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enjoy the show. Eliot: What’s up Spikes! Second! Part! Same
Commanders as Last time! Heeeeeeeeeere I gooo! that’s really sad that
I drew that now, no it’s not I’m a genius! sorry let’s everybody take a deep breath.
Jim: This has beein a roller coaster of emotions. Eliot: I’m going to play this Command Tower.
Bill: It’s so sad that you drew that now. Eliot: Yeah isn’t it? I’m going to play
a Mystic Remora. Jim: Oh you’re going to draw so many cards
Eliot. Eliot: Yeah I’m hoping, Pass the Turn/
Jerry: I’m gonna draw a card, oh that’s a Magic Card, thank goodness.
Eliot: Oh we’re not playing Buddy Fight? Jerry: I’m gonna play a Snow-Covered Swamp
into a Mana Crypt. All: EEEEH Hup Hup
Eliot: Trigger. Jerry: Oh god.
Eliot: Are you paying the 4? Jerry: Nah draw a card.
Eliot: I will draw a card. Jerry: Into Basalt Monolith.
Jim: Ugh Eliot: Are you paying the 4?
Jim: Did you need to do that Jerry? Eliot: Draw a card.
Jim: It’s net neutral, you couldn’t wait a turn for that?
Jerry: No.. Go. [Eliot cackles]
Bill: Go All: Bird of Paradise
Eliot: I don’t get to ask the question. Jim: Draw a card.
Jerry: I could have done more if that makes you feel better.
Bill: It doesn’t Jim: Why would that make me feel better? Polluted
Delta I’ll pass the turn. Eliot: I’ll untap I’ll put a uh, thing,
what is it? Age counter? All: Age counter.
Eliot: I’ll pay 1, I’ll draw a card. I’m going to play a Seat of the Synod and I’m
going to cast a Mox Diamond I’m going to discard this Gemstone Caverns that wasn’t
in my opening hand. Bill: That’s why.
Eliot: And then I’m going to tap these and I’m going to cast, Grim Monolith and pass
the turn. Jerry: Untap, evens I take damage, I am down
to 37. Eliot: 37 for Jeremiah Mauws (™)
Jerry: Ok, I will draw a card, so Eliot has this.
Bill: Yes. Jim: Mystic Remora.
Jerry:This Mystic Remora. Bill: Does he ever have a Mystic Remora.
Jerry: I’m gonna tap 5 mana, floating 1, we’ll just do it anyway, I’ll pay one
of the cost and I’ll pay 4 life to play my Commander!
Jim: 33 Bill: What’s his name?
Jerry: Kk’rriiiikkkk, Son of. Yaaawgma-shows up to party (???) I’m gonna play a swamp
as a land for the turn and pass the turn. Eliot: That’s pretty good,
Jim: Mhm Eliot: He’s got a 2/2 but it’s probably
gonna get bigger and it has lifelink. Bill: It also makes all his spells cost less
I think is the more reasonable thing to be worried about here.
Eliot: Naaah Bill: I’m going to play a Yavimaya Coast
and I’m going to pass the turn. Jim: End step I’m going to crack his Polluted
Delta. Eliot: 39
Jim: I’m going to get this Steam Vents Tapped and move to my untap step.
Jerry: Wow Jim: Draw a card.
Jerry: It’s basically just a Volcanic Island at that point.
Jim: Yup. You got your command towers out I’m going to play this Exotic Orchard
Eliot: That’s pretty good. Bill: Uuuuuh.
Jerry: That’s a 5 color Exotic Orchard Jim: Seeing how Eliot is probably just going
to keep paying for this Mystic Remora cause he’s got like 6 mana right now, we might
as well just give him cards because Jerry’s going to cast a bunch of spells into it anyway
So…. Jerry: Yup
Eliot?: Heeheehehehoooo Jim: I’m going to cast a Mana Vault.
Eliot: Trigger. Jim: Mhm
Bill: This is so sad Jim: I’m going to cast Arcane Signet with
1 Mana floating Eliot: Trigger
Jim: Yup. I would like to tap this for a green and cast Sylvan Library.
