Hello everyone it is barry here welcome to
my virgin kitchen and a Sunday funday episode today we are tasting some more treats from
around the world that you guys have been sending in to me I have done over 30 of these videos
now with countries from all over the world there is a playlist so should be a link up
here or down below so if you fancy grabbing the popcorn and keeping yourself busy for
hours I highly recommend you check that out after this video as this is the latest one,
well it will not be next time but you get what I am saying, America today this is like
my third American box I think from sean who sent this box in, it is a big box and lots
of notes to help me out so we are just going to do our best to fly through it because there
is tons of stuff there are so many things we are going to go short and punchy today
on this first ones are funyons onion flavour crisps, seems to me like bunyons on your feet
not very appetising does not smell of onion they are pretty big really surprised by that
super crunch on it, great flavour I think these are made by lays like the American version
of walkers cracking start. Notable exception from todays video, jello I have always wanted
to make this I am going to do a separate video on this alone. So this is a snickers crisper
I like the sound of this and also it is pretty cool because the packaging it is in two pieces
and you can rip it then fold the packaging back up apparently so I take one square out
then it says twist to close so I just go like that, well it is not exactly ground breaking
technology is it you can do that with anything, oh soft and tender I like that a lot have
we got an r Kelly moment, yeah my minds telling me no, pause crisp rice milk chocolate and
caramel super soft the difference with a main snickers I do not think there is any nougat
in the middle you get straight to the good stuff, see this is what happens when I make
these videos I get a progressive sugar high and then I have to go to the gym for five
hours, next up are peeps I have heard of these before these are popular around easter time
and it is really the only time you can get them they have been in my cupboard a long
time but still in date they are available in a variety of colour and flavours from bubblegum
with all interesting combinations I guess with these being chicks they are chicken flavour,
banter. Ok they want to come out as a pack like ok
we come together 140 calories per serving and that is not all these it is literally
that so lets have a little nibble, look at that it is very sugary. Doing a sugar dance.
Oh my gosh, quite obviously not chicken flavour (banter) it is 90% sugar, just chewy sugar
it is alright though happy easter, oh and they are gluten free too if you like gluten
free the last recipe we did on the channel gluten free chocolate brownies check it out.
Not sure if you can hear that I can one of my neighbours has started drilling frito lay
again munchies peanuts flaming hot I could have opened that slightly safer they are slightly
tangerine in colour which makes me think they could be laced with some sort of heat, well
normally when I eat something hot you guys are like oh my gosh that is not hot at all
that is the best American accent you are going to get but that is not that hot actually it
is quite nice quite soothing very salty though. Sean sent me these pirouettes which are like
these amazing chocolate hazelnut wafers he said if I eat them it would be an instant
r Kelly moment they are very good but I am going to wrap these up and give them to someone
for Christmas one day. This one is Snapple all natural kiwi and strawberry flavour I
have been to America several times as you know but I have never actually had a Snapple.
Oh nice little pop. Smells very strong like quite sugary again oh my gosh that is gorgeous
very nice and still actually strawberry and kiwi flavour I can taste it as if I have a
kiwi and strawberry in both hands and am licking them perfect love that stuff. In fact I am
going to leave that there to freshen the pallet in case I need it. Now I actually tasted these
before this is the whatchamacallit the payday and the 100 grand they are all very nice indeed
and they will go into my private stash for when walking the dog. I should say dogs because
I have amy now alright. Extremely excited for this one this is a moon pie I did a tasting
video where we talked about nostalgic british foods and one of them was a wagon wheel and
apparently you guys raved about these saying this is the American equivalent. Except it
is fricking huge look at the size of that oh my gosh it is like a car tyre if I get
a flat tyre on the jeep I could just use that right I want to break into it, oh! Is that
a hair? No that is not a hair. So it has double marshmallow double filling really soft and
a chocolate coating oh my gosh that is enough of that another r Kelly moment super good
just like a wagon wheel here in the uk but like twice the girth.
I need to be really careful when I like stuff as I eat it all and then realise I have another
pile to eat then you guys go haha diabetes, which is not a funny comment. Other notable
exceptions in this video are the heath bar and the skor bar which if I remember rightly
I did reference a pirate in that quite a lot, skor. Fritos flavour twists honey bbq I love
bbq in every form I will put bbq sauce on anything even my dogs good smell good smellage
crisps like it or sorry potato chips, that sounded Australian. Oh sean says easily my
favourite snack they have a really good bbq flavour to them which is pretty unique and
the shape of them is pretty cool too and they are twisty, so we have a few here I am going
to shove three in there, hmmm oh dear lord they are stonking you have a corn flavour
within it hence the corn on the back loving that crunch there are some chips or crisps
called fritos I think I have not found them in the uk but loved them when over there and
they reminded me of those, right now I am lying on a bbq sunbed just being fed those,
do not have a bbq sunbed not a good idea. Almond joy I have managed to avoid these in
the past but have always been intrigued by them quite similar to bounty bars in the uk
but whenever I have done homemade bounty bars people have said no that is like mounds apparently
it is very similar as it is by mars but it has almonds in it oh loving this portion control
