100 thoughts on “This Soup Has Been Simmering for 45 Years

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  2. Can someone explain to me how they don't run out of soup that's worth 45 years?? I couldn't quite understand I'm sorry please don't attack me ;-;

  3. Dumb question but how do they prevent mould from developing in the broth and the spill-over? Is it because it gets cooked and chilled every day that it prevents growths from happening?

    Super interesting how they manage to keep it clean, I panic at the thought of bacteria growing when leaving food exposed for more than two hours — keeping food for 45 years is unthinkable for me

    Saying that, if the taste really does only get better and better with age, I would definitely try it

  4. Imagine going to this restaurant with your friends, but then each bowl served has a different level of quality, taste and flavour

  5. Sorry but that seems disgusting, unhealthy and dirty. I mean when was the time the kitchen was cleaned, 45 years ago?

  6. I guess if it's in a constant state of simmering it can't grow bacteria…. I'm still not willing to try it

  7. But surely at some point they have sold the equivalent of the pot and therefore it is not a 45 year old soup

  8. That's not 45 years old. Its max 1 week old. Yes the there has been soup and meat in the pot for 45 years but each time they add ingredients and water they dilute the broth and thus making it a whole new broth. Having said that I'd love to try it out.

  9. Well that's one way to get umami into a dish. Probably​ a build up of bitter compounds as well though. I would like to try it.

  10. Am I the only one who kind of wants them to cut that stew runoff with a knife, and remove it? That would be so satisfying 😮!

  11. That broth can't be 45 years old. What happens when the soup level goes down from all the constant servings? They HAVE to add more broth to bring the level back up. After serving around 200 bowls a day for a week that pot would be extremely low. So you mean to tell me that is the same broth from 1974 without ANY added water?

  12. This is fake the things in the broth would completely change texture, bugs would be all in the soup, and the things in the soup would be spoiled, plus ik they havent had striaght running fire or whatever for 45 years

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