The Flying Carpet Moroccan Souk Cuisine, H.Cherdon’s Austin Food Truck Adventures 2.14 Trucklandia

We are here at the Flying Carpet. These guys do Moroccan souk food so I’m really looking forward to trying this. The menu
actually kinda looks French which makes sense. Since Morocco had the whole French influence thing going on. So that makes sense, but I’ve
never actually had it Moroccan-style, so I’m looking forward to trying this. Yeah!
Hi guys! How ya doing?
Hi how are you? I’m doing great. I’m so excited. You guys are #14 on Truck by Truckwest. Oh, awesome! So, what kind of samples do you have today? Well, they’re listed over there.
We have a meatball sandwich and it’s Moroccan meatballs that we’ve slow poached and tomato sauce. Oh wow, sounds good.
Spices, cilantro, good olive oil
Topped with french fries and our house Afrique sauce. Wonderful! So I have a question for you. Is it sook? It’s souk. What is souk? Most times when you google souk, it’s like a market. So souk is market and souk food is market food. Moroccan’s love to eat at home. They mostly eat at home, so when they go out, it’s like a treat. When you go out to eat souk food, you can’t… They’ll be like literally a hundred vendors within a couple blocks. So did you have a second sample on here or… it’s says choice of one. Yeah, we have a hot mint Green tea. We take Chinese handrolled gunpowder green tea and we slow brew it with fresh mint and we add sugar at the end. If you look inside there underneath all of these fries you see a meatball hiding in there. You
see that guy? Alright, let’s give this thing a try. It’s kinda like a sandwich here, a very messy sandwich, but wow! Mmmm…. I know, I know. This is actually really good. The sauce is a little bit like mustard, really creamy. Delicious. Wow! I can smell this tea from here. Wow. Wow. That’s good. If you can see inside
there, without me spilling it. The mint smells super strong. And it’s warm. I take that back actually. Warm would be like ice. It’s really hot actually. I think I just burned my tongue. This is really good. I love the history.
You know me, I love the history and this is a cultural thing, like, how do I
explain. When people sit down and break bread together or they may ask if you
want to have a beer. Hey buddy, wanna come have a beer? Well, in Morocco it’s, he, you want to come have a mint tea. It’s the tradition. Flying Carpet was fantastic #14 and now
we’re off to see 46 more trailers.

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