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supported by The Great Courses Plus. One of the strangest
experimental results ever observed has got to be
that of the single particle double-slit experiment. It’s one of the most
stunning illustrations of how the quantum
world is very, very different from the
large-scale world of our physical intuition. In fact, it hints that the
fundamental nature of reality may not be physical at
all, at least in any sense that we’re familiar with. [THEME MUSIC] Let’s start with the familiar. In fact, let’s start
with a rubber duckie. It bobs up and down in a
pool, causing periodic ripples to spread out. Some distance away, those
waves encounter a barrier with two gaps cut in it. Most of the wave is blocked but
ripples pass through the gaps. When the new ripples start
to overlap each other, they produce this
really cool pattern. It’s called an
“interference pattern.” It’s due to the fact
that in some places, the peak of the ripple from one
gap stacks on top of the peak from the other gap, making
a more extreme peak. You also get more extreme
dips when two troughs overlap. We call this “constructive
interference.” But when the peak from one
wave encounters the trough from another, they cancel
out, leaving nothing, “destructive interference.” So we have these alternating
tracks of wavy and flat water. Any type of wave should make an
interference pattern like this, for example, water
waves and sound waves but also light waves. This double-slit
interference of light was first observed by
Thomas Young back in 1801. A source of light passing
through two very thin slits produces bands of light and
dark stripes, alternating regions of constructive and
destructive interference, on a screen. Of course, we now
know that light is a wave in the
electromagnetic field thanks to the work of James
Clerk Maxwell a century later. So it makes perfect sense
that it should produce an interference pattern, right? But wait, we also
know that light comes in indivisible
little bundles of electromagnetic
energy called “photons.” Einstein demonstrated this
through the photoelectric effect but his clue came
from the quantized energy levels of Max Planck’s
black-body radiation law. Check out our episode
on this for the details. OK. So each photon is
a little bundle of waves, waves of
electromagnetic field, and each bundle can’t be
broken into smaller parts. That means that
each photon should have to decide whether
it’s going to go through one slit or the other. It can’t split in half and then
recombine on the other side. That shouldn’t be a
problem as long as you have at least two photons. One photon passes
through each slit and then the two
photons interact with each other
on the other side and produce our
interference pattern. But here, we get to one of the
craziest experimental results in all of physics. The interference pattern
is seen even if you fire those photons one at a time. Well, let me back up a bit. The first photon is
detected as having arrived at a very particular
location on the screen. The second, third, and
fourth photons, also– they deliver their energy
at a single spot and so they appear to
be acting like particles of well-determined position. But check it out. If you keep firing
those single photons, you start to see our
interference pattern emerge once again. By the way, Veritasium actually
conducts this experiment in his excellent series on
the double-slit experiment– really worth a look. This is so bizarre. This pattern has
nothing to do with how each photon’s energy
gets spread out, as was the case
with the water wave. Each photon dumps all of its
energy at a single point. No, the pattern emerges
in the distribution of final positions of many
completely unrelated photons. How can that be? Each photon has no idea
where previous photons landed or where future
photons will land yet each photon reaches the
screen knowing which regions are the most likely
landing spots and which are the least likely. It knows the
interference pattern of a pure wave that passed
through both slits equally and it chooses its landing
point based on that. It turns out that
the photon isn’t the only thing that does this. Shoot a single electron
through a pair of slits and it’ll also appear to land
at a single spot on the screen but fire many electrons
and they slowly build up the same sort
of interference pattern. This crazy effect has even been
observed with whole atoms, even whole molecules. Buckminsterfullerene,
buckyballs, are gigantic spherical
molecules of 60 carbon atoms and have been
observed to produce double-slit interference
under special conditions. We have to conclude that each
individual photon, electron, or buckyball travels
through both slits as some sort of wave. That wave then
interacts with itself to produce an
interference pattern, except that here, the
peaks of that pattern are regions where there’s more
chance that the particle will find itself. It looks like a wave of
possible undefined positions that at some point,
for some reason, resolves itself into a
single certain position. We also saw this
waviness in position when we talked about
quantum tunneling. In fact, several quantum
properties, like momentum, energy, and spin, all
display similar waviness in different situations. We call the
mathematical description of this wave-like distribution
of properties a “wave function.” Describing the behavior
of the wave function is the heart of
