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-Okay, next up… wine break. [ Laughs ] This is gonna be one of
those episodes that really does,
like, go the full… whoop.
You know what I mean? Hi.
I’m Farideh. We’re here in the Munchies test
kitchen with the Cooking Show. And what we’re making today is
something called cannelloni… slash manicotti slash
I don’t know exactly what word
I’m calling this. Old Cliff gets mad because I constantly do
red sauce with everything. Red sauce… is my mother’s sauce. I was like, “Okay, I accept
the challenge of not using red sauce
in this recipe.” And I wanted to make it,
like, kind of summery. It’s pasta that we are filling with a combination of mozzarella
cheese, ricotta cheese, and cooked squash
and zucchini. And it’s gonna be lemony
and bright. And then we’re putting like a
really nice fresh salad over it. I slid into the DMs
of Katie Parla. You might know her from videos such as stuffed mussels,
I can’t remember. But I was asking her
what’s the difference between manicotti and cannelloni
is and what this is, and let’s see her response. I go, “Hi, question for you. What’s the difference between
manicotti and cannelloni?” And she said,
“So funny you asked. I was just thinking about this.” “Cannelloni is a word
recognized across Italy. Manicotti, if I recall,
is a regional way of naming cannelloni. Manicotti is the word
Italian-Americans use to describe cannelloni as well as crêpes filled
with ricotta and meat.” And I said, “Interesting.” “I’m making a dish
where I boil pasta sheets and cut them
into squares, then I roll them with cooked
zucchini and squash and mix it with ricotta
and mozzarella/herbs. You think I should
call it cannelloni? Or maybe manicotti
is more accurate since it’s not Italian
origin, per se.” She goes, “Ugh, this is hard. I think you can call it either,
TBH.” That’s what she said. And I said, “Okay, I don’t
want to anger people, although I’m sure
I will regardless. Ha.” Zucchini and squash —
manelonni! ’cause what Peter is —
he’s a man alone. Manelonni.
Just kidding. Just kidding. First things first. We’re gonna make our filling. I’m gonna cube the zucchini. It’s so weird, by the way,
how, like, slimy it is gets
when you cut it. It, like, sticks together. What is that that comes out of
it? Virginia, Google it. -Starchy liquid? -Interesting.
Okay. So we’re gonna do this. This is called a brunoise. It’s a fine dice,
whatever you want to call it. So we’re gonna heat up
some olive oil in here. Nice, like, coat of it. So we’ve got our squash. Using yellow squash.
I’m gonna grate this. Just a textural thing. Making it rain. Listen to that sizzle. Ricotta cheese,
that can go in there. And I put almost all of my
cheese in here — about 1 cup. I’m gonna save about a 1/4 cup
to put on the top. Here we go. Pepper in here. A little salt. One whole lemon
I’m going to zest right in. And then I’m gonna juice it
in there as well. I just use my gut to, like,
hold my zester. But you catch it all like this,
it’s all held. Then you just go…
like that. And you should always ever use
your zester that way. So you just go whoop,
whoop, whoop. One direction. One direction,
it’s not just a band. I’m gonna use this guy. And you want about
2 tablespoons of juice in here. And I find that actually… and I’m not saying this is true
for every lemon, but lately, every time
I’ve cooked this recipe, I’ve literally measured the
amount of juice from one lemon, and it’s been 2 tablespoons
every time… which is kind of cool. Mix ‘er on up.
It ain’t over yet. This is looking good. Getting a little bit of color,
it’s softening up. I don’t want to cook it down
to a mush. So I’m gonna say that
that’s good and done. I go like this. Boop. I’m just gonna mix in
with the zucchini… the happy little friends
that they are. So squash versus zucchini. Yeah, they’re so similar though. The shape is a little bit
different, the color, obviously. -Ooh, you hear that? All zucchini are squash,
but not all squash are zucchini. Set that aside to cool. ♪♪ Mmm.
I put them together in my mouth. Separate here, but in my
mouth, they were together. And they tasted great. Ooh.
A lot of pepper in that bite. Okay, let’s go outside. Let’s pick some shit
from the garden. Are you ready, Peter? -We ready yet? -♪ Let’s go to the garden ♪ ♪ To the garden, let’s go get ♪ ♪ Some vegetables ♪ ♪ Spinach and basil
and who knows what else ♪ ♪ Right out this door ♪ ♪ Over the floor ♪ I ruined it at the end there.
I don’t know what that was. ♪ But we can keep going ♪ ♪ Let’s keep going,
let’s go do it all ♪ We’re gonna need a bigger tray. You get that reference? -Mm-hmm.
