1. KRIEGSKAMPFKÄMPFE….. warbattlebattles….

    Youtube, please stop translating the video title into my language. If I'm watching a video where everyone talks english, I'm probably able to read the damn title…

  2. Is the Braised Horridon Rib an EU name? In my recipe list, there is no such thing. If not, points off for making up a dish when there are plenty of interesting recipe names to choose from. I also feel you are perpetuating the idea that the Delicious Chocolate Cake is a lie since you used white chocolate. White chocolate is not what I think of when you say chocolate cake and it makes me sad 🙁

    Jamie's costume, however, was great!

  3. First off, you are my favourite channel. I have a serious allergy to tomatoes. Would you have any replacement suggestions. I feel like I have exhausted all of my usual safe food choices.

  4. Love love love wow <3 Lok'tar ogar! Though I love the video cause I wish everyone would do more wow themed stuff always…..I'm kinda wondering what the Pandaria stuff is all about. By the time this video was released Legion was in full effect, making Mists of Pandaria 2 xpacs ago. Did you guys just love the pandas so much?

  5. This is the last good thing Blizzard did before the disaster that is Battle for Azeroth and everything that followed

  6. The automatic german translation of the title is "Die ultimative Welt der Kriegskampfkämpfe", which means "The ultimate world of war-fight-fights" 😂

  7. Y'know, Jamie actually looks pretty studly in those honey-gold contacts. 😀 Also… where on EARTH did that amazing Pandarian costume come from?!

  8. Almost 10 months later, did Ben ever leave the Wandering Isle? Did he discover that not only he could be a herbalist, but also a cook? Even if that meant killing some animals for meat?

    Fun fact, there was actually a guy who got to max lvl and never chose side. It took forever though and I would have died of boredom 😛

  9. Ultimate Battle ideas – Popcorn, Street Tacos, Greek food, Also the Irish Guinness battle Jamie put meat in the oven for hours! lol

  10. OMG! you guys could have made KD dressed like that and I would have watched it! This is truly one of the best EVER channels I know this was a year ago but my my GAWD I am laughing so freaking hard LOL .. BTW… FOR THE HORDE!!! <3

  11. I really wish they'd do another Foods of Warcraft video.

    Mostly, because I hope James would join, dressed as Vol'jin.

  12. Sorry Mike! You were my FAVORITE but you broke my heart. FOR THE ALLIANCE!!!! Baz is my FAVORITE now!!!! 😛

  13. Did I hear Ben at 11:04 asking Jamie if he really needed that much lard? I thought Ben was supposed to be in Bristol gaming?

  14. Ben is the best at describing every dish flavors and gives you a nice comparaison so you never feel left out. A taste test without Ben is not tasteless.

  15. interestingly enough, according to their splash screens, all of them are female rogues.
    Come to think of it, seems pretty legit

  16. Admittedly I think Jamie wins this handedly. He did the most effort on a costume, picked a dish that fit the theme best, and did a lot of work (Barry mostly chopped veg).

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