The Truth About Arby’s Roast Beef

Even if you have a favorite fast-food burger,
you gotta admit: You can go anywhere to get one of those. If you want something different, head to Arby’s
and pick up a few of their roast beef sandwiches. They’re delicious, but here’s the thing: they’re
weird. Here’s why. Arby’s built its business on roast beef. “Don’t worry, mom. I’m eating right.” “Don’t worry, mom. He’s eating right.” But the fast-food giant has been broadening
its horizons in recent years. In 2018, Arby’s launched a brand-new ad campaign
with this slogan: “Arby’s. We have the meats. “For sandwiches.” According to The Wall Street Journal, the
entire campaign was designed to let people know there’s much more to Arby’s than roast
beef. The campaign features a character referred
to as the “Head of Sandwiches,” whose whole schtick is wondering why people only associate
Arby’s with a certain kind of meat: “Why do people still think Arby’s is just
roast beef when we have seventeen other sandwiches?” “Maybe it was because the last time you went
to Arby’s, you were with your grandparents who ate exclusively roast beef. Every meal.” Don’t worry: Arby’s isn’t turning its back
on roast beef. The fast-food chain just wants to appeal to
a younger generation people who gravitate toward a more diverse array of sandwiches,
and not their grandparents’ roast beef. You’ve probably heard this one before. A lot of people believe the name of the fast-food
chain is a pun on “roast beef.” R.B. Arby’s. Get it? Well, you might as well forget it because
it’s simply not true. Arby’s has tweeted more than once about how
it got its name: “We came up with the name Arby’s from the
initials of our restaurant equipment company, which was Raffel Brothers. That became R-period, B-period; Arby’s.” Arby’s might be trying to clarify the misconception
now, but it was a different story back in the Eighties, when the company even used an
acronym in its advertising slogan: “You and I love America’s Roast Beef — Yes,
Sir!” In 2015, Arby’s invested in redesigning its
restaurants and kitchens. “We have our tenth remodel under construction
right now. That’s ten this year and we’re so excited
about the results.” To understand what goes into serving up America’s
favorite fast-food roast beef, Business Insider went behind-the-scenes in one of the new locations. They discovered that Arby’s roast beef is
left to marinate in, quote, “a roasting bag” and then it’s slow-roasted for approximately
four hours. After that, it’s sliced to order for each
customer, whether they’re standing at the counter or waiting at the drive-thru. Sounds unlikely, right? But this has been confirmed by numerous employees
on Reddit, including one former cook and cashier: “All of the roast beef is cooked daily and
sliced to order just moments before it gets on the sandwich and into your hands.” Now that people are paying closer attention
to the food they’re eating, fast-food chains have been under more scrutiny than ever. Take a peek at Arby’s nutritional information,
and you’ll find there’s a way to eat pretty well and lots of ways to eat not-so well. Read up on the Classic Roast Beef, and you’ll
find it’s actually not that terrible for you. It’s only three-hundred and sixty calories
and contains fourteen grams of fat, which is pretty good for a fast-food sandwich. It also contains about nine-hundred and seventy
milligrams of sodium, which ain’t great, but there are definitely way worse selections
out there. “The new Smoked Italian Porchetta. Meat gift-wrapped in meat. A present you give to yourself.” Don’t be fooled into thinking all of Arby’s
roast beef options are healthy. If you opt for something a little meatier
like the Half Pound Beef ‘n Cheddar, you’re looking at seven-hundred and forty calories,
thirty-nine grams of fat, and twenty-five hundred and thirty milligrams of sodium. To put that in perspective, the American Heart
Association claims your daily sodium intake shouldn’t be more than twenty-three hundred
milligrams, and ideally it shouldn’t be more than fifteen-hundred milligrams. Just one single Half Pound Beef ‘n Cheddar
will take you right over the limit. According to Snopes, a particularly disgusting
urban legend about Arby’s dates back to at least 1997. This long-standing rumor suggests Arby’s roast
beef is actually imitation meat, made from gels, liquids, and pastes that are later shaped
into a vaguely meat-like lump and turned into sandwich filler. “Arby’s. Still making sandwiches filled with… sliced…
something.” Fortunately for humanity, Snopes confirms
there’s absolutely no truth to this story whatsoever. “Delightful.” “Delectable.” “Delicious.” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite
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100 thoughts on “The Truth About Arby’s Roast Beef

  1. god almightly I LOVE the gyro's all 3. and the reuben. evil. the new big kahuna is evil incarnate. but dammit you guys are so expensive! but so delicious. dangit even their fish sandwich especially on the kings Hawaiian rolls! are amazing. LOVE the seasoned tarter sauce !

