestion spice number ten and 11 is cardamom and
cloves cardamom has digestive properties fight with gas constipation etc clove it
has antioxidant properties anti-inflammatory like clove oil used
for relived dental pains spice number 12 cinnamon it can fight
against fungal and bacterial infection and it is high source of antioxidant
spice number 13 hink or asafoetida it helps to fight stomach pain helps to
relieve gas and also helpful for menstrual problem last but not the least
our very own spice number 14 garam masala this spice is a combination of
black pepper clove cinnamon cardamom mace bay leaf cumin fennel caraway
seeds dry ginger etc already I have covered few of them in spite of those
medicinal properties our indian kitchen is incomplete without this spice so
these spices are full of health benefits and full of flavor this ideas how you can organize your
spices and you got little information about your spices – if you liked it give
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videos right over here I see you on the next one till then take care bye bye

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