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– Do you people really not know how to bake a sweet potato? Because it’s one of the few starches that are allowed on these diets, people always like to have
a baked sweet potato on hand but for some reason they
don’t know how to make it. Well, I’m gonna show you how. After you’ve washed your potatoes, pierce them several times with a fork. They tend to ooze out some
sweetness while they’re baking. You don’t want them to stick to your pan, so line a sheet pan with foil. Place them on top of the
foil and pop ’em in the oven at 400 degrees for 45
minutes, and that’s it. They’re perfectly cooked every time. Make a little slit in the top, simply add butter, salt and pepper, and it is the perfect side dish, snack, breakfast, lunch, or dinner. For a sweeter approach, add
brown sugar and cinnamon instead of the salt and pepper. Unlike white potatoes, you can bake sweet potatoes ahead of time, keep them in the fridge, and reheat them as necessary, that’s it. I told you baking sweet
potatoes couldn’t be easier. (bright music)

One thought on “The Best Way to Bake Sweet Potatoes | Food 101 | Well Done

  1. So funny that you did this. I have become (weirdly) addicted to sweet potatoes and have to have one every freakin' night! Yum!!!

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