Spiroflow’s NEW Chainflow Chain Drag Conveyor – Conveying Nuts

Spiroflow’s Chainflow tubular chain drag conveyor is the newest mechanical conveyor designed for the dry bulk solids and powder processing industry. The heavy-duty totally enclosed dust-free Chainflow conveyor economically and gently conveys dry powders and granules, fragile materials such as cereals, nuts, coffee beans, food ingredients, pet food, animal feed, and a variety of chemicals and plastics. Processors benefit from the crevice-free stainless steel chain and UHMW disc material contact surfaces. It can easily convey or batch ingredients with very flexible layout options. This heavy-duty conveyor is designed to run 24/7 and you can expect exceptional chain life with our 304 or 316 stainless steel chain. For more information about our Chainflow conveyor, please call or email our North American or United Kingdom headquarters.

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