America you make it twice as big so you can have half of it and feel better about yourself
that is good tactics I like that so you can see it has two almond nipples probing out
the top of it drenched in chocolate, oh that is good. I am absolutely loving that and I
love the name almond joy too it reminds me of a tv host welcome almond joy and for some
reason I just want to do this I want to do like cotton eye joe dance I do not know how
I am getting from almond joy to to rednex whatever they were called. Next up the ultimate
youtube negative comment snack trolli for all the trolls out there trollo sour brite
crawlers minis so they are based on based on worms and are going to be laced in sugar
and colourings. America I love you it does not say king size, it says rad size �hey
man that is a rad size right there� sorry it is the accent, I do not mean offence by
those accents by the way trust me all the international treats I do you all get your
own attempt at very bad accents. Oh here we go so they are like a little pack or nest
if you will of baby worms multi coloured worms yes I am just going to take the one because
no doubt there is high sugar in this oh not going to lie a little disappointed with those
sour bright crawlers I was expecting there to be a bit of tang a bit of zing, pizazz
bit of sassiness, but no sugar, jelly, it is ok.
York pattie now sean cannot remember if I have had one of these in the videos before
and neither can I but do you know what I just want to eat it as they are extremely popular,
oh my gosh, yes I have, yes I have. For those of you in the uk and other countries
that know of after eights this is basically just a big fatter, circular after eight I
am going to do a recipe on homemade after eights or these instead, love it. But of course
I have already done the giant version of that if you cannot wait for it and want to check
it out. Last savoury item Tillamook country smoker
jerky chew shredded beef jerky I used to hate beef jerky and find it like eating leather,
well you kind of are I have just grown to like it over time it has become very popular
here in the uk supermarkets have it everywhere now. That is actually one thing I am finding
in the last few years every country is starting to merge with the other, soon the American
treat box will just be the uk one. This is one of the more novelty treats you can find
as it is novelty jerky that looks like chewing tobacco ok I have never chewed tobacco in
my life I thought it was like in the 70s and stuff. Do people still do that? I have odd
memories of my childhood when I see it since I would not eat it like my friends who would
act like chewing tobacco I would just take a huge pinch and stare at me. So good old
jerky chew teaching kids to chew tobacco since 1934.
How the hell do we get into this thing America it is like Alcatraz, well trying to get in
rather than out. Alcatraz is one of the most fascinating places I have seen in my life
folks you should go there. Oh my gosh we have popped it open can you
see that it looks like a little pot of seasoning I do not know if I am going to sniff it I
am going to snort it but I will not inhale too strongly use my eyebrows to control the
sniff level see do not know if you are picking up the sound of amy snoring too oi amy can
you stop snoring thanks mate, just when I do my videos you cannot snore alright she
is still learning sorry. Boston knows the drill he is like I have to get out of here
you know otherwise I am going to be in this video a lot. So anyhow I would say this is
more than shredded this is like ground this is a lot like what chewy tabacco would look
like lets pinch it look it is like flour raining down lets rain jerky all over my worktop wahoo.
Here we go, oh wow! Amy is going mental around here, that is really good, like your tongue
the moistness of the tongue acts like a glue and kind of brings the clumps together and
sort of creates jerky inside your mouth. One more after this, this looks like traditional
taxi cab colour the black and yellow thing, very stereotypical abba zaba chewy taffy which
I think is what we call toffee peanut butter centre with real peanut butter oh my gosh
is it white, no that cannot be it, really. That looks like more packaging cannot be that
colour folks that cannot be it can it I feel like I am going to eat a plastic bag that
is not an outer layer on it lets just, oh it is very tough, I have not made it to the
peanut butter yet, ah ok, it is very tough and sticky. I like it that probably gives
off the wrong impression but I was just chewing forever it became a chore the peanut butter
was there at first but then it just felt like I was chewing on plastic. Last one.
This last one the title has intrigued me along this is called the Idaho spud oh my gosh I
am going to get me some Idaho spud right there the candy bar that makes Idaho famous I am
sorry that is probably not Idaho, Idaho candy co it does not actually say what is in it,
coconut ok, cocoa powder, chocolate liquor so it could be alcoholic lets find out, look
at you little sexy speckled coconut thing there is a lot of coconut on there it looks
like a coconut moustache. Alright here we go, oh my gosh I need to work out if I like
the thing in the middle or not I normally end up on a good one.
Woke up this morning feeling fine had an Idaho spud and it changed my mind it is ok not an
r Kelly moment folks not going to lie this is a chocolate embraced mousse thing in the
middle it must be it is soft and squidgy with the coconut rained down on the outer shell
not my favourite in fact I am loving the jerky chew that is one of my favourite things in
the whole video amongst this amazing stuff. There we go then folks another taste test
done and in the bag if you would like to send me some treats from wherever you are in the
world go to myvirginkitchen.com hit the contact form and we will have a chat remember to subscribe
for regular recipes and food fun videos and of course check out the international taste
test playlist for over 30 more theres some really weird wacky ones and also some ones
like this that I love so yeah follow me on social media for behind the scenes bits and
bobs pug and stuff and the other channel for vlogs and behind the scenes bits cheers god
bless you America, rad size!

