Hello! And welcome to a very
special spooky FirdgeCam. If you eat food, then this
is the show for you. In the fridge today, we collected all of your
questions to ask our chefs. We also give you a bunch of food pun related Halloween costume ideas. But first… We have a very scary,
ghoulish 3-way. It’s an ultimate Halloween battle. So before we get into the recipes, I should probably explain,
we’ve all come dressed as food puns. I am a pig
in a blanket. You know?
‘Cause the sausage… I’m making poison apple garden, and it begins with
a chili chocolate ice cream. Double cream, condensed milk,
melted chocolate, and cocoa powder,
all whisked up in this bowl here. I’m kind of a big “dill”. Kind of… a big…Can we have that
written on the screen to make it a clearer of the spelling of dill.
Yeah. So, I’m making a gruesome but
beautiful bloody cheesecake. And we’re gonna start with
an amazing Oreo base. Add Oreo and butter
into a food processor, blend it up, squish it into
the bottom of the pan, and that’s your base done. “Prawn of the Dead.”
It’s a second-generation pun. And I’m making
a zombie cocktail. It starts with the sugar syrup,
which is sugar, water, and a pinch of cinnamon
in a pan over a heat. Gingerbread Man,
Deviled Eggs. Oh, look.
-I’ve got nothing. Look. Look. Look, what is it? “Piggy in the middle.” Guys, guys.
-What? I’m a “prawn sandwiched.” Wait a minute, I’ve just realized…
you’re making a cocktail. Yeah. That’s gonna take about 5 seconds, isn’t it?
– Yep, yep. I’m bringing this syrup up to the boil, then I’m gonna reduce it down
and let it simmer for a bit, and that’s my sugar syrup done. Now, does this look like a teaspoon to you?
I thought so. J, are you confident?
Like, your idea sounds amazing. The execution, I am not convinced by. The idea, I’m really confident about. The execution, I’m absolutely…
myself about. Okay.
-Yeah. Yeah. I would’ve rolled around
in what I’m thinking about. I’m putting my chocolate, creamy, chilli mixture into this bowl, and that’s gonna go into the freezer to freeze and become ice cream. Then we can move on to our apples. And now it’s time for my filling. I’m gonna get my double
cream into a bowl, whisk it up into soft peaks, then add my cream cheese
and my icing sugar. Fair point, you spent a whole
weekend making a prawn head. Yeah, I’m committed to the cause. And the recipe?
You just made a cocktail. This is great.
I’m gonna have a great time. So it’s 10 mils of white rum, 20 mils of dark rum,
and 30 mils of golden rum. Then, in with my rum, 30 mils of grapefruit rum,
30 mils of pineapple juice. 60 grams of my sugar syrup,
two tablespoons of lime. Now I need to shake it up over rice. So this is the part of my recipe where it could all start
to go really wrong. I have to chop off the top of my apples… Well done. You get that bit. Yeah. Brilliant. Well done, everyone. Then I have to spoon out
the inside of my apples very, very delicately,
just to leave the outer casings so that we can then fill
the apples later on with our chili chocolate ice
cream and some caramel. And now it’s time for
a bit of flavouring. At this point, I could use
any normal vanilla extract, but instead… James, come here. James has spent all weekend
making his own vanilla extract. If you wanna find out
how to make this, then go… he’s written it on the website,
Baking James. And now, I’m going to put in a teaspoon of James’ love
into my cheesecake. What? That’s the way he described it. Oh, that came out of nowhere…
thank you. “Dill-icious.”
‘Cause I’m a dill. Level that off, and then
it’s into a fridge to set up. What are you doing to my tail?