quantum mechanics. But what does the wave
function represent? What are these waves
of or waves in? Let’s start with what we do know
about the double-slit result. We know where the
particle is at both ends. It starts its journey wherever
we put the laser or electron gun or buckyball trebuchet
and it releases its energy at a well-defined
spot on the screen. So the particle seems to be
more particle-like at either end but wave-like in between. That wave holds the
information about all the possible final
positions of the particle but also about its
possible positions at every stage in the journey. In fact, the wave must
map out all possible paths that the particle could take. We have this family of
could-be trajectories from start to finish and
for some reason, when the wave reaches the screen,
it chooses a final location and that implies choosing
from these possible paths. So what causes this
transition between a wave of many possibilities
and a well-defined thing at a particular spot? Within that mysterious
span between the creation and the detection, is
the particle anything more than a space
of possibility? OK. We’re adding more questions
than we’re answering. We still couldn’t figure out
what the wave is made of. In fact, the
answers aren’t known but the various interpretations
of quantum mechanics do try. Let’s talk about
the view favored by Werner Heisenberg
and Niels Bohr, who pioneered quantum mechanics
at the University of Copenhagen in the 1920s. The Copenhagen interpretation
says that the wave function doesn’t have a physical nature. Instead, it’s comprised
of pure possibility. It suggests that a
particle traversing the double-slit
experiment exists only as a wave of possible locations
that ultimately encompasses all possible paths. It’s only when the
particle is detected that a location and the path it
took to get there are decided. The Copenhagen interpretation
calls this transition from a possibility
space to a defined set of properties “the collapse
of the wave function.” It tells us that
prior to the collapse, it’s meaningless to try to
define a particle’s properties. It’s almost like the universe
is allowing all possibilities to exist simultaneously
but holds off choosing which actually
happened until the last instant. Weirder, those different
possible paths, those different
possible realities, interact with each other. That interaction
increases the chance that some paths become real and
decreases the chance of others. There’s an interaction
between possible realities that is seen in the
distribution of final positions in the interference pattern. That pattern is real, even
though the vast majority of paths involved in producing
the interference never attain reality. In the Copenhagen
interpretation, that final choice of the
experiment of the universe is fundamentally random
within the constraints of the final wave function. The theory of quantum
mechanics produces stunningly accurate
predictions of reality and it’s completely
consistent with the Copenhagen interpretation but this is
not the only interpretation that works. There are interpretations
that give the wave function a physical reality. Remember, we know
that light is a wave in the electromagnetic field and
quantum field theory tells us that all fundamental particles
are waves in their own fields. This may give us a
more physical medium that drives these
waves of possibility. And if you thought the
Copenhagen interpretation was freaky, wait until we
get to the many worlds interpretation, which we will
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of the comments from our episode on
the role of Jupiter in the formation of
our solar system. Jason Blank asks, “Wasn’t
Jupiter almost a star?” Well, the lowest mass stars
are around 7.5% the mass of the Sun, while Jupiter
is 1/10,000 of a solar mass. So it’s not really
all that close. You’d need around 75 Jupiters
piled on top of each other to ignite sustained
fusion in its core. A few of you wonder why
we think Jupiter even needs to have a rocky core. Well, the Sun and other
stars don’t need rocky cores because they are massive
enough for all of that gas to collapse by itself. There’s a minimum mass
that’s capable of doing that. It’s called “the Jeans mass.” It depends on cloud size,
temperature, rotation rate, and composition. For typical interstellar clouds,
the Jeans mass is quite a bit smaller than the Sun’s
mass but still much, much larger than Jupiter’s. For Jupiter to form
its giant ball of gas, it needed a rocky core
to start the process. That core may have dissolved
since Jupiter first formed. Juno will figure
that out by carefully mapping Jupiter’s gravitational
and magnetic fields. Bike Jake would
like me to talk more about resonant frequencies. My pleasure– a
resonant frequency is when two orbiting bodies
have orbital periods that form a neat ratio of small integers. For example, for every one
orbit of Jupiter’s moon Io, its moon Europa orbits twice
and Ganymede four times. For every eight Earth
orbits, Venus does 13. These integer ratios
maximize the amount of time that the planets spend
in closest proximity. When these bodies
are closest together, they have the strongest
gravitational pull on each other and
that pull stops them from straying out of
that resonant frequency. An Imposter complains that
the Jupiter episode was way too understandable. Don’t worry. We’ve got some
incomprehensible content coming your way real soon. [THEME MUSIC]

