The Best Clothing Colors For Your Skin Tone

Has the girl at the makeup counter ever told
you that you have very “blue” undertones? Or do you have a love/hate relationship with
peach? As in, you love the color, but it doesn’t
seem to love you? What causes people to have flattering and
clashing colors for their skin tone, and how do you determine which colors are best for
you? We’ve got all the answers for you right
here. First steps To figure out your true skin tone, you need
to look more than skin-deep. While the surface color of your skin can change
with sun exposure, reactions to medication, or medical conditions like rosacea, your skin
tone is actually determined by the undertones that come through. This confusion about undertones versus surface
color is why we pick out foundation or powder that looks great in the tube but clashes horribly
once we try it on. First, make sure your skin is clear and free
of any cosmetics or lotions, which could affect the results. If you just washed your face, wait about fifteen
to thirty minutes until any redness from scrubbing fades. Make sure you use natural daylight to examine
your skin tone, as artificial lighting can change the appearance of your skin’s undertones. What hue are you? The simplest test uses a plain white piece
of paper. Hold it up to your face and compare how your
skin looks in contrast. If your skin looks yellowish, greenish, or
light brown, then you likely have a warm skin tone. If your skin looks pink, rosy, or blue, then
you have a cool skin tone. If your skin looks gray or ashen, then you’re
a neutral skin tone. If you have a skin condition like acne, rosacea,
or if you’re extremely tanned, ask a friend to use the paper test on the crease behind
your ear instead, which is less likely to be affected by these variables. Next, flip your hand palm up and take a peek
at your veins in the hand and wrist. If your veins appear to be blue or purple,
you have cool skin. If they appear green, then you have warm skin. If it’s hard to tell one way or the other
what color they favor, then you have neutral skin. How does your skin react to the sun? People who tan easily instead of burn usually
have warm skin tones. People who burn rather than tan usually have
cool skin tones. And if that weren’t enough, there are also
exceptions. For example, women with dark, ebony skin that
doesn’t burn can also have cool undertones. People who are neutral may fall into either
group with regards to tanning or burning. But neutrals will not have any obvious appearance
of olive, yellow, or ruddy skin. Warming up If you’ve got warm skin tones, you join the
likes of Claire Danes, Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian, and Beyoncé. For you, the best colors are rich reflections
of nature. On the warm side of the color wheel, you should
turn to red, peach, coral, orange, amber, gold, and yellow. You should also look great when you wear “warmer”
versions of cool colors, like olive, moss, orchid, and violet-red. Neutrals that are best for you include taupe,
cappuccino, cream, and mushroom gray. Avoid chilly colors like icy blues or jewel
tones like sapphire or amethyst because they can wash you out and make your skin look gray. Cool as a cucumber If you have cool skin, your celebrity look-a-likes
include Cate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman, Mindy Kaling, and Lupita Nyong’o. Your best colors are on the cool end of the
spectrum, and are inspired by both the depths of the ocean and the depths of winter. Bright blues, emeralds, and deep purples will
look great, along with frosty shades of lavender, ice blue, or pink. On the warm side, you can turn to ruby, bright
rosy red, or super-pale yellows. With neutrals, you can rock cool gray, bright
white, and navy. Try to avoid orange, tomato red, and strong
yellows, which can clash with your skin completely. Neutrally yours Your neutral coloring puts you in an exclusive
club with Julianne Moore, Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, and Kerry Washington. As a neutral, you can wear anything on the
color wheel — but it’s typically best to go for softened or muted versions of a color
instead of the brighter ones. Choose colors like dusty pink, jade green,
cornsilk yellow, or lagoon blue. For neutral colors, turn to off-whites, coffee,
mid-range grays, and black. Oversaturated colors like electrical blue
and magenta can overwhelm your neutral skin tone, but there’s one big exception to this:
never be afraid to wear a bright, true red — you will look amazing. Colors for all There’s a handful of colors that will look
great on any skin tone because they provide a perfect balance of warm and cool that won’t
clash with your skin. Pure white goes great with everyone’s skin. If you found that a white garment doesn’t
look quite right on you, take a look at it in natural light and make sure it doesn’t
actually have cool or warm undertones that might not have been as obvious on the rack. Light blush pink brightens any skin tone and
brings out the natural glow of your face. With a perfect mix of blue and green, teal
can be worn by anyone and is a great summer or winter shade. If you want to go dark, try eggplant purple,
which acts like a neutral and accentuates your skin without overpowering it. But no matter what your skin tone, there’s
clothing out there that complements you perfectly. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find the
best look for you! Thanks for watching! Click The List icon to subscribe to our YouTube
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100 thoughts on “The Best Clothing Colors For Your Skin Tone

  1. Eh, completely skipped people with ivory skin. Pale pale pale, but warm. I also have a light dusting of freckles. Auburn hair, brown eyes. No, not Irish, mostly German. I had my colors done years ago- I'm a Vivid Autumn- colors like persimmon, pumpkin, marigold, olive, moss, nutmeg, chili red. etc, look really good on me. Ivory looks good on me, but not white. I can wear black if I wear vivid makeup and RED lipstick. But stay away from me with pastels, and NO PINK!

