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Up first, we’re gonna show you guys how you don’t have to be wealthy to eat healthy with one of the healthiest glow-y people I know. This is nutritionist Keri Glassman. Hi. (audience applause) Today, this is about how to eat healthy and not spend a fortune, right? Exactly, because people say that to me all the time. They say, “I really wanna be healthy, but it costs so much money, and I’m spending more money, and I don’t wanna spend my whole paycheck on food,” and I always tell them, listen, I’ve been a single mom for a long time, but obviously, I’m a nutritionist. That was my priority to obviously feed my family really healthy and I absolutely have had to watch it for years. The thing is you actually can eat healthier and spend less money. You absolutely do not need to spend more if you just watch it. Okay, where are we gonna start? Okay, so we’re gonna start with oatmeal. Oatmeal packets, obviously oatmeal, high in fiber, protein, a great breakfast, but these oatmeal packets right here, not only do they add sugar, but they’re gonna be more expensive. What I like to do is, I like to buy the container like this, the oats just like this. Like I said, buy in bulk or buying whole food. Whole foods, exactly, and then I make my own little packets at the beginning of the week. I put them in little bags like this or you can put them in plastic bags, and then I add a third of a cup of oats, and then you add, here you can add cranberries… Dried, no sugar added fruit. You can add a little bit of cinnamon, which we know also has antioxidants. Little bit of nutmeg. You can do a little bit of nutmeg, but you can also change them up. Add apricots and coconut. Change it up and make your own flavors. But the best part is that you’re gonna add the hot water (audience applause) in the morning, so then you also have it ready to go. You’re prepared each morning. The best part, though, is that the box of these 10 is going to be $5.49, and making these on your own, you’ll get about 13 servings instead of 10, and that’s only gonna be $3.75. You’re gonna save money. You’re gonna eat healthier, obviously. And you’re not getting all of those additives, fake flavors, and added sugars. Exactly, and you can customize, make your own. (audience applause) The next thing here, I know a few people are gonna say, “Oh Keri, you’re a nutritionist. This is why you like this,” but I swear, I have a lot of non-veggie eating children that come to my home to play with my kids and they love these. Instead of chips, which we know obviously are highly processed, lots of added ingredients, unhealthy oils, lots of salt. Instead of that, for your crispy crunch, you can have Brussels sprout chips. The best part about… Yeah, you chop off, just chop off the end. You core them, right? Exactly, and then peel the leaves and we throw them on here, and then we’re gonna pour some oil on here. A little bit of olive oil. Little bit of olive oil there, and then a little bit of salt and pepper. I swear, when I grew up, I used to eat, my mom used to feed us steamed Brussels sprouts, and… Ooh, you added the pepper, perfect. I’m gonna put these in the oven right here, just for about… Till they’re crispy, right? They’re crispy. I’m gonna put these in the oven for about 10 minutes, so you also make them super fast. Your mom gave you steamed Brussels sprouts, let me guess, she overcooked them? Well not only that, I don’t know why, I actually ate them and they were horrible. I think I was just trying to be a good child, but they were horrible! But most people have that memory, and so they were feeding them to the dog, but if you make them like this, you’re going to get all of those amazing nutrients. Wait, I wanna get… I’m swapping spaces again, but the best part is two bags of chips is gonna be about $4.00, where two big servings of the Brussels sprouts is going to be $3.49, so you might not be saving that much money, but you’re saving money and you’re eating so much healthier. And they’re good, right? This one is ranch dip, or any kind of dip, this is usually loaded with chemicals. One of the main chemicals, one of the main ingredients here is MSG often. Instead, I just make mine at home with Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt has so much flavor, it’s tangy… And then Feta, so that adds the salty flavor. Cucumber, and then we add a little bit of dill. Chunky. We add a little scallion here, and then a little bit of onion, I’m sorry, a little bit of garlic. You can add onion too, we add the scallions already. And then you have… Now that is all whole, real foods. Protein, you’ve got antioxidants in there. Lemon? Instead of the chemicals, and so this is going to be $3.99, and this is going to be, the homemade version… You’re adding a little more garlic, that’s good. $3.99, so it’s the same amount, but the point is you’re not spending more, and you’re eating all whole, real foods as opposed to having chemicals. We’ve proven that you can absolutely save money. That looks delicious, I’m gonna dive into this now. (audience applause) Thanks for finishing that up for me, that was great.

20 thoughts on “These Healthy Food Swaps Could Actually Save You Money | Rachael Ray Show

  1. I buy a box of oatmeal for $2 for 12 packets. A container of oatmeal, plus dried fruit is going to run at least $8. Also where in the world can you buy Greek yogurt, feta cheese, cucumber, garlic and lemon for 3.99?!?! Does she assume you have all this stuff on hand? And on the Brussels sprout chips you save .50 and have to spend half an hour making them. No thanks! Some people really dont live in the real world

  2. 😂 this is too funny.
    Where do they shop? They should come shopping with me.
    Oh! All the healthy food add ons come at a hefty price. Nonsense!

  3. Yes thankyou I know it is all about health but if you are someone like me hate brussel sprouts there are other options like fresh potatoes make chips with rhoe and I am all about healthy options I rather swap bad for healthy but I would for me this is the dressing would make that creamier in a food processor.

  4. I'd rather do kale chips any day than brussels sprouts lol organic kale is 99 cents, and I don't know where she got those brussels for $3.49, because they're always $1.99 for a pound at Kroger.

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