  2. I like their jalapeño poppers and beef and cheddars…my one son likes the cranberry sauce you get with it for his curly fries…and he too will eat the beef and cheddar…he had a roast beef kids meal there one time and I had to eat it cause he wanted the beef and cheddar…

  3. Arby's employs slight of hand with their "roast beef". It is a processed beef roll and not an actual roast. Pre-early 1970s, you could get actual sliced beef roast at Arby's. It was a mainstay for this college student whose father owned a hanging beef butcher shop. One day, I walked in to get a sandwich and noticed the oval roll sitting in the slicer. I was told that it was "roast beef". I replied, "No; that is not roast beef. Roast beast, maybe but not roast beef." I have never bought a roast beef sandwich at Arby's since.

  4. showing pink slime after all these years of everyone knowing what it is, makes me question what you just said (btw pink slime is for CHEAP hotdogs)

  5. Arby's is not bad for their processed roast beef but….i preferred Rax Roast Beef when they were in business. They sliced theirs from a whole beef shoulder.

  6. I usually get their deli sandwiches and sometimes their Gyros. I substitute a side salad for the fries. We have a bell by the door you ring if you are satisfied. It rings a lot.

  7. Maybe the liquibeef is only ordered at certain stores bc it is DEFINITELY a real thing..I seen it!

  8. They got a mean Greek gyro too! (souflaki)….except….Greeks don't eat lettuce. Try it sometime but skip the lettuce and get xtra sauce….They have managed somehow to nail the cucumber sauce, (tzatziki) and the taste of the meat. Taste just like it's straight off the lunch wagon in Athens!

  9. They at the beginning had a roast that was actually a roast hanging in a case on the counter…it would be the next one to be sliced…today it looks like compressed processed lunch meat that I am not really sure what it is…I still eat there…but I really miss the true original when the company first opened…

  10. I Always liked Arbys. I stopped going there when they started disrespecting law enforcement in their stores and the management agreed with this!!!!

  11. It's funny that they call processed meat 'deli meat'. That's bullshit. When I was a kid, real deli's sliced the meat in front of you, just like a butcher.

  12. I work at an Arby's roast beef sandwich shop and about 1994 I think. the maze comes out of the freezer in a plastic bag and a big hunk of chunks of who-knows-what. After cooking for 4 hours then it gets sliced on the slicer and it kind of looks like roast beef. It doesn't have the texture of roast beef because if you let them eat thaw out some it's just that gooey sloppy mess of chunks of who-knows-what. It tastes good but I'm pretty sure it's not very good for you to eat especially very often. This is from a former employee. And let's just not talk about the Arby Q sandwich you know the Arby's barbecue sandwich that's mixed with sometimes gloves other times bare hands squishing the maze was a ton of barbecue sauce in a big bat and then put into heating holding station LS needed and yes if they don't sell very many you have to take the label and stir up all the dry crispy Parts on top back into the rest of the mix so hopefully it will get rehydrated a little bit and not make it seem like you're eating a sandwich with toothpicks in it.

  13. Has anyone else ever realized if you look closely at the Arby’s logo it’s a dick and balls. Wake up America!

  14. That delicious roast beef?
    It comes in a bag.
    It may be beef, but it's shredded organs, snouts, entrails, lips and assholes… shaped and baked for four hours.
    Next time you order a sandwich, examine a slice of that "roast beef".

  15. It's death on a bun and it's nasty they used to play football with the roast beef in the morning before they cooked it and it slid across the floors eat up enjoy your meat

  16. NICE WORK, juxtaposing the "Head of Sandwiches" (H. Jon Benjamin) with one of his animated counterparts, Sterling Malory Archer, for whom Benjamin supplies the voice.
    A while back, I tried an Arby's gyro ("YEE-row"), and it was pretty good.

  17. What is the pirates favorite fast food place …… Arrrrby's. The real truth about the roast beef is it is delicious

  18. Don't be fooled by the great looking sandwiches full of meat, lettuce, tomatoes, and Cheese.  My first and last visit to Arby's was a shock. I ordered a roast beef sandwich and what I got was nothing like the pictures. What I was served was simply an untoasted bun with what appeared to be some under-cooked meat on it. That was it, nothing else. One small bite of the under-cooked meat and into the trash it went. If you watch carefully, you'll see some of that kind of sandwiches in this video, nothing but meat and bread. The only difference between those sandwiches and the one I got was that the ones they show have more meat. Notice in those sandwiches there is no brown edges on the meat to show it has been cooked. Arby's may have the meats, of that I'm not totally sure, but I don't believe they have the cook. My personal rating: 5 YUCKS

  19. i love arby's, i never thought the name stood for "Roast Beef", and i think the horseradish sauce is awful – made from the devil's semen.

