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– What the (beep) is this? How did you do this? – Oh no. – [Narrator] Two hopeful
singles will compete for the heart and stomach
of one lucky bachelorette as they battle it out in the kitchen. – You bake a pizza, right? – [Narrator] And the bachelorette won’t know who made which dish. This is “Date My Plate.” (gentle music) – I think dating in LA is a little hard. I just feel like people are
more focused on themselves and their careers out here. In a good match for me, I would
like someone that is witty, really smart, someone
who’s quick on their feet. Can be sarcastic, ’cause I can be a sarcastic
asshole sometimes. I need my foodie buddy, my
travel buddy, my best friend. Hopefully I can find love today. – All right, are you ready to see who we’re cooking for today?
– So ready, let’s do this. – All righty. Her name is Debbie. – [Joss] What’s up Debbie? – Dayum!
– Damn, this traveling girl. Okay, okay, I see that. – She’s got elephants in her pictures? This is epitome of
every girl I date, ever. I feel like they just
hypnotize me immediately and I just fall.
– It’s like, no! That’s why you gotta keep her eyes closed. (laughing)
Then peek a little bit. – Her name is Joss. Okay, she likes rock climbing. Oh, this is her maybe fashion stuff? Modeling stuff? It looks like she lives a
way cooler life than me. This is a really cool haircut. I don’t know if could do it, I don’t have the balls to do it, but I appreciate anyone else that can. @Thegracielacey, massage
therapist, plant-based baby, a balance of dark and light. – Yeah, so I’m vegan,
so I will not eat meat, nor will I cook with it. – I can definitely appreciate
that she’s plant-based. But I’m not, I just eat
everything and anything. – Sounds super fun, she’s obviously loves to frickin’ travel. So that’s definitely good. Ooh, likey, what? Okay, we can definitely hang out now. – Maybe some cosplay, I’m
not really sure what that is. Oh, okay, cool, maybe
on the set of a movie? For X-Box? That’s cool, she’s working, I like that. I’ve got a little background, but I’m not using that against them, or for them, in any way. They’re just starting at a neutral. – Well, I’m excited. I’m really excited. I don’t know how my skills are gonna be but I’m ready to fight. – Bing, bing. (gentle music) – Hi, guys!
– Hey! – So nice to–
– Group hug. – Finally meet you.
(laughing) Can we just go on a triple date instead of picking one? – Hm.
– Down. (laughing) – Okay, so are you guys nervous? – Slightly. – Slightly, I’m just like, “What do we gotta do?”
– Yeah. – Okay, you’re gonna make
one of my favorite foods so don’t (beep) it up. (laughing) – Yeah, that’s no pressure at all. – It’s great.
– It’s gonna be pizza. – Pizza?
– Pizza? – Yes, pizza.
– Pizza. – I picked pizza because it’s a classic. Whatever you choose to put on a pizza, I think, says a lot about what you like, the character that you are. – Dear God, I’ve never
made pizza. (laughs) Absolutely terrified. Okay. – I have two aprons for you guys. I have a couple rules, you have to finish in 30 minutes. – 30 minutes?
– Oh no! Wait, are you serious? (laughs) – But you can use anything
that you see in the kitchen. Be creative, make it fun and unique. And then I will pick the best one. – [Gracie] Oh, golly. – I’m hoping that dough is ready, because I have no idea
how that’s gonna be. If anything, it might
just be a blog monster with pepperonis and just
arugula just flying everywhere. – All right.
– Awesome. – Good luck!
– Thanks, Debbie. – Well.
– Oh, dear God. – We’re gonna do this. – I did not think we were
gonna have to use the oven. If I have to bake dough, I
will freak the (beep) out. I’m not baking dough,
that’s not gonna happen. – They only have 30 minutes, so I don’t really know if
they’re gonna have time to knead and throw the
dough and roll it out. And decorate it and then
cook it, I don’t know? I’m just hoping for the best. (electronic beeping) – Go! (laughing) Did you snag that gluten-free dough? – I’ll share it with you. – [Gracie] Ooh, look at all these cheeses. – Oh, you’re just taking
all the cheese, aren’t you? – [Gracie] (beep) Yeah, I’m
taking all these cheese. We’re gonna make it a
six cheese layered pizza. – So far I’m putting
tomatoes, just fresh veggies. I’m gonna do some hot peppers, just to give it some
coloring, flavoring, maybe? – I don’t know what I’m doing. (laughs) Who puts asparagus on pizza? I don’t know, apparently me.
– You know what? – Literally, saw whatever
veggies were in the fridge and said, “(beep) it.” – How do we even make
this pizza dough mix? What you need is vinegar, oil,
sesame oil, olive oil, yes. – You bake a pizza, right? – I think, wait. You’re going for that?
