The Real Reason McRib Keeps Disappearing From The Menu

Get excited! McDonald’s is bringing back your favorite
boneless slab of rib-like meat on a bun — the McRib! That’s right, McDonald’s has just announced
that as early as October 7th, 2019, the McRib will be triumphantly returning to menus across
the country. If you’re feeling a little cautious with your
excitement for the McRib this year, it’s probably because the McRib is just doing what the McRib
does. By that, we mean it comes back into your life,
gets you all excited that it’s returned, and then poof — it’s gone. So why exactly does McDonald’s keep pulling
this yo-yo trick with the McRib year after year? “Nothing this good lasts forever!” The McRib last made an appearance on the McDonald’s
menu in November of 2018, and there’s really no telling how long it will hang around this
time. One thing’s for sure, though — it won’t
be forever. This might seem odd, since it’s always a hit
at McDonald’s whenever it does come back, and fans are obviously frustrated when it
goes away. What you might not notice about those McRib
promotions, however, is that they usually end with an ominous phrase: “While supplies
last.” You see, the McRib is made with pork trimmings,
and, unlike their more widely available beef counterparts, there’s not necessarily always
enough of those cuts of meat to supply an indefinite amount of McRib sandwiches. At least that’s what University of Nebraska-Lincoln
professor of animal science Roger Mandigo told the Lincoln Star Journal. He explained, “If you suddenly start to buy a large amount
of that material, the price starts to rise.” So when the price of those tender pork trimmings
starts to creep up, McDonald’s simply pulls the McRib from the menu and it’s gone once
again. Obviously, people are only going to pay so
much for a McDonald’s pork sandwich, but it’s more than the cost of ingredients that results
in the McRib fading away year after year. It’s also a clever marketing trick by McDonald’s
to create a sense of urgency in customers when it does come back. If McRibs were available 365 days a year,
people might not be as energized about buying it. There certainly wouldn’t be any need for headlines
proclaiming its return if it had never gone away. McDonald’s marketing director, Marta Fearon,
told the Associated Press as much, admitting, “Bringing it back every so often adds to the
excitement.” By bringing the McRib back for a limited time,
McDonald’s gets a nice sales spike in its financial fourth quarter. This combination of cost control and marketing
blends perfectly together to make the McRib a successful product. Which, of course, is key with anything on
the McDonald’s menu — but that wasn’t always the case with the McRib. Believe it or not, there was once a time when
the McRib didn’t get much hype at all. When the McRib made its debut way back in
1981, not that many customers were drawn to its “tangy temptation.” It hung on for a few years, but the Golden
Arches wasn’t selling enough of the sandwiches and pulled it from the menu in 1985 due to
poor sales. McDonald’s tried bringing the McRib back again
in 1989, but even then they were doubtful of how long it would last. The fast-food chain’s then-president of marketing,
David Green, told the New York Times, “It’s premature to decide if McRib will stay
on the menu or come back as a specialty item.” McDonald’s tried hyping people up for the
McRib again in the early 1990s as part of a promotion for The Flintstones movie, but
again, it was more of a cult favorite. The McRib likely has a problem attracting
a large fanbase these days because of its boneless rib slab shape and hot dog-like construction,
which doesn’t exactly jibe with today’s unprocessed, organic, all-natural foodscape. One McRib hater told The Atlantic, “It’s a conglomeration of pork waste, as far
as I can tell. I saw a dog turn his nose up at a piece of
one. That’s all I need to know.” “Thanks, fella!” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite
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  2. It's a reason that they release it in October, the scariest month of the year. Come on McDonald, McRib???? That could be one of several thousands variations of "questionable creations". Remember the Mcnuggets, and the commercial that came out years ago that said "now made with chicken meat" WTH, what was it made with before?????? Yall Mccrazy, not about to ever eat some mcmystery mcmeat and end up mcsick.

  3. And it gives you a year to forget about the severe intestinal cramping and violent explosive diarrhea that follows after eating a McRib

  4. Just had a Mcrib for lunch today. Seems like they are using a different BBQ sauce now. It's noticeably more tangy than sweet, which to me is a bad thing.

  5. People can speculate if McDonald's burgers are real beef, if the nuggets are real chicken, but I know for a FACT that ain't real rib meat. Hell nah

  6. Went to two different mcdonalds today and neither had mcrib. Even though said they had it. Cashier says it's not on the menu. Mcdonald's such bullshit.