-Excuse me. Do you mind? Now, some of you may be wondering,
what’s the deal with…
-Hello! …all of the lemon juice and the fingers
inside the apples. Well, you know apples go brown if they’re left out for awhile; the lemon juice stops that
from happening. Simple. And now it’s time for
my bloody sauce. This bit I’m gonna make up
as I go along, ’cause I’ve never done this in my life. But I’m going with some liquid glucose,
ome corn flour, and a splash of water into a pan. And then that gets poured over ice and cherries that have been
macerated in cherry brandy. I finish it off with a splash of grenadine and then a fiery conclusion by setting
some cinnamon on fire. Hours have passed and now my chilli chocolate
ice cream is ready. I know you’re colour-blind
and everything, and I’m not mocking colour-blindness, but didn’t you put that ice
cream into a red bowl? Huh?
-I don’t know guys, I smell something fishy. What?
-What is your problem? You’re chopping ice cream with a knife, mate! That’s what the problem is! You’re not even using the bridge technique! Something’s happened to my mix. I don’t know what.
Hold your phone. It’s thickened.
I think that means something. I’m gonna take it off the heat. Why have I called
these poison apples? Hmm! Obviously you saw some
chilli chocolate ice cream, but actually, in a couple of them, which are gonna remain secret, we’re also gonna put
a couple more chilli flakes. Now for more flavours,
a splash of lemon. And now, this is like industry
standard red dye. Oh my goodness! Luminous! Right. Now what?
I think I’m gonna let it cool. Now, somebody clever would have remembered which
ones were the real poison apples and which ones were
not the poison apples. I prefer poison apple roulette. I’m gonna put these apples
back in the freezer while I start to make a caramel. Sugar, into a pan. Glucose, in-to-a-pan. Water, into the pan,
covering the sugar. And then we let it cook. Now, whilst my caramel is caramelizing, I can make…
well, it’s basically a garden. It’s something to rest my apples on. It’s just pistachios and dark chocolate
into a mini chopper. Nutty, crumby chocolaty base. To finish off my cheesecake, I’m adding my shoelaces on top. Basically to create kind of
like a brain or an intestines type of thing. Take it out of this mold and then basically dribble
over my blood. While those guys are plating up,
we thought we would introduce you
to our Chefs Table. Now, we get loads of foodie
questions from you guys and we’d like to take some time
to answer some of them properly. So, question number one! “Why do triangular pieces of a circular pizza come in a square box?” So, square boxes tessellate much better. Not necessarily at home, but in transportation, distribution. So if you’re in a pizza parlour or in a warehouse where they’re literally selling 100,000 pizza boxes to various different outlets in time, it’s much easier for them
to stack square boxes. Any good tips for a fancy
but cheap student meal? We were all students once,
and I still enjoy a cheap and cheerful meal. For me, I find it really difficult to cook one portion of something affordable, so I cook in bulk…
four or five, six portions. Whether it’s a curry, a (inaudible), a chilli con carne,
a slow-cooked beef dish, a (inaudible), a chicken tagine…
you name it. Cook it, freeze it down
at integer portions, and you’ve got ready
meals in the freezer. Microwave them whenever you want, except you know what’s
in them and they’re good. If you do want a one-person meal, carbonara is the way to go. One egg, pasta, cheese. You can put bacon,
you can put sausage in it. 10 minutes. Easy peasy. “Chicken. I have a tendency
to maximum overcook it because I don’t know when it’s done.” So many people do, especially
with chicken breast. Answers? Oh, good question. I mean, the obvious answer
is just to cut into it when you think it’s almost done, so you know exactly where it’s at. And then you can give it 5 more
minutes or 10 more minutes so you know exactly when it’s done. Like, you don’t have to be
afraid to cut into it. Yeah. And if you’re cooking chicken breast, the shape of a breast means
it’s generally fatter at one end and it goes
down to a thin bit. That’s why I always like to butterfly
chicken breast open, so I cut into it and open it out so it’s all an equal thickness and then it will cook more
evenly and you won’t overcook the thin end before
the fat end is cooked. “What are some tips to make
the best poached egg?” I think we disagree on this. Everyone has a different version, but you can poach an egg
as well as I can… it’s just very different methods.
You go first. I like a really, really deep
pan with vinegar in it. Like champagne vinegar
or white wine vinegar. Fancy.