– Yes. – I would totally that, instead of trying to make this. I’m totally not measuring at all. I’m literally doing this by eyeball, like consistency, and you
know if it doesn’t work out, I’ll put more flour. Oh, man, do you know if there’s pans? – Yeah, I do know where there’s pans. – Do you? – I’m not gonna tell
you where there’s pans. – You’re not gonna tell me? – (laughing) No!
– Boop! – Food competition. Hey, this is my side, what are you doing?? – I just need a pan! Should we even attempt this? I don’t think that’s–
– I’m trying so hard not to cut a finger off. – I think I’m maybe abandoning
this pizza dough right now. Wait!
– God. That means this has to bake
before I gotta do this. I’m not gonna have enough time. (electronic beep) – What the (beep) was that? (laughing) What’s beeping? I thought that we were about
to burn this place down when the beeping went off, honestly. So I’m glad nothing was on fire. I’m not (beep) with it. – Off.
(electronic beeps) – Wait, did you turn the oven off? – I turned, did you need it on? Wait.
– Of course we need it on. – You know what, you’re right,
I’m messing up right now. I’m totally messing up. I’m abandoning this right now. – Why does the clock say it’s 3:00 a.m.? This is not helpful at all. – We need, thank you. – Hey, hey, hey! I snatched that first for a reason, yo. – Sharing is caring, okay? – School yard rules also
entail I can fight you. Something like that, right? Something like that, there we go. I’m doing all different types of cheeses. – [Joss] You got the
cheese thing, oh my God. I totally forgot about cheese. – Dammit. (laughs) – [Joss] Make a dipping sauce at the end? – I cut myself. – No!
– It’s very minor. But I just don’t want to give
her a bloody pizza. (laughs) It’s like I looked down and
I saw that I was bleeding. And I was like, just keep going. Genius. I’m not telling you what I’m
putting in my pan right now because I know you’re just gonna copy me. Do you peel onions? Is that a thing?
– It’s a thing, it’s a thing. – But do you have to peel
onions in order to cook them? – Chopping it up. – It takes me four hours to cook anything. – Oh, wait, this has to cook in the oven! – Okay, I’m just going in.
– Slicing. Oh my gosh! – Why is the oven flashing? As long as it’s hot, it’s
hot, I don’t give a (beep). – I’m getting some salami. Ooh, arugula. – How the (beep) did you put all of that– – I’m just trying–
– On your pizza. To get creative here, okay. Don’t be hating on my pizza. Didn’t say anything about yours. I added some paprika
and some cayenne pepper. Sprinkling a little oregano and tossing this thing in the oven. All right, hot oven. – Dear God, pig flesh. – I’m gonna get a little spontaneous. Hold on, we get 10 minutes? I’m gonna do a little dessert one. – You’re doing dessert? – Well, I mean, I’m gonna try. So, in order to make up for the pizza, because I don’t know if
this is gonna cook in time? I was like, bingo, let’s do a fruit pizza. Instead of pizza sauce,
I’m gonna use honey and then cut some fruit
and let that get toasty. – Nothing is melting! – I think I just heard someone
say, “Nothing is melting.” – Nothing is melting, what is happening? – But I like my cheese melted on pizza. – Wait, so are you gonna put
that on top of the pizza? I’m just like, what is she? – This has gotten smaller and smaller. – I have too many ingredients.
– Oh! Seven minutes. – Oh crap, cool. I have no idea if this is gonna work. I have no idea, let’s
just put some blueberries. Bam, I dunno. Pineapple, what are you
gonna do with a pineapple? Yo.
– None of ya business! All right, well, that’s a
(beep) weird combination. Whatever, it’s fine. Lime, pineapple, carrots, spinach. I don’t what what the (beep) that is, but. – Ay, ay. – A for effort.
– Why are you judging, okay? (laughing)
Okay, all right? – [Gracie] Don’t cut
yourself, don’t cut yourself, don’t cut yourself, don’t cut
yourself, don’t cut yourself. – Three minutes left.
– Dear Lord. – What else am I gonna do? See the fruit thing, maybe I can put it on a layer of arugula. I feel like if it does fall,
then it will be a salad. – I hope that she doesn’t think that there’s anything under
this, ’cause there’s not. – Oh, wait, I forgot, I have avocado! – Ow, son of a (beep)! That’s (beep) hot! One minute. – Oh my god.
– 47 seconds. – [Joss] Okay, okay, let’s get this out. Let’s get this out. – That’s a steady hand. This isn’t even close to being warm. – You know what? – Oh, my word. – [Joss] Oh my god, less than 30 seconds! – This is fucking hot.
– Less than 30 seconds! – [Off Camera Woman] 10 seconds. – Oh my god, you had flowers this whole time?
– You (beep) ho! This is exactly what I was going for! – I went to take a peek to