-What was it from? -I don’t know.
-You don’t? You don’t, you’re a liar. -I don’t get it.
-“Jaws.” They’re like, “I think
we’re gonna need a bigger boat.” -Ah.
-♪ Bing, bang, boom, boom ♪ ♪ Blah, blah, blah ♪ ♪ Where is my wine? ♪ ♪ I need my wine! ♪ [ Laughter ] Virginia’s on it. All right, we’re done. Done.
Where’s Peter? What’s Peter doing? Stop for a second,
just look at Peter just, like, off,
looking in the distance. All right, we’re done. Okay, let’s go back in. And we’re back. Wine break. Okay, this goes into here.
All the juice and all. You can take the juice out
if you want to. I’m making a mess.
We’re gonna mix it all together. We’ve got our filling ready, and now we’re going to
cook our pasta. I cook my pasta. It only takes,
like, three minutes. We’ve got our pasta. We’re gonna cut these into,
like, six-inch squares. So it’s like that.
Watch how smart I am. Just like this. I’m gonna go like this. Then we’re gonna go like this. These get used
for something else. So we’ve got about seven
to eight squares of pasta. And we’re just gonna boil it. Salted water, right on in. And fresh pasta doesn’t
take very long to cook. So this will probably be done, like, we’re talking like
three minutes or so. I literally couldn’t have chosen
a smaller utensil. But whatever.
So this is 9×13. A little oil in the bottom. Pasta is cooked. This is going off. We’re gonna drain it,
and run it under cold water. ♪♪ Tricked ya. So now we’ve got our cooked
pasta sheets and our filling. And we’re adding
in a good amount. Okay, ready?
Just like this. This is our ricotta,
our mozzarella. We’re gonna roll it, just like
that, over towards you. Tuck it in.
Look at that. Nice little manelonni. I want to not cook
when I entertain. So this is one of those things
you can cook ahead of time so your friends are over,
you can, like, hang out, and, like, visit with your, you know,
your company, your guests. And not, like, be in the kitchen
the whole time while your friends
are having fun. We shove that one in there. Look at this. Ta-da!
Perfect. Okay, now we got our little bit
of cheese, sprinkle it over. This cheese, it’s gonna melt
and, like, cause good color. But then also, the pasta is gonna get
really nice and crispy, and I really like it,
it’s, like, nice and crunchy. In the oven we go. 375, about 40 to 50 minutes,
depending on your oven. [ Sighs ] Ooh.
All right, this is perfect. So you can see, look, it’s nice
and crunchy, crispy there, but, like, the cheese
is melted just enough. It has, like, that nice color. I’m really using the cheese
on top just for coloring. So we’re gonna make a little
salad to go on top of this, because health. Just some lemon zest. A little bit of olive oil. Salt. And pepper. We have these guys.
These are going in there. So this is getting tossed. Okay. We had this out in the garden,
this, like, really nice oxalis. I don’t even know what to call
this flavor. It’s just delicious.
I love it. A few mustard greens and
our friends coriander flowers, cilantro flowers,
throw on some fennel. More of these oxalis flowers. This is nasturtium. Do some of that on there. Oh, yeah, the parcel. All this has a lot
of texture to it. This is really, like,
just, like, a masterpiece here. And here we go. Done. Oh, it’s not done. Ah, I fucked up! What I like to do is just
rain this all over it, and I just put
all the flowers. I don’t want to cover them up
’cause they’re so pretty. What should I do? Should I take the flowers off
and, like, redo it? I’m gonna do that real quick. [ Crew gasps, ohs, groans ] [ Laughs ] They’re like, “That bitch
just spent five minutes decorating this goddamn thing,
and it was, like, so pretty.” But look, I can redo it,
don’t worry, guys. It’s not a big deal. And now we’re gonna decorate it
with these little flowers on top. Now the moment of truth.
Virginia’s gotta eat it. Come on, Virginia.
Get in there. You’re gonna have a bite
of it with me. Come on. You went in the garden,
you have to eat it now. Come on.
You can put some of this on it. Cheers.
-Cheers. -Boop. Look how small her bite was
compared to mine, by the way. -Mmm.
-You like it? It’s really light,
it’s crunchy, it’s cheesy. So you can taste the squash
in there, too, but all this, like,
other stuff is really good. The lemoniness — there’s, like,
a lot of lemon in there. She tastes lemon.
It’s good. This is like a nice
little perfect kind of summer casserole. For this recipe and more, there’s a link
and a description below. Don’t forget to share it. #munchies, all that good stuff. Am I right?
-Yeah. -Hope your summer’s not
as rainy as today. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪

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