The Only Method I Trust For A Perfect Steak…

This episode is sponsored by NordVPN Hey guys, “Salut”, this is Alex, today I don’t want to do any machines, I don’t want complicate things too much… Hmm… Today I want to treat myself with a steak, with a big juicy yet simple steak. Obviously I want to cook it right and by right, I mean perfect. And I also want to share something
that I’ve learned the hard way and that basically changed everything for me. You know that I am right in my croissant series. I had problem with the commercial grade dough mixer I’ve been trying to fix/improve my croissant machine version 3. That’s why the 3D printer is printing gears. Also I’ve been working on the grocery bag this is prototype number ten, or eleven, I can’t remember exactly. Everything is taking time
to be fully completed And also even though those projects are connected to food, they’re not recipes, right? I want to experience the beauty of food again. That’s what I want in this episode. So now I am on my way to see Simon, my butcher. The thing is, I don’t eat meat that often, so whenever I do it, I want to make it right, I want to make it count. So that’s why I’m heading
to a proper butcher shop. Juicy, and delicious. Guys, I’ve got the meat, I’m heading back to “Le studio” right now A fun fact, Simon, inside the butcher shop immediately suggeted that I would get dry aged beef, because he knows me, he knows that I am a big sucker
when it comes to dry aged meats And yet I was looking for something else,
something more obvious That’s right, you get to be in the mood
to get dry aged beef This is not my mood, I’m more into a simple obvious relaxed chilled mood, OK? So this steak is a thick piece coming
from the Chateaubriand cut. You basically get the fillet,
also called “tenderloin” and that cut is divided into four parts You’ve got the tip, the end,
the chateaubriand which is the thickest part, and then you’ve got the chain,
on the side This is cut right in the center on the thickest part. It won’t be the most flavourful but it’s definitively the most tender,
and also the most expensive. But anyway, I just want to give myself a treat, this is it, let’s give it some proper attention. So this is a sous-vide machine. Now I know I said,
“this video wouldn’t be fancy” I said that? Did I really used those words? I think I did. But in my defense I don’t consider this
to be fancy anymore. Maybe a few years back, yes, but now I don’t think it’s the case anymore. I got this one for about 80 bucks. This is basically an hacked ikea box. And, otherwise the whole thing
wouldn’t make sense This contraption right there is
the absolute best way to cook a steak, hands down, period,
ever, so far. I’m not saying you can’t use a pan for
the whole process, or the oven for that matter, but I am just saying that this is easier,
it’s more consistent. And it’s foolproof. I’m a fool,
I need this. Right, I think it’s time for a little confession. I know it’s gonna sound surprising, but I gotta say it. I’ve been scared of cooking meat
basically my whole life. The idea of just cooking meat wrong. I tend to buy great quality meat so whenever I’m not cooking it perfectly I feel deep inside
that I’m wasting it. But of course it doesn’t prevent me
from actually doing it. I still love steak once and then, but there is so much guess work
in the whole process of just using the pan or the oven that makes the whole process,
at least for me, quite stressful. Cooking shouldn’t be stressful,
it should be fun, light, enjoyable. And then, I discovered:
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your subscription just 2.99 per month so you can browse securely on all your devices. And for a short time, use the code “frenchguy” to get an extra month of Nord for free. Thank you NordVPN for sponsoring this video. Back to it. To fully understand sous-vide and how it works,
and how it’s helping us We need to do this. If you’re cooking a steak using only a pan, 260°C, super hot. The inner temperature of the steak
is going up as time is passing by. I like my steak at a very precise inner temperature. Which corresponds to only one timing. So basically if I remove that steak just a second too late, My steak will be overcooked.
If I removed it just a second too early, My steak will be undercooked. Where with the sous-vide, the steak is placed inside a temperature controlled environnement, in this case water, standing at exactly 54°C As time goes by, the inner temperature of the steak just get closer and closer and closer and at some point, the inner temperature
of the steak becomes equal to the water bath No matter how long you keep
that steak in this water bath it will never, never be overcooked. You can keep it in there for one hour,
for two hours, for like forever. You can’t keep it forever. Now, as beautiful as this is,
it also implies that you know which temperature equals
which meat doneness. That’s not a big deal,
there’s plenty charts online I’ll just share a link to a good one. I’m gonna go back to taking
that steak out of its plastic bag and to searing it in a blistering hot pan. Let’s go. Whooaaaa! It looks tender! Its’ juicy! That’s the very first thing I know, it’s… i know this is one those tasting session that there is gonna be difficult
not that because the product is complicated to eat, but because I can’t find any adjective
when I’m experiencing bliss Oh, it’s extremely tender! From this day on, I will not accept
any steak below this standard. “Jacques Pépin, Jacques Pépin!” There’s still got a tad of chewiness. You can’t feel the fibers, the beefy flavour is very much on the mild side. I was looking for… Hold a second… I was looking for simplicity,
I was looking for juices, now of course I could make a sauce on the side like… Especially a stronger one to pair with this. But I think it would be too much. Oh damn! “Le morceau de beef”! Holy fuc**g sh**t! The amount of juices I get is outstanding. “Jacques Pépin, Jacques Pépin!” Hmmm. OK, OK, calm down, calm down. One last one, and then, I pour. Right, so, let’s just look back at this very episode. OK, let’s just… Consider what we’ve just learned: A brilliant, scalable, reliable cooking technique
but you’ve also learned to grow as a chef to instantly become a better cook at almost no cost. Ahh this so much more than
just a technique, this is an opportunity. It’s a key to a world of dishes Just think for a moment, juste pause. And think for a moment that you can now cook any food at any doneness, with the absolute certainty, with the outrageous confidence
that it will be perfect. Every time, every fuc**g time! It’s just the passion pushing me forward! Well, so guys, that’s it,
I hope you enjoy this episode at the end of this, just me having a steak But I’m also sharing what I’ve learned the hard way within this culinary journey of mine. And enjoy to make yours a bit less painful. You see? I’m a nice guy! I’m gonna post a few links
in the description box down below to few ressources like immersion circulator that I’ve got. It’s not sponsored by the way, but I think it’s a good one. And also a few other ressources that really really helped me getting my sous-vide game… Just a bit little higher. I you enjoyed it, then please give it a like,
give it a share, give it a spread and give it a sub. Take care, byebye! Salut!

