1. Here's the quiz we used guys! Just didn't go through Pottermore so you wouldn't have to sit through 10 hours of intros but it's still the legit quiz! -> http://bit.ly/SortedHPQuiz

  2. Mike's should have been a Firebolt Treacle Tart, and he could have put cinnamon and fireball whisky into it!! Jamies is the clear winner, and Barry didn't even turn up for this!

  3. Was it because of the theme and the way that you're all dressed that the bunch of you acted like unruly schoolboys thru the entire episode?

  4. That dad joke would have been funnier if there wasn't an atmosphere on the moon but I must say that was an amazing fire show. Kudos.

  5. You guys didn't use Pottermore it's the official Harry Potter website. You can find out what house your in, what your wand is, and other cool stuff

  6. Yes!! Hungarian food!!🇭🇺🇭🇺 Goulash is one of my favorite family recipes, I always love when my grandma cooks it for me:)) Thank you for doing it justice Jamie with your awesome spin on the Hungarian classic!

  7. Jaime at being the only Hufflepuff: "Am I the only nice person?" XD
    Jaime, 10 seconds later: "Let's make Dragon Stew!😈" 🙀

  8. you know none of them care about Harry Potter when A: they don't already know their house and B: used something other than Pottermore to decipher their house

  9. This was released the day before my 35th birthday and I love Harry Potter. Quite fitting ^^

    When it comes to the sorting I actually yelled BULLSHIT! and scared my neighbors dog so he started to bark at me.
    There is NO WAY that Jamie is a Hufflepuff, no way in hell! He's obviously a Slytherin.

    If you want to see a true Hufflepuff in a competition, look at Cedric Diggory! He didn't have to sabotage anything for anyone to become the dual winner! He didn't need to lit someone's recipe on fire! XD

    I'm a Hufflepuff btw on Pottermore. At least this time, sometimes I'm a Ravenclaw. I redo the the test for fun sometimes.

    That said, Jamie's dish was the best one of all 3 and I'm not going to say anything about the chocolate wands.

  10. I actually hate the way they sabotage each other. It is fine to have fun, but when it comes to cooking food, that is the time to be serious.

  11. JAMIE WAS SO GOOD OMG this was truly so impressive 10/10! not going to say anything about the chocolate wands though 🙂 and the ginger 🙂

  12. I think the faffing about is funny, but a bit too much makes these episodes less about the food and more about the lads. Guys grocery store level of cringe TV.

  13. How can Barry ever win let alone get better when he's constantly being sabotaged by fucking Jamie and Mike? And he has the patients of a monk.

  14. I'm sorry Barry should not have been included. He isn't even a fan.
    I'm surprised he didn't make something completely unrelated to harry potter actually lol.

  15. I feel like James could be Gryffindor. He seems way nice.

    I feel Jamie is a Slytherin with the other two lol.
    Ben definitely Ravenclaw. Lol.

  16. Love Jamie’s dad joke made me giggle lol

    Also for me , mike won ( lemon tart. Yes please) Glad he wasn’t too tart about being second though lol

  17. Actually That goulash made me hungry . I quess it is time to make Dinner 😘 BUT TOMORROW WE ARE EATING GOULASH ! 😁🙃

  18. I am sooo proud now that I'm Hungarian 🤤 that dish looked so good but was not a real Hungarian gulash 🤣 Jamie made it too complicated vlcompared to original gulash (gulyás)

  19. Mike as Slytherin and James as Ravenclaw… meh. James would be Griffindor all the way. Mike? Not too sure.

  20. For something that highly requested, that was the laziest most underwhelming performance I've seen on sorted. You can do better, sorted, I know you can! XD

  21. In fairness, if I were a student at Hogwarts and there was a group of friends that consisted of two ravenclaws, two slytherins, and a hufflepuff… I would be afraid of that hufflepuff.

  22. The moment jamie said "Trumpeeeet", I thought well he's on a good way to be a derp Huffelpuff, and to nobody's surprise, the test delivered

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