-I like fancy. If you’ve just got it simmering, the egg will drop right
to the bottom of the pan and then the bubbles
will take it up so it will, like, form a natural tail. Just like a teardrop thing. Yeah, it’s like a proper long teardrop. That’s how I was
taught to do it, anyway. For me, very similar, but instead
of vinegar-ed water, I prefer salted water. And the eggs have to be fresh, plus I prefer them
at room temperature. So I store my eggs in the fridge… they do last longer… but then just before I poach them, I put them in a glass of warm water. So while the pan of water’s
coming up to a simmer, then to be dropped
down just to a poach, the eggs come up to room temperature. Crack them in and just leave them. This is just the first one of these. We want to keep doing them, so keep your chef-y,
foodie questions coming in. either comment down
below or tweet us. So it looks like those guys
are finishing plating up, so let’s go put our costumes back on. It’s a very warm egg.
-Enjoy. Right. Time to taste the results. Right, I’m going cheesecake first. Can you lift up my ‘stache? Oh, dear. This is weird. That was weird. So that is lemon-y. Oh! Which is not what you’d expect from something that’s red,
but that’s really good. That is good, but I think Ben’s biased because if he had a choice, he’d pick all of Barry’s recipes. Zombie. You’re about to have a fun time. Don’t get it in your beard. So that is tropical with the pineapple and the grenadine kind of flavours. Lots of grenadine in there. Cinnamon’s nice.
But it packs a punch on the rum. Yeah, he didn’t shrimp on the… On the alcohol. You got the punchline,
you forgot the rest of the joke. Ha, punchline!
No, that’s a cocktail, you idiot. Right.
-This I’m intrigued with. Well, intrigued and possibly
slightly scared, should I say.
-Oh! Look at that.
-Now look at that! That is quite good.
-Chocolate… Caramel.
-Yeah. And actually, I was slightly scared for you
doing that caramel. ‘Cause you know my reputation with caramel. Yeah, well.
-I think you’ve outdone it. I’m so glad I didn’t get the roulette one with all the chilli,
because that is perfect. It’s got the spice,
but it’s got a creamy chocolate. It’s absolutely delicious. Well, you gotta pick one, mate. Have I gotta pick a winner?
-You’ve gotta pick us a winner. Based on the Halloween theme, that’s great but it’s not enough
of a recipe for a battle. This! This is the winner,
’cause I think that’s clever and for once, you got the right
amount of chilli in that. Perfectly balanced. But you guys can decide whether you agree with me or disagree. Comment with your favourite down below… either Barry, Mike, and Jamie. We’ll also put a poll on YouTube
so you can have a vote. And based on your results, we’ll announce a winner
and more importantly, a loser who will get
a forfeit chosen by you October the 28th, 10 AM. Join us then. I don’t feel hopeful about
the outcome of that poll. I think you win on the un-prawn cocktail outfit. “Prawn of the Dead.”
This is good effort. It took a weekend.
It’s made of chicken wire. It’s stabbing me every
time you touch it. As always, you can
copy those recipes by getting the full details
on SORTEDfood, and if you like this episode,
give it a like. Also remember to subscribe, because we will make you hungry. But for now, I think that that
FridgeCam had everything. It had a sensationally seasonal
cinnamon sparkle… …it had an entire weekend
spent on this fancy dress costume for no gain… …and it had a whole ton of food puns. But if you stick with us on the After Taste over on SORTEDfood, there’s more to come as you can
join us in our Halloween party. Until next Sunday.
See you then. Happy FridgeCam. Oh,
mind your head. Nice ending. Nice ending. I like that. And I realize now, we never
actually said happy Halloween. Happy Halloween.
-Happy Halloween, everybody. Happy Halloween to you… There’s no song. There’s no song. And though you may notice we’re the only dressed
like idiots here, there are some other
fantastic food puns. Is it time for a fashion show? I think we should have
a fashion show. It’s a fashion show alright. Let’s get the catwalk out.

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