see what her dishes look like. And then I saw some flowers. I was just like, “What?” – I tried to keep them hidden on my side so then she wouldn’t grab them. And then when she opened them I was like, “(beep) No, dude!” And I grabbed a handful of them. I was waiting til the last minute because I did not want her
to see the edible flowers. – Hey, if I didn’t see it.
(electronic beeps) – [Off Camera Woman]
Done, done, hands off. – What the (beep) is this? How did you do this? Whatever, fine, I have
the utmost confidence in this not warm–
– That, I love. – Unmelted pizza cheese. My fruit bowl in a what, creme brulee cup? Dear Lord, that was nothing, but I knew I needed to do something and if I made it look pretty, hey, maybe I get points for that? (laughs) – I’m like, do I have this in the bag? I don’t know. Is this gonna taste good? I have no idea. But I was like, if
anything I got two things so if she likes this one or
not, there’s the other one. (gentle music) – I’m hungry, I want pizza. I’m a little bit nervous, though, ’cause I’m a germaphobe and I
hope they washed their hands. I’m ready. – Why is mine first?
(laughing) That’s not fair! – Oh, okay. – Oh, okay, look at that! (laughing) – It kinda looks like an
adult version Lunchables. Pepperonis, spinach, I think,
mushrooms, onions, carrots? It’s just like the entire contents of the refrigerator just
like, onto the pizza. (laughs) – Yep. (laughing) – Um, actually not that bad. – That was a surprise, wow. – Boom! – Tastes like a regular
pizza, like a supreme pizza. – Yes, yes. – I just don’t know about these. Should I take a bite? – Do it! – Oh no. (laughing) Oh no. (laughs) Yay! Oh, oh, I think I know who made this one. – She thinks that yours is mine. – Oh, wow. – This one I think is a
little bit more like… I’d see at a vegan restaurant. And then this, I don’t
really know what this is. Maybe like a dessert pizza? (laughing) I wish the cheese was melted. (laughing) Wait, did they even bake it? I feel like it’s just raw ingredients just thrown onto the pizza. – Yeah, I don’t.
(laughing) – Oh, but she’s plant-based. – Oh, ew.
– Oh! (pensive music) – Oh, not that bad. Kinda just like a salad pizza. I don’t think there’s
anything wrong with it, I like raw vegetables. – This was experimental. – I know, dude! – I’m going in, dessert pizza. – My God, dude, I’m nervous for you. – I like it. Oh man, I’m boring, I should
say I hate something, right? I do like both of these pizzas, but I don’t know who I’m gonna pick. It’s gonna be a really tough decision. – [All] Hey! – Back again!
(laughing) Back again. Okay, so. I tried both of your dishes. – [Gracie] We saw. – They were kind of like adult Lunchables. But I don’t hate it! – Burn.
– I don’t hate it! – Burn.
– Hard burn. (laughing)
– It’s nostalgic! – Just thinking about–
– One was more fresh and raw and was more of like a
salad on top of pizza. And the other was kinda just like, I’m just gonna put whatever
I see in the kitchen onto this pizza and hope for the best. But, if I had to choose one. I think I’d go for the…
(dramatic music) Supreme. The one with everything on it, with the carrots and the
pineapple and all that. – I had the carrots.
– You did? – It was the carrots!
– Oh, my God! – It put it over the edge. (laughs) – I thought it was yours. – ‘Cause the other one seemed more fresh and I know you’re plant-based. – I know, I thought the dessert pizza was gonna push you–
– That was really cool. – Over the edge. – I just lost and I kinda checked out. I was like, I’m taking this
apron off, man, I just failed. – Do you guys wanna go
out for the real thing? Like, right now.
– You mean all three of us? – Like yeah, all three of us. – With some drinks? – Wait, are we all going on a date? ‘Cause I was down. But I still wanted to
steal Debbie for myself. – Uh, yes. – I have both my hands up.
– Yeah. (laughs) – I’m down.
– Cool, cool. Hey, let’s do it. What the (beep) is this? How did you do this? – Oh no. (gentle music)

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  1. Amazing Video! Could you do a vegan vs Non vegan blindfolded food taste test ?😍 i would love to See that! I really love your Channel
    Kisses and greetings from germany

  2. Fun video. I have made many pizzas in my life. If the dough is prepared then 30 mins is more than enough time to make it whatever you want. With time to bake it properly.

  3. Clearly Debbie didn’t choose the right food for the right girl she wanted, because as soon as she realized she chose wrong, she went for the ‘Let’s all 3 hang out together’ route.
    She’s obviously into a softer butch kinda gal.
    ( Gracie would have been more my type. )

  4. I really didn't like the Instagram stalking incorporation of this episode, it created a heavy bias in the judgement of the food!! Please leave this part out like you did with the other episodes which were better than this.

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