  7. McRib is like that girl/guy that you were sleeping with but not actually dating. Comes around for a month or two, you can have it daily if you want, then just disappears for a while and nobody knows where it goes. Its greasy, sticky, and it smells bad… but you dont care because it looks good so you put it in your mouth and ignore the pickle…

  8. The McRib is one of those foods where it dont really matter if you wash your hands first, your probably going to get sick from it either way. Its like washing your dick before you stick it in a butthole.

  9. I don’t know who’s dog is spoiled so rotten that it won’t eat a piece of a McRib. But it’s damn sure not any of my three EXTREMELY spoiled dogs. They’d tear it apart. The McRib is DELICIOUS! Bunch of damn haters.

  10. If I want a bbq rib sandwich I can make it myself just gotta slow smoke some ribs until they are fall off the bone tender carefully remove the bones put the meat on a hoagie bun add pickles onions . Real ribs are so much better.

  11. Another reason is: As an ex McDonald's employee, I can admit cleaning out the bbq sauce in the grill tray is a real pain in the a** to clean out😡

  12. "..I saw a dog turn his nose up at a piece of one."
    And that dogs name?

    (I'm pretty sure thats BS btw)

  13. Can't buy too many because price goes up? It's a dollar more and (at least) an inch shorter than I remember.

  14. If you want to sandwich you can just go to the store and buy the exact same thing you’ll have to look through the freezer section probably have the best luck at Aldie’s

  15. November 2018 was the last appearance of The McRib? well not at my Mc Donald's and to make it worse I went there yesterday to try to get the obscure sandwich and they said it's not yet in there system LOL!! Talk about false advertising!!😦

  16. I havent eaten pork in almost 30 years.. however im curious… why DOES the mc rib only surface once a year? 🧐😂🤷🏽‍♀️

  17. I’m thinking of getting it but I’m not sure because people said it doesn’t taste good.Comment for ur opinion thanks!

  18. McDonald's used to be cheap food now it's way too expensive I remember you could get a cheeseburger or fry and a coke for $0.95

  19. This is just a weird tasting sandwich altogether. The words pork trimmings should be enough to tell your brain better leave this puppy alone! I think McDonald's has lost it's way,they have no interest in quality. The name of the game is tricking your brain into thinking your eating something that is familiar to you! Fill in the blank here _____.

  20. KFCs Honey BBQ Wing’s are back!!! 🤤😋
    They’ve been discontinued for a min (last time I had em was around 2008 iirc)

    Got them last night, and although not as dark colored as the old-school/classic ones…I’m happy to report the taste is the same!!

    PS: I really hate all of KFCs newer oil-based flavors (Nashville Hot, Georgia Gold, etc.)… they’re way too oily and nasty. 🛢🤮

  21. Everytime the supply of pig lips and peckers is depleted it goes off the market until the supply of lips and peckers can be replenished. There's probably a few uterus is in there too.

  22. The McRib goes off the menu cause McDonalds runs out of the meat from whatever the hell animal they use to make it and they gotta harvest more lol. It takes about a year for what ever animal they use to get big enough lol

  23. yea it gets smaller every year just like all their products and the price keeps going up just mix earth worms with it like your burgers.streach it out! hell pork is cheap farmer gets 32 cents a pound?ha mc donalds CEO taste the burgers you sell after they cool down,

  24. I heard that the 2019 version is thinner and smaller in portion size then previous years, not sure but wouldn't be surprised if it's true, LIKED

  25. The absolute best… second to none.., hangover food ever created! 2 McRibs and a large Orange fruit drink.., makes ya feel better!

  26. Trump brought the McRib back.

    McDonalds only releases the McRib nation wide when pork shoulder is at a low enough price to sell the McRib for the price people will pay: $3-4.

    The US pork herd is the largest it has been since 1943. This has led to the lowest pork prices in over a decade.

    The herd is huge because US pork farmers have been selling so much pork to China over the past 10 years that they have been increasing production for a decade.

    In response to Trump's tariffs, China has placed a 62% tariff on US pork, making it very expensive for Chinese customers and shrinking demand, leaving US pork at home.

    China's domestic pigs have been ravaged by African Swine flu over the summer killing many pigs and causing China to tap into it's Strategic Pork Reserve.

    Without the tariffs, China would be demanding more US pork now than ever before in history making prices rise in the US.

    High US pork prices mean no McRibs for Americans.

    Trump brought the McRib back.

  27. I thought it was because people are going to IN-N-OUT or going to better fast food restaurants. I prefer eating at a restaurant that has 5 star rating.

  28. the reason it keeps disappearing is because the animal used to make it has gone extinct. Think smaller, think more legs.

  29. because once in a while an unearthed disaster shelter from the 60's is discovered still full of these patties – shortly after, McRib is back

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