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    idk what it was called but it was very interesting

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  14. You say these particles know where they will land, actually I believe it is the system of the experiment as a whole that knows where the particles will land with the interference pattern. We also know massless particles do not experience time, right? Maybe the output pattern is causal to some other formation of these particles across time that we simply can't see from our reference point. The wave pattern of water molecules are caused by the forces they apply to each other, right? They do not know where to go when they pass the slit, they don't need to, they will just be there. Just like that, if these massless particles have a reference frame outside of time where they exort forces on each other and form such waves, then it would explain the double slit experiment.

    Also, on the system knowing where the particles will land: If this system through time is a line segment in space-time, then outside of our 3d-1d reference, it is known where the particles will land. This alone makes it more intuitive to think in terms of what I suggested above.

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    Strings like that can do what entangled particles can do. Cross space and time instantly.

  18. The real reason is the ether guides them. The ether has been renamed the EM field because of all the crap that Einstein mouthed off about there not being one. He discredited and defiled scientists who dared disagree with him and his superior math..
    The ether directs waves of all energy. All positive energy moves in waves, but waves is just how we see and measure it. What waves really are is vortexual fields riding on the ether. And all energy comes out of the ether in the form of positive charge EM waves of heat energy.
    Heat energy is a slow spiraling centripetal force energy. When it overwhelms the ether in a confined space its fields increase in the rotation and become centrifugal in their rotation. As a result of this they have transformed into energy that can now grab hold of the ether and instantly move away from their origin at what we miss call light speed. It's not a speed as much as it is an opening of a circuit that it vortices or spirals along (like a corkscrew) until striking an atom and exploding. Some of it turns into multiple small slow heat and some of it deflects the remainder.
    The deflected portion is still centripetal in rotational motion and will eventually strike another atom at so called light speed and then repeat until it finaly dissipates this way. The energy kicked off from these violant impacts with matter is heat energy and is thereby centrifugal in its rotational nature.
    All heat is dissipating and collapsing inward in death spirals. These death spirals are what happens to all energy as it is reabsorb back into the ether in a sort of balancing act that keeps everything in perfect cyclical harmony. Even a battery powered flash light gets its light directly from the ether in a third inner wire circuit.
    This third circuit is a somewhat new discovery but it is the proof that I needed for the ether to exist and therefore my centrifugal gravity model. (Check it out on my channel)
    What happens with a battery operated flashlight is it takes the ethers energy dirrectly out of the ether to light the bulb while simultaneously putting the batteries own stored energy into the ether in its place in order to balance the equation and the ether. The light emitted eventually returns as heat because the energy in the battery originated there and it must return there in this possitivly charged electron swap with the Ether.
    Now that you know that you can easily see it was tracks of least resistance like lightning. Easy stuff guy's all easy to understand logical and intuitive.

  19. Isn't this actually normal considering time is a dimension and thus every probability creates a separate 'branch' of 'reality'?
    Each of these branches thus contains a copy/clone of that same particle with a different probability outcome and thus different trajectories.

    The particles could thus be interfering with each other (itself) in this 'higher dimension' (time)?

  20. Nothing has broken of contradicted reality. But what such experiments tell is that reality has aspects not well covered by any theory, and not even by quantum mechanics, even though QM in a sense accept the effect of these aspects. The narrative about non-reality in this video is something made to make people confused, and confused people is easier to herd and exploit. And the nice guy standing telling this narrative, does not believe it himself.

