Stop Motion Cooking – Making Cakes From Sewing Tools ASMR 4K

Sewing may not be easy for many people, especially this girl. Despite her efforts, she still failed to sew the buttons. However, she has a very interesting creation.

77 thoughts on “Stop Motion Cooking – Making Cakes From Sewing Tools ASMR 4K

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  2. When I get mad and my mom bought me a school supplies instead buying me an iphone
    cookes it and eats
    Mom:imma head out
    *buys new phone

  3. The burger bit is just straight up a beat for beat recreation of "Burger Stop Motion Cooking/ASMR" by SKIP, (which was published June 11th, 2019). Which is too bad, because there's a lot of technique and unique pieces in your videos. You could totally make more original stuff. Was it a study, perhaps?

  4. Ok but like can we just take a moment and appreciate these videos! Like these take so much time and work to do! Also these people who do stop motion vids are so talented and hard working I just can’t get over the thought of how much work and dedication they have to do these!

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