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– Not only is this taco
pie indulgently delicious, but there is a sweet story behind it, and I want to share it with you. This recipe came about
while we were brainstorming some ground beef recipes. I’ve been craving my old
friend Matthew’s taco pie. So I set out to recreate
this special treat. So I tried to find one. I was like, surely Matthew
did not create this taco pie. You’re probably asking why don’t you just ask
Matthew about the recipe? Well, unfortunately, my
buddy is not with us anymore. He has a tough go with cancer so he lost but his legacy
lives on in many, many ways. So this, for me, is one of them. I hope your mouths are watering and I hope you are not on a
diet if you want to make this. As I developed this
recipe during the week, I posted on my Instagram story to give you some behind
the scenes footage. Well, at the end, I paid tribute, I said, I’m sending a slice up to heaven. My boss went later,
and went in the fridge, and got some of the leftovers
from the creation of it and took a picture and sent it to me. He had not seen my Instagram story. So he says, I bet this is
what they serve in heaven. Y’all, he’s never said heaven, hell, angels, God, nothing in my presence, so the fact that he just
even those words came out of his mouth and not knowing that this is what this pie was about? We have decided to call
this Heavenly Taco Pie. The first step is just to make taco meat how you would make it at home. I like to add a little onion to the beef while it’s sauteing. The kids don’t care, they
don’t notice it in there, it adds good flavor. While my beef cooks, I’m going to go ahead and get my pie crust going. Y’all these use refrigerated
store-bought pie crust. I really think when he did it, he got the just frozen ones
that are already in the pan and we ate it from a metal pan. Not that he wasn’t capable
of doing it this way. But I’m going to use a pie plate with Kentucky blue rim, okay? Any kind of blue, if we ever
wore it, if it was ever around, he was very proud of his Kentucky blue. He played baseball for the
University of Kentucky, and he was just a huge Kentucky fan so I will pay tribute to that as well. I really might need to
go get a bourbon drink. ’cause then I can really
feel his presence. The thing about Matthew is he wanted to show everyone a good
time, all the time. You would never be
around him in a bad mood. He would always bring
everybody’s spirits up. This pie does the same thing. So when I developed
the recipe for the pie, I forgot a crucial ingredient. The green chiles, kinda makes it. Okay, the beef is sauteed with the onions, now you just add in
your taco seasoning mix and instead of water
like you would normally make your taco meat, I’m just
adding a little bit of salsa. I don’t think that was in his recipe, but this is my way to make it my own. Matthew and I met in Charleston. We were both in school. I was in culinary school and
he was in hair-styling school. So we waited tables at the same restaurant and we quickly became fast
friends among a couple others and they were our family. He’s from Kentucky, I was from Birmingham, so we didn’t have family in Charleston, but we all became family. Okay so now we’re going
to put it together. So I’ve got my crust in, refried beans. These happen to be one
of my favorite things. So when I developed this
recipe for the office and I put it out on the tasting, one of the editors gave me her feedback and she said, I mean this
in the best way possible, she said it kind of
reminds me of Taco Bell. Hey, in that case, I succeeded. Because, who doesn’t love Taco Bell? I added a little bit of cheese here just so it doesn’t get soggy
near the crust or anything. I don’t know if this was the real way. I think Mama G knows that I’ve already messed
this up a little bit. But, I think I still make you proud. Then goes the meat. It’s about a pound of ground beef. This is when, if you’re adding them, the green chiles go in. Aw yeah, and then more cheese. This is one of those things where you really only need one slice, but you can kinda eat the whole thing. And then the top crust. Just kinda tuck your edges in. Attache it to the bottom crust. And use your knuckles and kinda crimp. I really can’t see Matthew
really crimping his crust. I don’t know what he used to
do as far as this part goes. We didn’t really care at that point. We were just starving and
probably into the margaritas. Just gonna put like five
little slits in the top just so the steam can escape. This doesn’t need egg wash or anything, it gets nice and golden brown. You’re going to cook this
at 425 for 30 minutes. If it starts to get
too browned on the top, you can tent it with some foil, but it does need to go
probably the full 30 minutes. So here we go. Meet you back here with the bourbon. The pie is done and it has been cooling for about 15, 20 minutes which is perfect. You do want to let it sit for a while, so it doesn’t just fall
apart when you cut it. I share this story with you
because I want you to know that we don’t just throw
these recipes on the website. There is some thought behind it. And we start developing
based on what inspires us. So in this case, it
was Matthew’s taco pie. He would want me to have a bourbon drink with this celebration,
so that’s what I’m doing. I pour a little ginger ale in mine. Man, if I only had him
here to enjoy it with me. I know that’s right. That’s also something Matt says. It’s just like your mouth waters. I would say this is suppose
to serve eight people, good luck with that. You’re gonna need to make,
you know, a couple of them. Look, the first slice
is never the prettiest, so don’t be judging. Yes, let me get y’all
a good one to look at. Look at that flaky crust, cheesy. This is how we’d serve out
Heavenly Taco Pie at the parties. And then, you would just serve it alongside whatever toppings you want. So this is how I would do it. I love sour cream, a
little salsa, avocado, and a little crunch, that looks good. Even if you don’t have the
emotional tie to this recipe, like I do, you need to make it tonight for dinner, for your
family, for your friends. It’s one of the best things
you’ll ever put in your mouth. Oh my God. Cheers buddy.

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