  20. I remember when Arby’s had a REAL ROAST hanging in a rotating display case on the counter, where they cut off the beef to make the sandwiches. NOW they use a very “Processed Beef Roll”. NOTHING like it was back when they first opened. Late 60’s, Early 70’s.

  21. I actually remember the "America's Roast Beef, Yes Sir" commercials even though it's been about 30 years since they last ran. I still think that when I see one of their stores. It was a damn good slogan but it might backfire on them with Boomers and Gen Xers today, because we think of them for roast beef.

  22. Having worked for Arby's, I know all their suppliers are top line. Biggest fault, Getting the buns toasted and product out the door HOT!! Overall tho, still better than a burger joint.

  23. They use Oscar Mayer, Cagle Chicken ( in Georgia),Sara Lee turnovers, Land o Lakes butter/cheese, Sunbeam bread, etc. No mystery suppliers or no name products.

  24. Interestingly enough they can say that the "roast beef" is at least beef; however, the slices come from a glued together, mixed up beef parts, ground, and extruded into a look-a-like slice of "roast beef". It doesn't taste bad, but it definately is not a real roast beef slice. This is true no matter what they try to tell you. It's how the statement is formed it is not synthetic beef, its beef, but not an original cut of roast beef. It's all in the wording…

  25. I like Arby's. I always ask for lettuce, tomatoes and onions but I only receive the smoked brisket with BBQ sauce on the sandwich.
    Somewhat of a disappointment. Just wish Arby's would do as I request. The Curly Fries are always a hit.

  26. If you crave gyros & don't have any ethnic food places in your town Arby's gyros are a good option. Well done with fresh tomatoes, red onions & that great gyro sauce.

  27. I understand Arby's wanting to stay current and give more choices, but nothing beats the humble regular roast beef.

  28. I like my local Arby’s- it’s always clean, the staff is courteous, and service is prompt 👍👍😁

  29. Arby's we have the Meats between out legs …and for sandwiches too……. is that why they had to add "for sandwiches…. because we were thinking between the lrgs ???

  30. The roast beef so processed, it's not really beef. Buy a nice commercial slicer, bake your own Sirloin Steak and slice. This stuff is plastic at best

  31. Not enough Arby's in LA. Always wondered how they stayed in business since I was a kid. Guess they try harder in other areas.

  32. Where is “ANY” kind of meat. Spent $50.00 two days ago. We haven’t eaten Arby’s for years & now I remember why. The sandwiches they advertise look so huge and appetizing. You should be sued for false advertising! When I opened my sandwich wrapping there was no meat in site. Bun on bun was all I could see. I had to lift it open just to make sure there was meat. There was to my surprise a very small amount of roast beef in the center, one half a slice of bacon and maybe a whole teaspoon of cheese. Never again will Arby’s trick me out of my money.

  33. Arby's is the only fast food restaurant that I can eat and not feel sick as soon as I'm done eating it. It's definitely not the highest quality but for what it is , it's pretty damn good and delicious. I used to hate Arby's we a kid but my gf just got me into it after about a decade of not trying it. It instantly became my go to place replacing McDonald's.

  34. I don’t believe them, that roast beef does not taste like roast beef. It tastes like meat with additives similar to what you get when you eat bologna or hotdogs.

  35. I try it one time in 1993 just once i never eat the alian food i never eat McDonald's food i will try them again in the year 1 1 6565

  36. I worked there the roast beef is pretty freaky looking until its cooked but i still eat there thats how good the food is

  37. Arbys sells some of the best dog food money can buy, everything fast food makes me wanna throw up after one bite, but my dogs love it!

  38. The classic roast beef is 360 cal. But then slather on A bunch of sauce. Then you order fries. Then a large pop now you're well over 1000 cal. Don't get me wrong I like doing to Arby's. There's one just down the street from where I live. But I I get so frustrated going there because every time I go there I get a couple slobs that order trays full of food and then I have to stay on there and wait with my tray while they fill up their large sodas and I bought a dozen of those little white cups full of sauce.

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