The Fast Food Chicken Sandwich Taste Test

– (singing) Chicken time! (upbeat music) – I don’t eat fast food that much but if I do I just go all in. – I don’t think that I’m boujis about my chicken sandwiches though. – Well, this looks disgusting. – It looks like a slice of cheese. – I don’t know what’s up
with this whole gloss. – Mmm. This is why people eat this stuff. – It’s a little gooey, the bread. I don’t really like the bread. – I like it, I like the
quality of the chicken. – The chicken is nicely spiced. – This tastes like what chicken
is supposed to taste like. – This is the best bun by far. – Mmm, it’s a nice bun. – It’s the Kim Kardashian of buns. – Not as good. This doesn’t have any of the crispiness that this one had. – This is like plastic toy food. – This one’s more clumpy. There’s like pieces of chicken inside it. – This is like if you cooked
chicken in an Easy Bake Oven. – Ooh, this is thicker.
– This is nice. – The bread actually looks like bread so that’s like a huge improvement. – Mmm. – This has gotta be my favorite so far. – Mine too. – I think all of them are Burger King and this has been a
psychological experiment. – This chicken is sweating. – Yeah, this is definitely
maybe the thickest slice of chicken that we’ve had. – This chicken makes
me think of McDonald’s. – And you know what it’s missing? That delicious McDonald’s ketchup. – That first one is just crushing it. I’m upset that we started here. – Mm-hmm. – Jesus, look at that, that
is substantial chicken. That’s what I’m talking about. – Chick-fil-A, it’s delicious. – God damn it, why you
gotta be homophobic? (singing) I got a pickle
that makes you go like this. Heyyy. (singing) I got a pickle in
my sandwich and it’s good. – I don’t love it, again,
this would be better as spicy chicken. – By default, I guess
this is one of these. – Child, this is rubber. – This is a bad one. – Ugh. – Ugh. (gagging) – This is good, this is the best one. – It tastes like the shit that you get from the frozen section. – That is tasty. Come on, are you kidding me? – That was a chicken’s butt. – I love this. – What was the best one? – Tie.
– Definitely this one. – This one. – Jack in the Box, great work. Chick-fil-A, you know what your’e doing. – I might reconsider my
stance on Jack in the Box. – Yeah, seriously. – I would consider going there now. (bell ringing) – I feel like I can’t chew any more because I got like seven
breads in my mouth.

28 thoughts on “The Fast Food Chicken Sandwich Taste Test

  1. The real best chicken sandwich is not a regular McDonald's chicken sandwich , it's the buttermilk crispy chicken sandwich

  2. You know i actually hate that fact that they are saying the word boujee, THEY ARE USING THE WORD WRONG!!!!!

  3. Am I the only one here who thinks Chick Fil A is just okay? It's obviously not bad but it's not mind-blowing. I can go anywhere else for a chicken sandwich that's just as pleasing, if not moreso.

  4. Y’all should redo this video since there is a new chicken sandwich at Popeyes and all the fast food places are going crazy on Twitter!

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