  21. It's NOT the photons, nor the electrons, nor the particles that are responsible for creating the interference patterns.
    It's the slits! They create the space-time region through which all of the above must travel. You could toss glazed doughnuts and they will create the same pattern.

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  27. When individual photons or electrons are shot through one of 2 slits, do they all hit the detection screen or do most not get detected?

  28. 1st Law of Plane-Time
    For a 2d wave to exist in 3d space the same wave must exist separately in three equivalent 2d planes.

    2nd Law of Plane-Time
    Only two of three, 2d planes, are required to resolve a position in 3d space. In other words, only two plane are required to force a wave to become a particle in 3d space.

    3rd Law of Plane-Time
    Each of the three 2d plane has a charge, either, positive, neutral or negative.

  29. Honestly, the double slit experiment is one of the best examples of the pilot wave theory making much more logical sense than kopenhagen interpretation's magical thinking. The waves are probably in the fields in which the particles move.

  30. Why can't we just say that the small amount of gravity that the material that the double slit is made of pulls the photon/electron, and we have the smallest margin of error in our photon gun that means the particle is ever-so-slightly off from the one previously shot. Then the small amount of gravity pulls the photon left, right, up, or down to create these patterns?

  31. The double slit experiment. Is complete bullshit. This experiment and the subsequent photon theory were presented at a time long before it was possible to detect or infer the impossibility of determining the trajectory of a single photon let alone 100 or even a 1000. It is still impossible. So called photon dectors and the even more laughable technology of photon counters. Do no detect photons. The are incediblely sensitive devices that basically infer electrostatic energys most will register photons detection even in complete darkness. If photon dectors were a real possibility then photons would not still be a theory. All modern demonstrations of this experiment use a laser as a light source. This is actually a complete perversion of the experiment and does not adhere to the mathematics involved into what the photon characteristics that are the basis of the theory. Because all lasers are an amplified light source and do not exist in nature. Too many different types to descibe but on a very basic level a light that would normally radiate out is refracted and reflected into a narrow beam. So no matter how small the beam. Those same milions of photons that would have radiated out are now in lockstep and reaching the target at the speed of light. Logic goes out the window on this experiment because its quantum inanity claims this particle some how knows its destination and the destination of all other photons created by the source and chooses a slightly different trajectory within its wave. Not to mention no version of the photon theory nor any of these bullshit experiments bother with the fact what we perceive as light and color is actually reflective and sometimes refracted light based on the properties of the material. Keep in mind this is happening at or very close to the speed of light. I am a not completely educated in the processing capabilities of quantum computing and not even sure if this technology has been fully developed, but as I am aware even such incredibly processing capabilities of this technology would still well below the speed of light. The best conventional microchips process information at magnitudes slower than the speed of light, and the best of these so called detors rely on physical components that react to stimuli and then registers tha
    Electric static reaction as a so called photon. Argo completely bullshit. It is complete insanity that this has developed and become the basis of this absurdity and bastardization of science propagated as reality today. All these very intelligent idiots indoctrinated by a few radical atheists and have now completely taken control over the education institutions publications. It is amazing how gifted and intelligent individuals can so easily become so oblivious to reason and rational.
    One is not capable of critical thinking when limited by pre conceived conclusions and concepts are established as Reality, these false realities have to be included as values and variables in these brainwashed individuals perception of reality and have hindered and limited progress for the last few decades. By
    Constantly repeating theories as facts very rarely even referring to them as theories. Most doctorate students in the USA and western Europe do not even discuss the difference between theory and law's and that equations and models are the same or actually more relevant than observable and repeatable Physical data.

