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– So if I lay down a beat, will you rap on top of it? – Cardi B style, okurrr? – Okee, okurrr, okurrr? I’m Nicole Wilhelm your Bay Area host for “5 Buck Lunch.” Having lived in the
Bay Area my whole life, some would call me a unicorn. As a real native should, I’ve got all the Bay Area
spots for cheap eats. Let me take you on a magical journey from hangry to happy for five bucks or less. I am hungry for some tacos! Taco Tuesday? No, what about taco everyday. Lucky for you, we are in
the Fruitvale neighborhood of East Oakland. What I love about this neighborhood is that you can find everything
from colorful murals, to jeggings, and fresh fruit. So if you’re looking for
something for five bucks or less, the Fruitvale is where it’s at. We’re at La Casita in East Oakland. Now, before it was La Casita,
it was Taqueria Campos. And although the name has changed, the food is still the same, delicious Mexican soul food. But first, let’s see what
people are craving in Fruitvale. Are you hungry right now? – I just finished eating,
I had to spoil myself, I think food is self-care. – OK! – So I came and got myself albondiga soup and for me it’s like soul food. – What brought you to La Casita? – They got soups, they got warm items, it makes my belly happy. – Oh, what is the thing that
makes your belly the happiest? – Cheap food, today I
got the fried quesadilla and didn’t even know it
existed, hello, blessing of my life, #blessed. – I really like his
deep-fried quesadillas. – OK.
– Yeah, they’re real good. – OK, I noticed that
it wasn’t on the menu, how’d you know to order it? – Because he brought it to my attention. Basically everything on there is good. – Everything that they
make here is homemade. It’s like literally eating at home. If you got a hangover, the
menudo is off the hook, you gotta, that’ll pick you up. – OK, but they’re cash only, right? So you gotta come with some cash! – Come with some cash or, don’t come. – It feels really good
to support businesses that are supporting the community, right? If you don’t know La Casita, you’re not from the town. – You know, a little bird
told me that you can rap. Is that true? – Wrap presents, rap songs,
I rap a lot of things. – If I lay down a beat
will you rap on top of it? – Cardi B style. – OK, okurrr, okurrr, OK let’s go. – Tacos and burritos I went here today. I ate all the food, oh
man my worries go away. I ate it yo, heavenly blessed, this is what I do as I cannot contest. I’m gonna eat all the
food, five bucks or less, ’cause this is what I do, ’cause I didn’t make a mess. I’ll be here tomorrow, it ain’t sorrow, this is what I do, drop the
mic, I’ll be back tomorrow, ohh! – OK Fruitvale, obviously
you don’t play around when it comes to your tacos. Now let’s go into La Casita and see what all the fuss is about. – Thank you for coming! – So how did La Casita come about? – So my aunt took over 17 years ago, she opened this little area up here, and then she hit it off. But after so many years, she was tired. I heard she wanted to retire
and decided to jump in. So I decided to bring
local artists in here, make it a community thing. They came and put their
beautiful touch on it, not only is the food good but now it feels like some
Oakland (beep) in here. You know what I mean? – I do. – Excuse me, sorry about that. We’re still making
everything from scratch, you can taste the difference, guys. A heavy dish here is birria,
pozole, and the menudo. – Now I only have five bucks, so I don’t know if I can afford all of that. How is your carne asada taco? Is that good? – The carne asada taco’s amazing. With the handmade tortilla, you know, we’re pretty
generous with the meat. – OK yeah, for sure. – Maybe some chicharrons on the side, we make our chicarrones
here, you wanna do that? – Yes, please! Now let’s check this carne asada taco out. I don’t know about you,
but this is great value. I love to put lime on my taco and a little bit of the red salsa ’cause it has a little bit of bite. And then I like to mix
the green salsa as well, I mean why not let’s keep it saucy, right? Damn, Tito! It’s hella good. The onion gives it a little bit of bite, you can tell how well-seasoned the meat is, and he is super generous
with the amount of meat that he gives you in the tacos. You can also tell the difference
between a homemade tortilla versus one that’s store bought. And one of the ways is that it’s fluffy, it has that little bit of tan as if it was pressed to order on the pan. Mmmm. Without further ado, I’m
gonna need you to salida. Hey, it’s Nicole, your Bay
Area host for “5 Buck Lunch,” and if you have a little extra coins, I would highly recommend
getting the quesadilla fritas, it’s about six dollars and
some change, super delicious. As always, thank you for watching and don’t forget to subscribe,
comment, like, and share. Rock, paper, deuces.

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    It's a taco
    But it has sauce and cheese on top of a dough
    Not a pizza. Taco. Not a pizza.

  3. Man my taco spot down the street is dollar per taco, how you gon be in the hood and charge 3 bucks for a damn taco.

  4. Hello Nicole, You always find the best place to find cheap food can't wait to get to the Bay Area,

  5. Wonder if Nicole actually tried the chicharrones? 😂 That really is a pretty substantial taco. Great value indeed but I prefer the smaller ones so I can get a variety.

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