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– Hey, it’s Mark Wiens here
today in Bangkok, Thailand. I’m going to be making a Thai
street food recipe today, pad kra pao gai khai daw. And that is holy basil with chicken and a fried egg on the side
all over a bed of hot rice. It’s a delicious, awesome Thai dish. Stay tuned, I’m going to share the
recipe with you right now. (melodious instrumental music) We’re going to fry the eggs first so they’re all ready to go. Put my pan over. Thai eggs are actually
not just fried eggs, but they’re deep fried eggs. So you do use quite a bit of oil. You want to make sure the oil is very hot before you put in the egg. Actually you don’t want to flip the egg. So what you want to do is
just grab some of the oil, and keep like putting it over the egg. Oh yeah, that is a nice Thai style deep fried egg right there. You want to set the egg aside. We’re going to be using one
chicken breast for this recipe. Alright, the first thing you want to do is take your chicken and slice it into nice bite size pieces. Chicken aside, we’re now going to cut up the chilis and garlic. And I’m going to put, I think
about, how about four chilis, but of course, you can use as many chilis, or as little as you like. The normal Thai chilis. Garlic, again you can use as
many or as little as you like, but I am again a garlic fanatic. I think we’re going to
go with four cloves. Now I think the easiest way to cut garlic is to first slice off both
of the ends of the clove, and then give it a quick smash
with the side of your knife. And that way you can see the garlic just, the skin just peels right off. You don’t need to get it too fine. You just want to kind of bring out those oils of the garlic and chilis. So that should just about
be good right there. Final preparation, gonna
take the holy basil leaves off the stock. And you just kind of pluck the leaf, get a good bunch of holy basil, because that is the awesome
flavor of this entire dish. Alright. This time make sure
it’s a really high heat, and pour in about one
tablespoon or so of oil. Swirl that oil around
for just a few seconds. Once it’s really hot, you can
toss in the garlic and chilis. Stir fry that for just a few seconds, and then you can toss in your chicken. And you want to stir fry
that chicken continuously for about a minute or so, and then you can add the light soy sauce, spoon of oyster sauce, tiny bit of sugar, and lastly a squirt of dark soy sauce. And if it gets a little bit dry you can add a little
bit of water in there. Final step. (coughs) I like a big handful of holy basil. As soon as you add that basil you want to turn off the heat, but keep stirring. This is extremely important, because you don’t want
to overcook that basil, which would make it lose its flavor. Put that right over the rice, and then that egg that we fried before. Lay that right. The only reason I cook
is of course to eat, so it’s hot and fresh. Oh. That’s delicious. It’s spicy and garlicky, and you’ve got that
awesome peppery sensation from the holy basil. I overcooked it a little
bit unfortunately, but that’s alright. I like it a little bit runnier. And another bite. That extra creaminess from the egg yolk. Yeah. That’s where it’s at right there. That is… Alright, thank you so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed this quick recipe. And be sure to leave comment below, and also give it a quick thumbs up. And happy cooking. (melodious instrumental music)

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  1. This is the first video I've seen of yours while looking up this recipe. You've come a long way Mark, great work over these past years!

  2. Hey mark. Although ur channel is about travel, i think you should do more cooking videos. I find this simple & direct recipe benefits people. Cheers.

  3. Hello sir my name Rajendra from India I visit Bangkok before 5 years my favourite dish cow fart Kai today watch your videos very nice dish present time in Dubai Bangkok sister Sadhu potty SOI room Park I like your dishes please give me your WhatsApp number thanks

  4. Good job on the dish. However, the most original kra pao does not contain dark soy sauce. I am sure that one of famous judges on a Thai cooking show will get mad by seeing the sauce. LOL. She suggested that we have to grind a Thai yellow chili, Thai red chili, and bird eye's chili into a paste. This paste will cause the whole dish to turn darker (brown). The brown texture might be close to the dark soy sauce, but the taste is not the same. 😀

  5. Mark, Love your channel! my favorite thai dish is "thai spicy catfish' . This is the dish that got me introduced to Thai Food! Its my all time favorite. I would love to know how to make it at home. Can you make a video on how to make THAI SPICY CRISPY CATFISH??? Please Please Please!!! THANKYOU!!!!

  6. Looks fantastic Mark, i'm gonna do this dish , i will reply back to you for the results, Thank you sir, love all your shows!! Regards, Rene Sarasota, Florida , USA

  7. It took a while for me to find a source of holy basil here in the UK, but I found a supply of dried holy basil. I love this combination of ingredients, but I always add a dash of fish sauce as well. Thank you for your video upload – it was inspirational

  8. I have lived in Thailand for almost 10 years – and never cooked my own food. Mostly because of the overwhelming selection of cheap, but delicious restaurants all over this country – but also because I am a lazy. Two years ago, I moved to Isan (Northeast Thailand) and here it can be a challenge to find good central- and southern Thai food outlets. Today I saw your video and two hours later I made my very first pad krapao. It was delicious and very easy! Thank you! Please keep up the good work!

  9. Heyy Mark, thai food is very delicious, thnx for sharing this, gonna try this to cook sure, hugs u done

  10. Hi Mark, its Rene again , like i said when i make i will comment back to you. Holy Basil man , dish was fantastic and quick and easy. Everyone loved it and make over and over. Thanks for the great recipe. Regards, Rene , sarasota, Fl, USA

  11. great recepie man ! best part… the look of satisfaction when you took the first bite ! made me hungry ! that great basil is hard for me to find down here in the jungle of Guatemala, so Im growin my own. its small still s im gonna hafta use the local basil….. its different, but i tink itll beok. theleaves arent as big…. but it very aromatic ! thanks for this ! I have some great fish I caugt outin tha Carrib. sailin in here, so im lookin for tai recepies. got any suggestions ?

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    whit the fried egg on top
    saved exactly 50 THB, for a small Leo beer on a stone table. 😉😉😂🤣🍺

  14. A friend introduced me to this dish in Thailand and i couldn't believe how delicious it was, i forgot to ask him the name of the dish and couldn't find it again for years, it wasn't until i saw this video that i discovered it again, thank you Mark i now cook this myself on a regular basis.

  15. I cooked this dish with beef today but skimped on the basil. Didn't taste great! I'll try your recipe next time. Cheers

  16. One of my favourites although I have to say that personally I prefer it with minced pork instead of chicken but each to their own.

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  18. We have a lots of southern Thai restaurants in Malaysia. And of of my favourite dish after tom yum is chicken phad kra phau, stir fry chicken with basil. The smell from basil is so automatic.

    Tq for sharing the cooking video Mark.

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