    And worse has been manipulated and opertunized by political institutions into huge business. Further muddling the sciences by making claims of this or that usually based on limited and sometimes manipulated data with little or no sources of additional information. These institutions every so often present such as proofs or discoveries in order to raise more money for more false research further limited by new limitations of now such claims.
    NASA is by far the most notorious for this. It is absurd and should be criminalized as fraud how much bullshit NASA releases as discoveries often with a computer generated image or composite passed of as a genuine image of such discovery. Forget the conspiracy theories of the moon or mars that's an entirely different and complex discussion . So I am limiting my reference to the deep space claims and projects. That are a matter of public record listings the artist, creator, or software program, and or source. Data used to produce images dumped into the media and journals as discoveries. Very rarely giving any more than vague and many times false accounts of how such images were designed and why they are actual proofs or discoveries of the often incredible claim.
    At CeRN the lgh has completely resigned and reconfigured its collider twice now in a decade and now in the middle of 3rd because they can't figure out why things don't add up. The claim of discovered god particle was a incredibly laughable incident. When examining the data registered and presented as so called proof. Over a year of trying and has not even been replicated to demonstrate this blib projected to the world as proof. Neglecting to mention only 1 run out of several dozen registered this blip that was close enough to what they were looking for. This discovery that took over a year. Then 3 months later (just 2 years after the last major reconstruction) started raising money and lobbying to reconfigure it again. Originally scheduled to be completed in 2020 now 2025 because those involved in the project admitted.
    There software models already could not accurately track the protons nor determine collisions parameters to any accuracy of more than (different estimate sources at cern have stated the past generation failure tracking, and false positives data detected.
    In 15% to 50% of runs. The higher rate was explained as the last rebuild was designed to allow multiple experiments to operate at the same time with silicone buffers of some sort.
    There are thoughts that the design was flawed or damaged however no plans to replace them exist at the moment. However the supposed more powerful field generators are on schedule. But they have determined thier software models can not be fixed and estimate failures as high as 99% and are reaching out to developers to help create a new program. The latest completion date is 2025.
    I can guarantee the billions wasted there a year at most before a new announcement of the software fix is announced and within another year of no progress made secretly. A clearing house at cern will happen and thier open research policy will go out the window. Over probably some security threat. Then a year or so more go the way of nasa and empliment the policy of if we can't make it fake it.

    I new string theory would run its course and fade out quickly, but honestly thought would act as a course correction. Not the insanity these ever increasing fundamental elemental particles that don't make sense or even on the theoretical level when you add the 6 other fundamental quantum elements
    Then need to add all the dark and strange matter just to kinda get close to explaining what we can see and know as real. And yet still can't include gravity in the equation. I think it's like 18 or more fundamental elements yet only 3 make up the physical universe all the other ones are just needed and made up with completely made up principles charitistic because the math got stuck .
    Please wake up people.

  32. The answer is simple. The wave effect you're getting has little to do with the particles you're shooting and more to do with the medium through which you're firing them. The first thing you need to understand is that there is no such thing as empty space. It's as of yet undetectable dark matter making the patterns by whatever you push through it.

  33. Has anyone performed the double slit experiment with a parabolic backscreen? And did this change the result? Thats my question.

  34. The waves already exist. The particle just hops along a path. Think of a human plays hopscotch. Or a checker on a board. Many ways to get there, few places to end up at.

  35. Why didn't you mention that in one such experiment they placed a detector at the slits to see what slit the photon was moving through, and the moment they flipped the detector on the interference pattern didn't appear but instead it showed a pattern with two parallel lines? In other words, when they tried to see how the photon behaved when it passed through the slit it suddenly 'acted' as a particle instead of a wave. Like the act of observing caused it to create a determined effect, instead of a random effect like an interference pattern.

  36. I think it's due to wave-particle duality of photons where the wave nature may interfere to form the light and dark bands.

  37. Particle duality is cool until they start with the particle going from wave to particle due to observation. We can only observe particles using detectors, which send out waves, causing destructive wave interference. Your kitchen table is a table whether you're looking or not.

  38. What a load of lies…trying to mislead as much as possible. .watch ' Primer fields ' the electric universe explains it without the ifs and maybe's

  39. This reminds me of old 'bullet hits' in games like Doom. There's a start and a semi-random end. But nothing actually travels between them.

