Sprinter food truck – best burgers in Rio served by Carango

I love the city. The city is amazing. I am driving the truck, I can park at the different spots, looking to the beach, see the ocean. That’s making me so happy! The Sprinter helps me a lot. It’s so comfortable, especially when you have to climb the mountains. It’s an incredible van! Most of the time we have sunny days in Rio. Now, we are in the spring time, so sometimes the weather changes a lot. We have a lot of rain this weekend, but that’s normal for us. We just need an umbrella! I used to live in California, so I saw a lot of food trucks there and started to think about it. A couple of years ago we got the license and started the business in Rio. Our company produces burgers – on a sunny day up to a thousand. We make handmade burgers with 180 g of “fraldinha”, special meat from Brazil. It comes with mozzarella cheese, onions, lettuce and handmade bread. That’s it! The customer’s feedback comes immediately. As soon as the people start to eat, we can see the smile. That’s a big pleasure! We stay at the Praça Mauá, right in front of the Museu do Amanhã. It’s a brand new museum, a new area in Rio. It’s a beautiful place, just in front of the Guanabara Bay. We have a lot of events in Rio, every weekend it’s party. We use the truck to drive to those events. Tonight we will have a concert. It’s for free. It’s for the people of Rio, so everybody is invited. We are selling burgers in the VIP area. As in all the big cities it’s not so easy to drive in Rio. Especially during the week it’s very crowded. You need to have a good vehicle to do this job. You can’t afford problems. If we really care about a car in Brazil, we call it “carango”. That’s my car, that’s my “carango“! I am Leandro Braga, 37 years old. I am from Rio and I am the owner of Carango Food Truck.

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