Eliot: Trigger Jim:Yup. And I will pass the turn.
Eliot: I will Untap! I will tick up this Mystic Remora and by golly am I ever paying 2.
Jim: See? Told you. No Point in waiting. Eliot: I’m going to draw for my turn.
Jim: Coulda done that turn 1. Eliot: Wowee, I’ve sure got a lot of things
to do, I’m going to play this Scalding tarn. Bill: Great
Eliot. And I’m going to fetch down to 39, off of my Scalding Tarn I’m going to get
this Underground Sea and I’m going to tap both of these and I’m going to cast a Mind
Stone. Bill: Oh boy
Eliot: I’m going to tap this Mind Stone and I’m going to cast this Nihil Spellbomb.
Jerry: That’s pretty good. Eliot: Jerry doesn’t like that one evidently.
Bill: That’s pretty gooood. Jerry: I’m going to untap everything except
this Basalt Monolith. Bill: Oh yeah that doesn’t untap during
your untap step. Jerry: Yup, I’m gonna roll, evens I take
damage. Nice then I’m going to draw for my turn, then I’m going to play a Snow-covered
Swamp for my turn, then I’m going to move to combat.
Eliot: That checks out. Jerry: Then I’m going to swing at Eliot
for 2 damage. [Eliot gasps]
Jerry: That’s Lifelink! Eliot: I’m going to go to 37 and Jerry will
go back up to 35 that’s what I’ve got, does everyone else got that?
Jim: 35 Bill: 35 is correct
Jerry: You have 2 K’rrik Bill: K’rrik Damage
Eliot: Oh man, what if it gets really big? Jim: It could it buffs itself.
Eliot: It like really could though. Jerry: Tap Mana Crypt to play a Mind Stone.
Eliot: Trigger. Jim: Was the necessary Jerry?
Jerry: Yup. Eliot: Are you paying the 4?
Bill: You cannnnnnot. Jerry: Wait. Nope I can’t.
Eliot: Draw a card. Bill: Pay 8 life.
Jerry: I would absolutely Eliot: Yeah that’s pretty fair.
Jerry: Then I’ll pass the turn. Bill: Alright, ummmm
Jim: I feel like you could have held up that Mind Stone.
Jerry: Nope because my hands bad! Bill: At the end of your turn Jerry, I’m
going to cast Tainted Pact. Eliot: Ooo, Trigger.
Bill: Can’t pay for it. Eliot: Draw a card.
Bill: Does anybody have a response? Jim: Nope
Eliot: No effects to Tainted Pack. Jerry: I’m going to crack my Mind Stone.
Bill: Was that really necessary? Jerry: Nope, go ahead.
Jim: Nope wasn’t necessary. Bill: Necropotence, Underground Sea, Foresight,
Llanowar Elves, Yawgmoth’s Will, Windswept Heath, Boreal Druid, Flooded Strand, Scalding
Tarn, Tarnished Citadel, Mox Diamond, Ponder, Gemstone Mine, Gemstone Cavern.
Eliot: Ooo wow Flavor. Bill: Forbidden orchard?
Eliot: Exoitc Orchard, Jim: One of the Orchards.
Bill: Demonic Consultation, Demonic Tutor, Savannah, Snow-Covered Forest, Plunge Into
Darkness, Forbidden Orchard. So it was Exotic Orchard.
Jim: This deck is going to be totally exiled and then the last couple cards are going to
be like Food Chain, Squee. Eliot: Squee
Jim & Eliot: Misthallow Griffin Jim: Eternal Scourge.
Bill: Arbor Elf, Dark Confident, Vampiric Tutor, Gilded Drake, Dovin’s Veto, I think
we know what we’re going for. Jim: He hasn’t hit any of his outlets yet.
Eliot: yeah Bill: City of Brass, Jace, Dark Ritual
Jerry: Oooo Bill: Spell Pierce, Extract, Noxious Revival,
Overgrown Tomb, Polluted Delta, Misty Rainforest, Elvish Mystic, Assassin’s Trophy.
