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Good morning Finally arrived at VT Pink House it’s a VT Cosmetics store On the 2nd floor, VT Cosmetics store the floor below, BTS Cafe. – Have it open yet?
– Yes. Look at the backyard Let’s slide this door What’s up? Hey, cat! Hey kittens~ They have an outdoor space it’s more comfortable on the outside Where do you want to? There. Can I bring them home? They are official LINE Friends dolls, right? Is it sweet? – Is it hot?
– Yes, be careful. It’s good~ If we purchase a drink, takeaway or just having it here, will get this, cup holder Even when you get this kind of cups, you will still get it and you can keep it, so don’t worry guys, you will get it. And look, I ordered Americano and the cup is so cute Vant 26.5 This one is sold out right after my purchase precisely right after my purchase I really want to try this one, but it’s sold out Shopping~ This, RJ cushion Cooky cushion and this one, Vant Cream Lip Lacquer Vant So cute right? lol A bit pricey, 28000 Won and this one on 15000 Won Phyto Cream Premium I don’t know yet what it is, I’ll try later Bye bye VT Pink House~ – I want to take a photo, take a photo~
– Fine, go for it. Done, now we’re going to 3CE and Chuu So, this Hongdae 3CE have a Pink Pool Cafe concept, with a pool inside Walk a little more, we’re going there! Here’s Stylenanda, and right in front of it, Chuu Actually, I’m curious about Chuu Wanting to try their famous jeans, the Chuu -5kg jeans. People said it really make you skinnier.. Oh, this is their flagship store, it’s huge 1st floor, cosmetics Here’s the clothes area This one is croissant, but looks so-so This one too, this is quite small – Is that corn?
– Yep This, looks like Breadtalk lol Let’s try this one, looks different this is Pain D’or Pang Do Reu French language, hard to pronounce them They have different cuts, like this one is the Skinny cutting Skinny cutting Cutting high waist and here’s another different cutting So various~ Here’s the -5kg jeans They said it made us look skinnier right So, how is it, guys? Am I really looks like losing -5kg? lol I am now at Hapjeong From Hongdae, we came here to Hapjeong, to visit “our office” lol YG Entertainment building but it’s quite a walk… Their building is currently renovated- not really renovated, they’re building a new place to expand their office There, you can see it, the blue one They’re currently building it and as you guys know, their iconic building There it is~ So their new building is right beside their current one Side to side~ Black cars it must be their artist’s and this one is their soon-to-be new building Oh, many messages for them~ Just a few moments ago, a car stopped and someone dropped off but me and Shendy don’t know who it is (we can’t see the face) Who??? There, he came back, without the mask This is so cold, I have to wear a mask too Okay, now we’re going to The Famous Burger by Loco What kind of car this is? So cute~ TFB The Famous Burger The place is quite small~ Let’s get inside We ordered 2 burgers, because each person have to order 1 this is the Ultimate Burger, and this one is the Single Here’s the salad and the fries Ketchup and the drink And here’s the paper sheet to use if you don’t want to stain your hand Here’s a fork to eat the salad Let’s eat! I don’t like it.. Kinda stink The patty, tomato, lettuce this is the Ultimate Burger, beef patty, bacon sausage and bacon Clean~ So, to sum up, it’s good but I don’t really like cabbage / lettuce Then, if you asked is this halal or not, I really don’t know, since for the menu we ordered is beef, but for some menu, they had bacon and bacon is, not halal, so I can’t make sure of it So, if you had a chance to try, go for it! Each person have to order 1. So, if you don’t want to spend much just came alone lol Across TFB is another Gentle Monster! We’re going there~ So, I was going to some stores I went to Ader Error, and right after we leave the store suddenly, I saw some people running and then I hear some shouting and screaming sound It was like when you hear roller coaster at a theme park like “Aaaaaaaa” screaming sound And then I thought, what is happening I thought there’s a show playing, because there’s so many busking at Hongdae But the screaming was different We saw people running We try to follow them, and, you know what, there’s Wanna One they’re shooting for Guerilla Date Looking at some girls that invited to meet them it was sooo crowded! I even crammed into the crowds but I still can’t see them, because I’m a bit short I’m short, and they were on the lower level at that park, there was a lower level area If I could carry you, I will They even fight I’m short, there were too many people, I can’t see anything, even their hair Finally, I try some openings on the edge, near a wall, not too much people there were wood blocks Wood blocks on the wall, and I climbed I climbed to see it was so hard to see, and I climbed Some people also climbed and our hands were like grabbing, so many sacrifices to see Wanna One Looking at Ong, Daniel, Minghyun, Daehwi, and else And they were standing quite far but actually when they finished shooting and leaving the area they walk into our direction and it was so damn close OMG The shooting was over And sorry for the shaky video because there was so crowded and it’s like a protest there lol Such an interesting experience once in a lifetime, suddenly meet that kind of crowd Thank you so much, today is really about Korean idols and artists I am now back at home, and going to rest soon and see you later on the next vlog!

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