(fun upbeat music) – Hi everybody! What are you doing today? Are you cooking something? Today in New York we have
a lot, a lot of snow. Look at that outside. I like to be very cozy. I’m listening to nice music. Of course I like to make
some delicious food! a kind of a party food. It’s called kkanpunggi. Kkan pung gi! Spicy garlic fried chicken. Originally this is a Chinese food but it came to Korea It is modified to
Korean people’s taste. Way of cooking, adding and sauce. Is a little different. So you guys are Chinese, you can see. I never tasted real
original Chinese kkanpunggi. So you guys can tell me
what is the different. This is for two servings. If you make this for more people, you can double, triple
these all ingredients. This is half a pound chicken. Cut this into small pieces. (slicing chicken) And put this in a bowl. (washing knife and cutting board) Just a little amount today. But when I fry this, it kinda really expand a lot amount. I need to add ginger. Ginger around half a teaspoon. (banging knife) And this is soy sauce, one teaspoon. Black pepper. Ground black pepper. And mix. This is really too little for me. Usually I cook a lot. Some of my readers have let me
know that they live a single or they live only in a couple. “Oh Maangchi, how can I make this or divide your recipe into small?” I make really small amount. You guys can make the double triple. Next, I’m going to make oil infused with chili pepper flakes
and garlic and leek. Sounds good, isn’t it? This is clean but sometimes
they’re really dirty but let’s wash. (washing leeks) Dry this well. Cut thinly. (chopping leek quickly) Handful of leek! Naturally cut into
matchsticks this way. Garlic. Remove the tips. And cut in half. Like this. Four garlic cloves I’m using. I’m going to make special
oil with this guy. This is the chili flakes. Red chili flakes and then leek and garlic. (turning on stove) Add cooking oil, quarter cup. And then now, it’s hot. Garlic. Garlic first. (garlic sizzling) 30 seconds after, add the leek. And stir this. Turn it over, this garlic. So they’re not too burned. Garlic is nice, beautiful. Oh smells so good. Garlic is cooked. Turn off the heat. Take these out. Chili flakes, very spicy. It depends on your taste but I will use one tablespoon. (chili sizzling) Very hot! All these garlic, leek
and hot pepper flakes, all infused this oil. And really delicious oil. Oh! This is spicy. I’m going to strain this. This oil is really
tasty, smoky and spicy. We got this, this is leek. Really crispy. Leek and garlic. And this is the infused oil. and also I’m going to use these vegetables. Onion and chili peppers and green onion and also dried chili pepper. Dried chili pepper, this one doesn’t make this food very spicy, that’s why I use this when I make infuse oil I use these coarse chili pepper flakes. but for beauty I can use these. Jalapeno or green chili pepper. Cut it thinly. Like this. (chopping pepper quickly) Red chili pepper, fresh red chili pepper also, these seeds, Seeds and stems, throw away. Green onion. (chopping onion quickly) And I’m going to add onion. Cut into small pieces onion. (chopping onion quickly) (washing cutting board) Before cooking, let’s make a sauce. So that when we cook, really going fast. Soy sauce, one tablespoon. Two tablespoons water. vinegar, one tablespoon. Potato starch, one teaspoon. Rice syrup around two tablespoons. One. Two. Then mix. So this sauce is sweet
and sour and salty sauce. Next, let’s take care of chicken. One egg white. Potato starch, half a cup. Half a cup. Let’s mix. And use hand. Knead, just like dough. And then we are going to fry this. Chicken is only half pound, I will use only just
one cup of cooking oil. Couple of minutes I just
heated up with high heat. So I’m going to put this
whole lump, like this. You see? It’s bubbling. It’s the right time. Right temperature. This is around 350 Fahrenheit degree. (chicken sizzling) When you see the bottom part
is a little crispy looking and then use your tongs. These guys almost, look at that, connected But, you can disconnect. With your tongs. I’m going to fry this until
all pieces are golden brown and crispy. And then, all strain. We fried this one time. I’m going to fry it one more time later. Just before serving. And turn off the heat. See? This oil, we need to strain this. It looks very crunchy but sooner or later it goes soggy. Then, let’s make a sauce. (turning on stove) Let’s heat up the oil again. medium heat. Pan is hot, so oil . I will use all. Onion. All together. (vegetables sizzling) Let it cook. And come back. Very spicy flavor coming up, smoky, See? Now it’s crunchy. Turn down the heat to low. And the sauce. (sauce bubbling up) Amazing! looks so good. Okay, let’s go back to our chicken. Put this. leek and the garlic, fried garlic together. Sesame oil. Wow looks so good, isn’t it? Turn off. Well done! Oh my! (pouring coke) Chicken. (crunching chicken) Delicious! Crunchy, chewy, spicy, smoky. (fun upbeat music) I like to be cozy with a delicious food. Today we made kkanpunggi. Spicy garlic fried chicken. Enjoy my recipe, See you next time! Bye!

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