System Design for Supply Chain Management and Logistics | ChalmersX on edX | Course About Video

PER OLOF ARNAS: How do things
end up where we need them to? Everyday things, like the groceries
you buy, or raw materials the industry needs for production. We rely on global and complex
systems for transportation and for storage, systems that
must be carefully designed, planned, and operated. Every supply chain design
involves tradeoffs. They must be financially, socially,
and environmentally sustainable. Should you carry out
all operations yourself, or should you let someone
else do it for you? Should you go all-in to deliver the
best possible customer experience, or will that hurt profitability? Hi, I’m Per Olof Arnas, I’m one
of the teachers in this course. Do you recognize any
of these challenges? In this course, you will learn to
better manage your supply chain, for example, to avoid
the bullwhip effect. You will also learn to take informed
decisions about sourcing alternatives and how to secure customer satisfaction. But these are just a few
examples, much more is covered. You will learn from real companies
and authentic case studies, knowledge that can be applied right
away in your organization. So most welcome to join this course. I’m looking forward to meeting you.

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