Jerry: Is it in your hand? BIll: Marsh Flats, It’s not, Mana Drain,
Food Chain! Eliot: He didn’t hit any of his outlets!
Jim: You exiled a lot of cards to not hit BIll: It was Half.
Jim Squee or.. Bill: Actual Half.
Jim: That’s an unlikely demon.. Tainted Pact.
Bill: Then also before, this, this goes to my graveyard, and I’m just going to put
my exile pile over here because it doesn’t matter right now.
Eliot: That’s fair. Bill: Then I’m also going to, at the end
of Jerry’s turn, cast Mystical Tutor. Eliot: Interesting.
Jim: For like Summoner’s Pact? Eliot: Trigger
Bill: I’m not paying. Eliot: Yeah I’ve got no effects
Jerry: Yeah I got nothing. Bill: Cool. Ok and off of the Mystical Tutor
I’m going to find Force of Will and put that on top of my Library.
Jerry: Oooooh Eliot: Interesting.
Bill: I’m going to move to my untap step! Eliot: Yes Sir.
Bill: Untap and draw a card. I’m going to play Llanowar Wastes then I’m going to tap
these 2 for colorless and Command tower for a green and attempt to cast Food Chain.
Eliot: Trigger Mystic Remora. Bill: Yes.
Eliot: I’ll Draw a card. Bill: Very Good.
Jim: I’m going to Pass Priority on Food Chain.
Eliot: Me as well. Jerry: Me too.
Bill: I’m going to tap Bird of Paradise for a green, then exile it to Food Chain for
2 more green and cast Eternal Scourge. All: He had it in his hand.
Jim: Pass Priority on Eternal Scourge. Jerry: You got it.
Eliot: Uh yes sir no effects. Bill: Ok, I’m going to exile Eternal Scourge
to Food Chain to add 4 red and then use 3 of it with 1 red floating to cast Eternal
Scourge. All: Yup
Bill: I’m going to do that to make infinite red and infinite of every other color.
Jim: Yup Jerry: Sure
Eliot: Yup Bill: The I’m going to cast The First Sliver
and trigger Cascade. Jim: mhm
Eliot: Yes Sir. Bill: Lets see, Wall of Roots. Then I’m
going to exile The First Sliver to Food Chain and then recast it triggering Cascade.
Jim: What color are you making? Bill: Uhhhh Purple.
Eliot: PURPLE!? Bill: So what I’m going to do, I’m going
to try and propose a loop here because I can ust keep casting The First Sliver to get all
of my permanents that cost 4 or less or cast all my spells that cost 4 or less I’m going
to continue until I find Goblin Bombardment and then use Goblin Bombardment as the Sacrifice
outlet to keep casting First Sliver and deal 1 damage to you guys each loop at a time.
Eliot: It does matter when you find it, depending on how many, if any non creatures you cast
in between. Jim: True, Yeah that’s true.
Bill: I’ll just keep revealing. Eliot: Yeah you can keep.
Bill: Vexing Shusher. Eliot: Aaaah, Can you pay for that with..
Jerry: No Eliot: No
Jerry: You can’t activate it with the mana Jim: You can’t activate it with the Mana
Eliot: Ok yeah, I was like Nevermind. Concede. Bill: So what I’m going to do, since I don’t
have to cast the spells I can go until I find Silence.
Jim: Yeah that’s true. Bill: Then cast Silence then cast Goblin Bombardment.
Eliot: Sure I will uhh. Bill: So that’s what I’m going to do.
Eliot: I will accept that shortcut. Jim: I accept that loop. So Silence draws
you off of Mystic Remora Eliot: Op Sure.
Jim: So you will get to draw Eliot: Sure.
Bill: You do get to draw off of Silence. I’ll find it just to prove that I’ve got it in
the deck Jim: Sure, and then Silence on the Stack.
I’ll pass priority. Eliot: Yup, I will also pass priority.
