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Hi everyone, welcome to another video of Nyonya Cooking! So, any of you who are fans of doughnuts? Fans of sweet potatoes? Let me introduce to you, ‘kuih keria’ Now, these are light doughnuts They’re made of sweet potatoes It’s really sweet, delicious and crunchy too If you are fans of doughnuts, you’re going to love this recipe If you’re fans of sweet potatoes, do I have to say more? So, let’s check out the ingredients to create ‘kuih keria’ The main ingredient for ‘kuih keria’ is of course, the sweet potatoes I have them here and I’ve cut the skin off Here they are, just in smaller pieces You may use the orange or purple ones, as you like Over here, I have some wheat flour, salt, sugar and water So, let’s begin cooking Over here, I have a pot of boiling water What I’m going to do is to put the sweet potatoes into this pot of boiling water We’re going to boil this until they’re really soft I had been boiling these sweet potatoes for about 10 to 15 minutes They’re now ready I know they’re ready because by using a fork, I can just poke through the sweet potatoes easily The next step is to transfer these sweet potatoes onto a plate As I’d mentioned earlier, we’re going to mash these up Using a fork that I have here, all I’m going to do is to use the back part of it I’m just going to press it down and this will help to mash up the sweet potatoes Make sure you boil these sweet potatoes until they’re really soft because if they’re not soft and if you try to mash them, it would not come together into a paste That’s really something that you want to avoid or else the ‘kuih keria’ will be really clumpy We just want it to be really soft and nice as we bite into it because the outside layer is going to be crispy Hmmm… sounds really good, right? So, just mash this along All right, at this point of time, I’m just going to add a pinch of salt to this All right… just a bit Keep mashing, ensuring that you don’t miss any bit of it Once this is all mashed up, it’s ready We’re going to add the wheat flour into it Then, add the rest After mixing them thoroughly, what we want to achieve is basically a dough So, you may just use your hands If you find the dough a little bit sticky, just add a bit of flour If you want, you may shape it into a dough I’m just going to use a spoon You may either separate it, cut it into unified shapes I’ve dusted my working area Knead it into this long dough and then turn it around so that we will create this doughnut ring So, once these little doughnuts are all shaped, we are going to fry them Over here, I have a pan with oil I’d already heated it up at medium heat Make sure that it’s really hot before you put the doughnuts in To ensure that it’s really hot, you can see a bit of movements on the surface of the oil or using a wooden chopstick, just put it in and you’ll see bubbles coming up We are going to put the doughnuts in So, very carefully… You need to fry these doughnuts until they float Once they float, it’s good or else, another indication would be the colour of the doughnut As you can see, this is very golden in colour It’s yellowish… it’s really good If you do not want to shape them into doughnuts, you may make them into little balls like this, like what I did over here Now that the doughnuts are ready, the next thing to do is to create this coating, the sugar coating on the doughnuts Here, I’m using a wok Pour the sugar in This is at medium heat Add water and we are just going to stir and ensure that the sugar mixture is diluted, the sugar is fully diluted in the water and that this mixture thickens Then, we’ll have the nice coating for the doughnuts Remember to not burn the sugar That’s what you do not want to see or else it will be really bad So, just keep stirring at medium heat Allow it to dilute Allow the sugar to dilute This sugar mixture will eventually bubbled That’s what we want The next thing to check out is the texture of this sugar mixture or this syrup If you see that it comes down slowly, that means this syrup is really thick This is the consistency that we’re looking for Once the syrup is thick, we’re going to switch the stove off Now, this is when we are going to put in the doughnuts These doughnuts have to be stirred carefully because you wouldn’t want to spoil them At the same time, you want to ensure that the sugar coats the doughnuts Once the doughnuts were ready, I packed them up and brought them over to my friend’s place Guess what? None left… I only have one Just for you, just to show you how it’s like So, this is the piece that I’m left with As you can see, it’s fully coated with sugar It’s so good… can you imagine? Hmmm… Lovely… The only thing is that when I bite, all these sugar pieces start to fall It’s all right because they are still some stuck to it You’ll still get this whole sugary taste Hmmm… So good… If you look inside here, you can see that the consistency is like really fluffy and thick It’s delicious, you get this whole sweet potatoes taste Because there’s no sugar in the flour, it’s an amazing combination You have the sugar on the outside and then on the inside, the sweet potatoes Just delicious… So, my friends approved it You’re going to approve it too Try out the recipe Tell me if you like it or not Send me photos of recipes you had tried Remember to #nyonyacooking As usual, happy cooking!

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  1. …I hv done this many times.. Yes, it is way better than the buttery donut. I think of doing this again anytime soon, bcos it is super yummylicious!!!!

  2. Wow those look sooooo good! I think it would also be good, and easier to roll the hot donuts in powdered sugar when they're done frying!

  3. Would they not be sweeter if you bake the sweet potato in the oven rather than boil or would this effect the donut bonding stage?

  4. ❓Which flour to use? Can you make a gluten-free donut? Can I use other potatoes? Why did your dough end up too soft? Too much sugar, need some alternatives? Or what about freezing them for later use? 🤔Well, read the tips and tricks here https://www.nyonyacooking.com/recipes/kuih-keria~BJ7-OwiPG9-7 FREE pdf to print, so you don't touch your gadgets with your oily fingers! 😉

  5. On Fri Dec let me know what I was thinking that we have the ability for the delay in the morning and evening and will have to go to a friend who is in 61years

  6. I tried it .. I made donut holes and used almond flour and coconut flour instead.. and they were delicious!! Thanks Nyonya 🙂

  7. I might want to skip the sugar coating to keep from getting too sweet for personal reason. I will definitely try it since sweet potatoes are healthy, thanks for sharing, lots of luck to you…😋😋😋😉😉😉🇺🇸🇵🇭

  8. Accident And Emergency, here we come, donuts looks so lovely to eat. I don’t think my best friend diabetes will approve

  9. Dont put ur donuts on the sugar glaze for too long. Drain it properly so that there will be no crumbs after it dried out.

  10. Trying these Kuih Keria here my dear Nyonya, totally making these donuts here, thumbs up and greetings from Mexico! 🙂

  11. You are awesome, I would like to come there and cook with you! How much is a plane ticket from Florida USA?

  12. Looks yummmm, definitely give atry, wonder what’s the ratio for the glaze,, sugar n water, appreciate ur trsponse,, God bless🙏

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