100 thoughts on “The Only Method I Trust For A Perfect Steak…

  1. Most expensive and least flavourful cut! Why bother? Choose a piece of rib-eye, rump, sirloin, skirt or bavette: cheaper, slighty tougher (if not cooked properly) but tons more flavour than the boring fillet/tenderloin.

  2. Everything you do is just awesome, it's a learning process for you but it is for us too. You really enjoy to do those things and that nerdy approach is awesome. Love your videos man, keep on the incredible work

  3. I agree that sous-vide combined with any searing method is the best way to cook perfect steakcand also potentialy lure in some costumers…But the statement that it is the only method a cook like Alex trusts to achieve perfect results is a bit foolish… It isn't so hard to cook a steak simply on a pan… If you pay attention about temp and time there isn't really a way you could mess it up…

  4. Alex is my ideal son-in-law. Now I only need to convince my daughters that a smart, funny, witty, clever Frenchmen who likes cooking is their ideal man too.

  5. I’m married to a vegetarian, hence I never rarely cook meat at home (I do eat meat, but usually when we dine out which is often )so this is food porn for me. Gorgeous looking steak here Alex my friend, gorgeous.

  6. Alex has the power to change the way i look at food. I'm learning how to appreciate it more deeply, and not see it as simple fuel i need to survive. i love these videos, they make me so happy and peaceful inside like I'm right there in a french kitchen experimenting away haha

  7. If you pad the moisture off the steak after taking it out of the pack. Before searing it, you will get a much better sear. Also a little olive oil or avocado oil for the initial sear then adding butter, garlic, ect… Anyways loved the video.

  8. "Of course I could make a sauce . . ." Apply the American motto; A good steak needs nothing. At least where I'm from, the only steak that needs sauce is a bad one.

  9. The only cooking chanel that's actually interesting and fun to watch! This chanel made me motivated to learn to cook better

  10. I think the same about cooking meat and thats anoying if you ruin the meat its like a backstab from ur skills..

  11. Oh boy a sous vide for 80 bucks

    I'm getting a beer cooler and a thermostat, I don't have money for expensive contraptions.

  12. Great video, but next time pet the steak dry before u sear it for a harder crust and better crust flavour

  13. Merci Alex, I love your videos but most of all I love your zest for life and trying to push the envelope to making things better than they are in the present life, I graduated from the French culinary institute whom my Dean of studies was Jacques Pepin! He is and always will be a Chef whom inspired all of us that food is a beautiful part of living and in encouraged us to strive to make food for us to share with our loved ones and to enjoy it to the absolute fullest! Again Merci Alex for doing just that!

  14. Room temperature steak. Super hot pan. 1 minute each side. Pat. Heat off. Leave for 5 minutes turning after 2. Done. That contraption is WAY too much trouble.

  15. You can keep it for hour, two hours, you can keep it forever… Don't keep it forever.

    Perfect line!!!

  16. Okay what was the point of the camera being dunked in water like we are the meat…..a little unnecessary
    Also her failed to mention that with the Sous vide you also will need the vacuum sealer
    So this is NOT simple ……. this takes 0 talent/effort
    I thought this was going to teach us how to cook…clearly I was wrong

  17. After binge watching your videos I must say you've taught me so much. My husband gets a kick out of the fact that i love a man whom I've never met!

  18. this is good stuff , like some people with the right music I get very emotional when I see someone eat food they love

  19. Moisture is the enemy of getting a good sear/crust. Dry the surface of the meat and you will get a much better crust!

  20. I grew up in a hunting family so ive always helped my dad cook and BBQ many different cuts of meat as far back as i could remember, i never really thought that people would be nervous about cooking meat but now i could understand

  21. This pleases me greatly. Thanks for sharin! =w=
    I probably won't use this knowledge for another decade, but it's good to have it!

  22. My go to steak is a rib-eye; According to experts I under-cook mine (black and blue, 110F/43C) but that's the way I like it, so that's the way I cook it. Sous-vide is a pretty great way to achieve accurate results, can't fault anyone for wanting perfect results and using the tools to achieve them.

  23. I see 2 problems about this, and Alex I would love your point of view:

    1) Plastic matter leaks to food / drinks we eat and especially when heated up. Therefore I’m not sure this is healthy in any way.

    2) Any food held in the so-called temperature “danger zone” (between 40°F and 140°F) for more than two hours presents a risk of food-borne illness from the growth of pathogenic bacteria

    Am I wrong about this? 🤔

  24. I recommend patting it dry with a clean paper towel before searing. That way you will not have to boil the water off before the Maillard reaction begins. I too, am ruined by the consistency and quality of Sous Vide.

  25. you can over cook something in a sous vide machine, its just instead of the meat getting too hot, the texture changes from the long slow cooking

  26. it looks like you have alot of fun making your videos…. but then i realise its hours of video editing and sitting behind your desk more so than spontaneously making a fun video….

  27. For a 1 inch thick steak: 8 minutes on the barbeque. 2 mins then turn 90°, 2 mins then flip, 2 mins then turn 90°, 2 mins then done!

  28. The method of cooking that cooks my gas station meatballs will never be fancy. Hope that helps.

    P.S. I fucking love WaWa meatball subs.

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