100 thoughts on “TASTING USA TREATS #3

  1. I have long standing beef with wagon wheels… I liked the jammy ones and I bought some once, none of them had jam in them! never eaten one since.

  2. Almond joy and mounds are exactly the same thing accept mounds doesn't have almonds ๐Ÿ™‚
    Also my favorite 'foreign foods' story is when we had some Russian foreign exchange students at my college and one of them bought a starbucks bottled drink and couldn't figure out how to open it. He sat there for several minutes before he realised it had a plastic wrapper around the top and he just looked down and sighed XD

  3. Barry, next time you're in the states come to Kentucky and I'll cook for you โคโค You need to try southern American food

  4. Ha ur right about the diabetes comment, it definitely isn't funny. As sumone suffering type1 it drives me bonkers that this disease is associated with eating too much sugar. U rock Barry.

  5. Good lort! Those onion rings are my fav! The peeps are pretty gross. My sons like them. I miss Moon Pies. I can't eat them. OMG! The Honey BBQ Fritos are freakin CRACK!

  6. Lol. 90% of Americans don't like Peeps either. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Taffy and toffee are totally different things here in America. I love your "accents". Frito honey bbq twists are just normal Frito corn chips twisted and the honey bbq flavoring added. Good stuff! Good choices Shawn!!!!!

  7. I love that shredded jerky. I used to buy it, put a bit between my cheek and my gum like chewing tobacco and let it soften up, while your saliva makes a nice sort of broth.

