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Hey guys, I’m Lee Kalpakis and
welcome to Watch Me Taco the show where we push the
definition of taco to the limit. And today, I have a couple of guests,
I have Olivia and Noah from your favorite YouTube channel, Smosh. He just, does that. (farting noise) Hi guys. Hello!
How you doing?
I’m very good. Yeah I’m excited to see
what you have us eating. Well I’m very excited because
I just picked up your brand
new card game. You guys want to tell me
a little bit about this? Yeah so this is our card game,
Master Debaters. It is exclusively sold at
Target, and we all had
a hand in making this card game. And it’s really really fun.
Yeah, it’s fun for all ages, you
debate topics with your friends
and it’s cool. I love it. I love this game. Great! So, on this show, what we do,
is we take a list of your very
most favorite foods, and we mash ém up to create the
ultimate Frankenstein taco. That has all of your favorite
flavors combined.
And in the end, you taste it and you let me
know whether or not it tacos. Ok. Are you guys ready?
Yes. Very ready. If I had known that this is
what was going to happen I
would have said foods that
maybe work together. Yeah not Gatorade. You know what, you set me up
with a challenge, and I
appreciate that, and it’s going to be alright.
Ok. So Noah, correct me if I’m
wrong, but your favorite foods are: Falafel, Pizza, and
Fried Chicken. Yeah, those are my probably
three top favorite foods. Alright, and Olivia, your top
three favorite foods: Chicken fingers, French Fries,
and Rice.
Mhmm So like, we’re talking like
a 5 year old’s diet? Hey! It’s good, it’s delicious,
it’s what I like. I mean, it’s you know,
the basics, you can’t go wrong. It’s the best.
It’s called the kid’s menu meal. So, the 3 main components of a
taco, you have your tortilla, you have your shell, you
have your filling, and then you
have your toppings, basic. I’m going to make our shell
out of flatbread, I’m going to
make a little pizza out of it. And then moving on we are going
to fry some chicken but we’re
going to bread it in falafel. Wow. And then we’re going to make
some french fries, but we’re
going to bread those in falafel
too. Aaahhh!!!!
Are you ok?
I’m like very down for it. And then we’re going to top it
with tabouli but instead of using
bulgar like a traditional tabouli we are going to use rice because
I know you love rice.
Holy crap! And then we’re going to top it
with some tahini, you guys are
going to taste it, maybe you like it
maybe you don’t. Wow. Literally sounds like
a food truck.
Yeah, out in L.A. Oh my gosh, I’m literally so
excited. I love food. Wow. Dude, instagram me being a chef.
Alright cool, do it. Chef!
I’m a chef.
And you have to be like… I’m a chef too.
Yes chef. Yes chef. Wow, can I be your sous chef?
Yes chef.
Yes chef! Ok, ready? I’m going to say a
celebrity chef and you guys are
going to tell me the first thing that comes to
your minds: Bobby flay. Like, American as f**k Ok I also like think he’s
really good looking.
You think Bobby Flay is hot? I mean he’s like not not hot. Ah, yeah, I agree. Um, question: How do you know
how to cook?
Um…. Alright, Noah, Olivia, I
present to you, your tacos.
Wow! Wow! We have a pizza shell, we have
a fried chicken falafel tender,
we have french fries, and we have a rice tabouli
on top. Dig in. Oh my gosh. You know this
actually looks really good.
So delicious. Are you still a little nervous
though? I’m so nervous because there’s
no way it’s going to taste good.
But it looks like it’s actually
some fancy food. The moment of truth.
Does it taco? Oh my god.
Feels like I’m on Iron Chef right now.
Oh my god. Why is this delicious? What if I crave this when I go home?
This is not ok. Seriously make a food truck.
Yeah? So would you say this tacos?
Yeah, this 100% tacos. Your 3 favorite foods and your
3 favorite foods together.
This is a friendship taco. Try a bite of this Lee. Like j
ust take this one.
Give me one. It’s really good. It’s actually
delicious. It’s really strange.
Like there’s no reason that
this should all work. It tacos.
Who knew that a falafel french
fry could taste so good? I call this taco: Smosh Boi 2000
Yes chef. Ok guys, cheers, to
Smosh Boi 2000
Woo! Oh, and I’m going to taco
really quick… Check out Smosh’s
Master Debaters, available at Target exclusively.
Wow, you’re good, you just
plugged that. Yeah I taco’d it. Plug, taco.
We learned that. We did. Noah, Olivia, thank you guys so
much for coming and letting me
cook for you. Letting me taco
for you. I feel like we’re best friends
now, right? We’re going to live here. Ok,
we’re going to live together?
But you need to cook for us.
Yeah, every night right? But we’re all roommates right?
I’ll sleep in the sink.
I’m glad we have it figured out, that’s great. We’ll see you guys next time on
Watch Me Taco.

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  1. Ah. This is awesome. Every week I turn just about any leftover in to either tacos or lettuce wraps so this is right in my wheelhouse. Excellent start to the series. And that ending. 😂😂

  2. I wanted to like this and tried watching past 3 minutes but couldn't do it. This is everything that's wrong with YouTube

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