Hello everybody welcome back to kids cooking and crafts I’m Ava and I’m Axel and today we will be doing the squishy food versus real food challenge. Yeah Whoever has the magic pineapple spatula gets to choose if they want to keep their plate or switch their plate And don’t forget to subscribe and turn on your Notifications so you know when we upload a new video, and here’s the Instagram follower of the day. Thanks for following us Okay, let’s get started. First Dish! Okay, you have the magical spatula, so do you keep or switch? Oh, I think I? Think I will switch Okay ready to go Oh, this is cool Mmm. That’s good. You’re right Axel. Yes. This is a red velvet cake as you can tell. It’s red its Velvety buglet, mmm. That is so good That’s really cool It’s a pizza now It’s a cake whoo I like the squishy more. Yeah, I like the squishy Because I’m not really a big fan of red velvet So I’m gonna have to go squishy two thumbs up I Have the spatula now so I can choose to keep or switch it I’m gonna Say I really wanted the hamburger. I want some give me a bite. Oh my boy Look at these sesame seeds, they’re so cool I Just wish I had the burger Can I bite, let’s trade There good Didn’t your mom ever tell you to not play with your food. We have the same mom It’s funny around the top Voting time. I like this one. For real It’s my turn to keep or switch. I choose to keep, ready, set, go! I Want them Ready ready Wow This is so cool. I love the colors that they did on this look at the design. There’s so much detail It dies I have the chosen specula so I get to choose to keep or switch. I’m going to I keep on getting squishes. I hate squishes, you can’t eat them. This real croissant can be a squishy too I like the squishy more. I don’t really like croissants. I choose the real croissant What’s up, that one’s good? on to the fifth round okay, it’s Axel’s turn to pick since he got the magical spatula. I choose to switch Ready set go By the time you’re done playing with that this is gonna be gone. All gone switch take a bite and then give it back Yeah That doughnut is a little sweet for me I Like how slow the doughnut Rises and the sprinkles on it feels so weird Voting time squishy. This is hard. I don’t know I choose this squishy. Yep that doughnut makes two points squishy sorry doughnut Maybe next time my favorite two squishes are the doughnut and the icecream My two favorites squishes are the cake and that ice cream. What’s your favorite comment down below? Thank you for watching this squishy food vs real food challenge If you like this video you may also like our pancake art challenge. Watch that one next. Thanks for hanging out with us. see you guys next time. BYE!

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