  8. That powder stuff you called looks like powdered spices is similar to SKOAL! In the US mostly in the South/Texas region they "chew" tobacco. Skoal like this stuff is placed between cheek and gums towards front of the mouth and just kinda sucked on. No I have never tired so I don't know of the taste. Seems a nasty habit but to each their own.

  9. Need to try the American "pecan log"! not sure where you can find but I had while travelling in the Blue Ridge Mountians in State of North Carolina. Stopped along road side and also got "apple CIDER" this not same as apple juice! Much better.

  10. Idaho spud: That was a southern drawn (accent) I don't like this candy bar.

  11. being an american i dont take offence as most countries and love hearing people try to make an american accent ….. ive always thought of my accent as boring

  12. Fritos aren't potato chips, they're corn chips.
    Peeps are extremely controversial. You either love them or hate them. There is no middle ground. (I hate them.)
    Taffy is not toffee, it's something completely different (as you found out.) I believe you call taffies "chews". Very similar to toffee, though.
    Almond Joy has nuts (and MILK chocolate), Mounds don't (and have DARK chocolate), but are otherwise the same candy.
    In addition to the beef jerky tobacco, we also have Big League Chew, which is bubble gum that looks like tobacco. yeah…no
    That Moon Pie was a double one, and you really should eat it while drinking an RC Cola.

  13. What I don't understand is how people take one bite and then react to it's favour right away, as if the favour it's your toung instantly. You can tell that they are faking it. So when he eats the Snickers and starts with the "Ooooooooh", I only ask "WHY!, WHY DO YOU DO THAT? Do you just like biting things or something? I don't understand!".

  14. There are many different accents in America, but every Youtuber chooses to imitate the southern twang. We don't all talk like that. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. On the hot peanuts, there were none hotter than the original ones Planters put out in the early 80's. They were even better when they were less than day old or right out of the machines. (My Dad worked at one of them that was producing the test batches and he used to bring home literal garbage bags filled with the individual packages after a shift for me to eat and give out as samples to classmates and teachers.)

  16. I've lived in the USA for my entire life and even I don't like peeps really. Sometimes when they're flavored they're tolerable but it's just.. way too much sugar. (Doesn't help I'm more of a savory person than a sweet person.)

  17. A lot of sweet American stuff isnโ€™t actually sugar, itโ€™s hfcs, which is bad, really bad! Comically my local supermarket has an import section with some kind of โ€œclassicโ€ Pepsi, that advertises being made with real sugar… 2 isles over, in the normal drinks section, itโ€™s all made with real sugar and a tenth of the price of the imported American ones…

  18. Even as a kid I hated peeps. Now we have em shoved in our faces for every holiday and the stores always have tons on clearance after. Why can't they go away?

    P.S. You should try Laffy Taffy. Some of my best times were sitting around eating that stuff while we all told each other the bad jokes on the insides of the wrappers. (Back when none of us had a lot of money. Nothing better than a room full of adults laughing at grade school jokes)

  19. Smoked Salmon,you should try by itself or on a bagel & cream cheese[ a.k.a lox & bagel] & smoked salmon on a bagel. ๐Ÿ˜‹

  20. On the inside of every Snapple cap, there is a random fact. Barry, you must read the fact.

    Please like this comment so he sees it. ๐Ÿ˜‚

  21. I never really think of us americans having accents (excluding southern states) until i heard you do your glorious american accent. That was amazing.

  22. MMM tasting chemicals!! Frito Hoops are the best! How is there no Jello is the UK? Moonpies do look betetr then Wagon Wheels, Canada has them.

  23. Lol peeps are horrible.๐Ÿ˜‚ Iโ€™ve never seen an Idaho spud candy bar. Those look cool! And you gotta read the Snapple fact thatโ€™s in the lid!

  24. I'm really glad he's stopped the R. Kelly thing. Personally, I don't like Peeps. Moon Pie goes great with an RC Cola, at least here in the South.

  25. The whole thing about After Eights is that they're thin and light. York Peppermint Patties taste like a gob of sugary toothpaste.

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