(Shrieks) Scoob, my brother from another
mother. What the dizzy, baby? Show me dat.
What’s goin’ down? Hey, baby, this is all gravy today.
Now snap your fin… Snap it. – You’re not snappin’ it…
– Felix. Hey, don’t sweat it, Scrappy-Doo.
A lot of white fish can’t do it. – Would you just sit down, okay?
Thank you. I’ve been goin’ over my markers.
You’re into me for five grand. – Five G’s, okay?
– Five G’s? Man, you trippin’? Oh, yeah?
See if this refreshes your memory. Wow. That’s crazy, look at that. You wrote everything down
so you wouldn’t forget. Wow. This a perfect example of why
you’re in management, and I’m not. You go, boy. I have to pay Mr. Freeze protection,
so everything you owe me, you owe him. – How you figure that?
– Simple. The food chain. You see, on top, there’s Mr. Freeze.
There’s me, and there’s regular fish. – That’s me.
– No. There’s plankton, there are amoebas… – Then there’s me?
– I’m getting there. There’s coral, there are rocks, there’s
whale poo, and then there’s you. That’s messed up. So if Mr. Freeze’s squeeze
me, he’s squeezing you. – What?
– Felix. Sorry. – Easy, boss, find your happy place.
– Happy place. There is no happy place
with him arrived. (High-pitched):
I’m serious. Okay, please. Please,
just gimme some time. That’s all I’m asking. I’m begging
you, Scoob. Please. Please. All right. Cuz I like you, I’m gonna give
you 24 hours to pay up. All of it? How am I
supposed to do that? That’s your problem. Bring my 5000
clams to the track tomorrow, or else. – Or else what?
– The brothers will explain. (Brothers giggle) – (Lights bursting)
– FELIX: Unpleasant.

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