Jerry: Pass Priority. BIll: Ok
Eliot: So then Bill: So then I will do the loop not casting
anything until I find Goblin Bombardment. Eliot: I do get to draw a card
Bill: You do get to Draw a card! Then Yeah I’m going sacrifice First Sliver to Goblin
Bombardment to deal 1 damage to K’rrik and then re-cast it. Not casting the thing I cascade
into. Jim: Dealing 1 plus infinity damage to K’rrik.
Bill: Yeah, I’m going to kill K’rrik specifically first.
Jim: Then pass the turn. Bill: and then just, then just (waves First
Sliver at everyone) Jim: Yeah, that’s it. By the way if anybody
is Curious as to how Bill just won the game, we’re going to put a Link up somewhere.
Eliot: Yes Jim: We do have a video on First Sliver Food
Chain, specifically this deck and how it works. How it works with Goblin Bombardment, how
it works with Eternal Scourge, the whole deal, you’re going to see how the combo works,
what it sounds like how to play against it and how to prevent it from happening, like
we did not do. We’re going to take a quick break and watch that video we’ll be right
back. Eliot: Yeah we’ll try again later.
Bill: Yeah so I kind of had it all that game, I’m not going to lie.
Eliot; I thought I was the one that had it all are you kidding me?! My hand at the end
there hand another land, Mana Crypt, Ad Nauseum and Gitaxian Probe.
Jim: K so my hand, if I had done that, my Mana Vault, Arcane Signet and that other nonsense
turn 1 and just played into your Mystic Remora instead of waiting. So what I did was I waited
because I was like “Well maybe he doesn’t pay it if he’s got something he actually
wants to play to advance his board” but then Jerry played into it and you drew a bunch
of cards and I’m like “well ok” and then Jerry was ahead on mana rocks and you’re
casting mana rocks and I’m like “I just need to cast mana rocks so I’m at parody
with you guys” Bill: and not behind.
Jim: And then when Jerry cast K’rrik I’m like “Well Jerry’s obviously setting up
to cast a bunch of spells on his turn, he’s going to play into this Mystic Remora more,
I might as well just get some mana rocks down so that I can hope to cast something.” I
had 1 mana available from my Arcane Signet with Kozilek’s Return, Delay and Toxic Deluge
in my hand. Bill: Oof
Eliot: Wow Jim: Which would have stopped all of this.
Eliot: Yeah Jim: But I only had 1 mana available. If I
had done it on turn 1 and just played into your Mystic Remora I would have had all 3
of these up. So I would have been able to Toxic Deluge and get rid of his Bird and the
K’rrik right, and then even if he had more stuff to do I could have Kozilek’s returned
in response to the Food Chain. Bill: yeah that would have been really good.
Jim: There was like, action, and I could have Delayed the Food Chain, it was like, the hand
to play against Food Chain. But I did not get there because I waited a turn.
Jerry: That’s why I uh, I always just go. Jim: Yeah thanks for that.
Eliot: Yeah the Classic“I think I would have won on my turn” Probably not. Not with
Ad Nauseum, like not a Main Phase Ad Nauseum. Bill: Yeah
Eliot: I don’t think I would have won. Jerry: My hand at the end of that game was
Zuran Orb, Toxic Deluge and Dance of the Dead. I was going nowhere once K’rrik came out.
Eliot: That’s Fair Bill: That’s reasonable.
Jerry: I had Yup, it was yup. Eliot: Yup
Jim: Well that’s the second half of our double header.
Eliot: 2 quick ones for the boys. Catch us, I guess not next week maybe, I don’t know,
we don’t know how we’re doing this yet, but catch us next time
Jerry: Catch us Next time. Jim: On these double ups if you want to see
these early, we do release the at the same time, so this was the second half of a game
we played last week, or earlier this week depending on how we do it. But if you want
to catch them both right away we do release them to our Patreons at the same time, Patrons
at the same time. So if you want just sign up on Patreon, $2 or above get access to these
at the same time. Bill: Yup
Jerry: Yup Eliot: All those links will be in the doobly
doo. There one on the end card, so yeah Jim: Yes
Eliot: Stick around for 3 seconds, all it takes is 3 seconds.
BIll: Yeah Click it. Eliot: And then Click it. [Voiceover] hey thanks for checking out the
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