    Oddly, teals look awful on me. You'd think with the red hair they'd be good, but no. They make me look really yellow, and I look like I died and haven't had the sense to lie down somewhere..

  2. I have warm skin, and yellow clothes looks horrible on me because my hair is blonde so there is too much yelloww

  3. This was awesome!! I really learned a lot and love how you guys included women of different skin shades in all categories to help the darker or lighter girl who doesn't know what her undertones are as well.

  4. I have brown skin
    My veins are blue
    But when I look at myself in the mirror, it’s like I see a red tint in my skin tone

  5. I didn't get shit out of this. I think I'm neutral, if that means having medium beige skin tone that looks red, doesn't burn and doesn't tan (probably because of the London weather) and blue/green veins. White/peach/grey/black and light colours such as light jade green and teel suit me.

  6. I'm a cool skin toned person, so I know what colours suit my skin. I have blonde hair tho which is obviously warm so therefore doesn't go with my hair. So my warm hair colour doesn't match my cool skin tone. What are your thought on that anyone?

  7. I have cool toned skin. I've always wore blue because it matches my eyes and everybody says it looks good on me so I guess I've been doing something right.

  8. I just wanted to buy a colored glasses and I wanted to see which color looks good with my skin …I'm so lost

  9. I just found out I'm neutral and I guess I can say I'm a little overwhelmed. I used to believe I was warm all this time. :/

  10. All colors suit my skin tone…who cares…u love a color just wear it….otherwise..its your loss people

  11. Bright blue. Green. Deep purple
    Frosty lavender. Ice blue. Pink
    Cool gray. Bright white . Navy
    Muted versions of color
    Dusty pink. Jade green. Consult yellow. Lagoon blue
    Off white. Coffee miss range grays and black

  12. NOOOOOOO !! why do you do a specific video, explain the definition of "skin tone/undertone" and when comes the part of what colors you should wear, (for example warm skin tone) you just talk about 20 secondes !! Are you serious ??? that what the whole purpose of the video. Give more example and counterexample . You have search for hundread of image to illustrate the video but you just use 6 to explain the "matching-color" part.
    this video is half serious

  13. Not sure if anyone ever heard of the neutral colors "black, white, red, and grey", these colors should be able to go well with most other colors in your closet if not all.

  14. Apparently I have neutral skin but I look disgusting in yellow especially mustard. I also suit emerald blue. 🤷‍♀️

  15. Can anyone plz help me
    I just don't know how to recognise my undertone
    I hv done white paper test
    My skin looks yellow
    My veins are somewhere green somewhere blue
    N my loved ones say that dark colours like black blue looks good on me

  16. This is terrible advice (I’m sure)… I’ve been told there is no neutral skin tone and the vein method isn’t reliable

  17. Bright reds are amazing, I wear my bright red hat all the time and I love my adidas red shirt! ❤️😊

  18. Here’s an easier test-
    Answer with yes or no.

    Do you get tan easily?

    Do you have skin that always looks healthy and glows?

    If you look at your wrist, do veins appear greenish?

    Do you have a natural reddish brown or coppery colored hair color?

    Do you have brown eyes?

    Do your eyes have gold flecks in them?

    Are you not very pale?

    If the answer was yes to 5+ questions, you have a warm skin tone. Dark colors or coppery colors look great on you. Anything red or orange.

    If the answer is no to 5+ questions, you have a cool skin tone. jewel-toned colors look amazing on you, bright but a bit dark like a darker olive green, purple, or royal blue. You can rock tons of colors!

    If you have less then 5 of one answer in both categories, like 3 and 4, then you are neutral. You can basically pull off almost all colors, but if you got 4 cool and 3 warm, then stick mainly to cool colors.

    I’m warm skin toned lol. Hope this helped!

  19. I hate my skin color because my skin is a bit yellowish and tannish but I have a tint of green in my undertone. I know it doesn’t make sense. When I see my very pale friend wear red it looks good, when I see my black friend wear red it looks good to. But when I wear it it makes it look awkward. I can only wear black and navy blue. I don’t even know my skin tone. I just hate the greenish yellowish undertone

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