The Merrywell – Food Truck on Discover WA

Male 1: Perth, get ready, the food truck revolution
is happening. I’ve seen it firsthand in America and it’s amazing. We’re going to have it.
They’re going to be going up and down the street, parking everywhere. Quality food by
amazing chefs. I’m going to even start my own food truck. But for now, I’m going to
show you a high tech, first generation food truck – amazing. Rob Ryan cooked in New York kitchens for 15
years, in all sorts of restaurants, in the theater district and even the two Michelin
star Park Avenue cafe. He watched the rise of the food truck culture in the US in the
1990s, and now, he is in Perth as the Head Chef of the Merrywell at Crown Perth, which
is about to launch its very own food truck. They brought you in from New York to work
here in the Merrywell Food Truck, what’s that about? Male 2: Well, I had to bring dude food to
Perth. Male 1: Dude food. Male 2: Yes, dude food. Male 1: What’s dude food? Male 2: t’s just manly food, big. We do a
1.2 kilograms caveman steak at the restaurant. We also do mac and cheese bites. We do stuff
that guys want to eat. Male 1: So you can be a quality chef, serving
amazing food. It’s not just fast, sloppy food, is it? Male 2: No, I mean, this truck’s going to
have like six things on it, so I am only concentrating on six things, making those great, making
those wonderful. Male 1: What’s going to be the Merrywell menu
on the road? Male 2: Well, our biggest selling thing in
our menu is the Wagyu mini burgers. Cheddar cheese, pickles that we do in-house, special
sauce, we won’t tell you what’s in it. We got mac and cheese bites covered with Doritos. Male 1: I love that. Male 2: HP sauce we make in-house, and barbecue
pork quesadilla. We’re calling it dude food on wheels. Male 1: On wheels. Male 2: Yes. Male 1: I’ll see you on the road. Male 2: Thank you. Male 1: The Merrywell Food Truck, how good
is it? Amazing food for dudes and dudettes. It’s going to be at the Food Truck Rumble.
I’m going to be there, and there’s going to be a lot of other trucks that are going to
be there, April the 13th. If you want to check it out, go to our website, all the info is
there. More to come on Destination WA, but first, let’s find out what’s happening on…

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