55 thoughts on “The Best Way to Cook a Steak. Period.

  1. Wait I have to wait 45 plus minutes to make and seat a steak when I can do that shizz in 10 minutes and take a nap before this is done. Please. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  2. It’s not the sous vide that I dislike, it’s the guy and his attitude, something about him just ticks me off

  3. This recipe for cooking a “perfect” steak is way too unnecessarily complicated, and just wrong. Also, if you don’t want to “babysit” your steak while it’s cooking, then you are just too impatient and lazy to appreciate the whole experience of watching your creation cook to perfection. Besides, who doesn’t enjoy watching and smelling a steak cook to perfection? It’ doesn’t even take THAT long. Just take the video down lol

  4. Sous vide is for men that don’t know how to grill! plain and simple. Take that man card away for y’all mofos that don’t know how to start up charcoal 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. I could have a steak finished in the time it takes to watch this video twice. No apps or an hour in a plastic bag.

  6. Wow I'd die of starvation by then who has 45 minutes or so to wait for dinner at home my steaks are 10 minutes tops done ready stick a fork knife eat simple. Oh and less fuss more flavours then this dude and I'm a newb to cooking. Ok fish and steaks only lol so far

  7. Please stop the Sous vide nonsense. No one knows what that is. Just tell us what you want to tell us and stop trying to sound sophisticated.

  8. You didn't tell us how hot the water should be. You didn't tell us if the steak needed to be thawed. You did not tell us where to get the ap. No wonder you have 15K down votes. Please redo this video.

  9. Love the comments. Was waiting to read them. But what's really funny is these r&d chefs at chefs steps would absolutely crush 99% of the viewers on here in real cooking. These guys are sick and I've taken a lot of tips from them. Keep it up chef steps

  10. Just think! This video got over 5M views showing people how to boil a steak in a bag! I bet he took his youtube revenue and went out and bought a good steak…

  11. Another bonus with sous vide is that the meat does not need to rest before you eat it, the same applies with reverse searing as well.

  12. first off this is your opinion, second, make sure when you claim to have the best opinion that it actually is a good one

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