  40. Imho a wave needs a medium through which it can 'travel'. That medium is the fabric making the space-time continuum. Waves cannot travel through nothing which means the fabric of the space-time continuum is everywhere. That understood, this single photon is not travelling per say. It is pulsing the fabric in the same way as if you shook a rope; I.e no part of the rope travels forward, just the pulse from one part along it. Now, waves spread out because not all the energy of the pulse is in the forward direction. So it seems perfectly possible that the fabric is pulsing through both slits and hence can interfere on the other side with its self. Put a pole in a pool then drop a singe stone behind it. You will see an interference pattern the other side of the pole. Simple really, and this slit experiment backs up that theory. 🙂

  41. I hate that many worlds theory even though I do think there may be other universes. I believe once we make a conscious choice that is the reality that unfolds of all possibilities that can unfold.

  42. Good video good video interesting so I'm guessing if I take a solar panel and put it in a cardboard box and it is had the other end covered except for two slits that the solar panel received twice as much sunlight and be energized for excellence,? Maybe maybe not let's find out shine to the Sun a cardboard box get the slit experiment on that!

  43. One thing I don't understand is… If you're shooting particles at two slits, don't they just go where you aim them – ie though one slit or the other or neither? Does the particle gun have random accuracy? Why are the particles going any direction but straight out of the barrel?

  44. You could arrive at the conclusion that photons are particles and waves. Would not the atomic fields of the atoms near the edges of the slits have an effect of deflecting protons in a similar fassion?!
    I'm not a physicist, but I did sleep in my own bed last night.



  47. What if each one of those waves land in all possible places but they land on different realities. For each positions it make's multiple timelines.

  48. It's mind-bogling that everyone at Solvay accepted the insane Copenhagen Interpretation, instead of trying to work on the challenges of non-locality.

  49. I see it this way: Particles are bits of data. Reality is the machine running this data. Reality reads particles and translates it as waves making the observable reality ready for the consumption of our senses.

  50. Thanks for clear explanation. I had to pause the video many times but I feel like I can intuitively grasp it.
    9:14 "… even though vast majority of parts producing interference pattern never attained reality"
    well to my understanding that depends on what do you define reality. If you accept mulity-universe model they all attain reality.
    Great video!

  51. They need to test this experiment on humans. this experiment should include hundreds if not thousands of people. Doing it one person at a time, you would need a room with a starting point and an ending wall, the ending wall will have two doors at it unknown to the person(a blank wall with two hidden doors) just like the two slit experiment the atoms/photons do not know what will be where they will hit. Tell the person to walk to the wall at any point of their choosing. Once they hit the wall take note of their position relevant to the wall where they stop. If the person hits a point in the wall where one of the hidden doors are, open the door and tell them to continue the walk through the newly found door till they hit the next wall. When they hit the new position on the other side of the door to the wall take note. I'd love to see what an experiment like this on humans would reveal.

  52. they should also take into account that some of the particles may come into contact with the edges, or their gravitational pull of the slits which would change their trajectory. With two slits having particles pass through at the same time with changing trajectories they will definitely have the Possibility of interactions as if waves. I'm no genius so only take consideration with my words but with two slits being their only possible way through and the edge of both slits only having only so many possibilities of changing their directions that should as I imagine having only so many ways they could end on the other side or collide and change each others direction. which could be the reason we see patterns. my point is, it may not be the atoms fault but maybe the slits that cause what we see as waves. maybe the "wave like patterns" are only an illusion caused by how the atoms pass through the slits. just like they seem to know we are observing them when we use detectors. in reality the detectors just have an effect on them.

  53. Does the interaction with the Higgs Bowsen field help to explain what's happening in this experiment . If the particle wether it be matter or energy wave interacts after passing through the slits then this would possible show as a interference pattern. What are your thoughts on this.

  54. Great pity but doesn't the double split experiment only demonstrate that even some of the worlds greatest minds are also capable of being driven down a rabbit hole.

  55. Commement to one of the guys in the comment section…if the universe is infinite as you say, does that mean that no matter where your at, you would always be in the center? Hummmmmm…

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