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Hi, I’m Mary Rogers, and this is the Cuisinart three-in-one multicooker and we call it the cook central it’s extremely versatile Let me show you some of the features and functions first. We have our removable glass lid this is tempered You’ll notice it has a high arch handle it. Also stays cool when you’re lifting it and moving it around its rimmed in steel Which is a nice accent? I’m going to put that down for a moment and next is our removable steaming rack this position with the leg large legs at the bottom is the high position and This is a low position, and you’re just going to put that inside when you’re gonna do any type of steaming I’m gonna set that over here This is your removable cooking pot it’s nonstick inside, so it’s really easy to clean up. It’s six quarts So it’s a generous size So you can make a lot of food especially for entertaining or for um family meals there’s also some really nice little Divots here, which are great for pouring out ingredients after you’re done cooking Has nice sturdy side handles and like I said, it’s removable So when you’re done cooking if you want to for any reason put the leftovers right in the fridge after you cool them it’s easy to do you just put the lid on and you’re all set to go you notice the Housing is all stainless steel. It’s really a beautifully designed it’s easy to keep clean and in the front here you notice that this is the Control panel has a really nice large window so it’s really easy to see Your times and your temperatures when you’re operating the slow cooker the nice thing about this slow cooker has three fully programmable cooking functions on the far left here You have slow cook and the slow cook function has four functions with it inside of it So it has low slow cooking high slow cooking temperature has also a simmer feature and also keep warm then you have your brown saute I really like brown sautee because it’s great especially when you’re doing any type of Braising you don’t have to use a separate pan on top of the stove you can do it right in your cooker and it’s important for a lot of Recipes like the one we’re gonna do today Which is a lemon rosemary? Chicken where you want to get a nice brown on that chicken before you actually slow, cook it helps. You develop really great flavors The other thing is that the last Function is steam and steam can be used to steam vegetables Fish you can even do custards in there the nice thing about the steam function is it works up to 90 minutes and one thing I forgot to mention on the slow cook function is that it’s programmable up to 24 hours and when you use the slow cook function it also goes automatically to keep warm when it’s done cooking after you’ve programmed it for the Proper time and that’s really important because say you’re gonna be late getting home from work, and you’re like Oh, wow, you know I put the slow cooker on this will automatically switch to keep warm So you don’t have to worry about it your food will still be nice and hot when you get home And you can serve it right away The other thing we should mention, too is that when you’re doing ground saute the temperature is adjusted by pressing this button down or up and that’s how you pick your temperature and That temperature can go from 150 all the way up to 400 degrees so you get a nice high heat on that So today what we’re gonna. Do I’m gonna shut it off actually for a second, and then I’m gonna start again I’m gonna brown saute so Brown saute and I’m gonna do on Brown saute on 400 and what we’re gonna Do is we’re gonna let it heat up for a few minutes, and then I’m gonna come back And I’m gonna start making my rosemary chicken So now what we’re gonna. Do is we’re gonna get started by making our rosemary lemon chicken now I just want to tell you what I did to program this to heat it up in advance What I did was I hid Brown saute I hit the plus button Twice to go on 400 and then I hit start and what’s gonna happen is the 400 will flash? On and off until it gets up to temperature when it’s actually up to temperature It’s gonna beep to let you know you’re ready to cook now what we’re going to do is remove the lid And I’m going to put in a little bit of olive oil right in the pot And then we’re gonna start adding our chicken in first, but I did just so you know is I pre-seasoned this flour With salt and pepper you can actually if you prefer what you can. Do is directly season the The chicken, but we’re gonna do is dredge it in the flour lightly each piece. We’re gonna put it right in the pot I’m going to continue on we’re going to do six pieces at a time but today I’m gonna just do the half so you can see how simple and easy it is when you put the chicken in the slow cooker Make sure they’re not touching each other You know spread them out as best you can Today we’re using chicken thighs. I like to use chicken thighs because has a lot of great flavor it. Also is really moist Okay, so let’s keep doing this You can obviously use your hands if you prefer you don’t have to use the tongs just doing this so that my hands Don’t get dirty and This is a really really flavorful recipe and it’s also really simple and easy to make you can cook enough chicken in here for a family and Even have leftovers if you have a smaller group of people that you’re feeding so Continue just dredging this lightly in flour and this is going to help later with Finishing your dish because what’s gonna happen is that flour is gonna help make a nice sauce so we’re gonna. Do is cover the lid We’re going to let it brown and then we’re going to come back and turn the chicken over So now what we’re going to do is we’re going to check on the chicken make sure it’s brown And then we’re going to turn it over take off the lid I’m gonna show you how nice and brown the chicken dot Can see and what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna turn those six pieces over I Want to show you how really nicest Browns and sautés that’s really helpful when you’re gonna do a braising like this Slow cooking it helps you really Incorporate a lot of great flavor into your chicken, so we’re just gonna put the tongs down. I’m gonna put the lid on We’re gonna let the other side Brown and then we’re gonna come back and finish off the cooking for the recipe So now we’re gonna. Do is take the chicken out because it’s browned on both sides You can really hear it sizzling I’m just gonna show you how nice it’s in brown. It is on the other side Got some really nice color on there, so we’re gonna do now is reserve the chicken and continue on with the recipe There’s really I’m going to be a fragrant and Flavorful dish let me get done so the next thing we’re gonna do is We’re gonna turn the temperature down by pressing this button Twice and that’s gonna bring it down to 350 and what we’re gonna Do is we’re gonna add our onions and start browning our onions? This is gonna add a lot of great flavor to the dish So I’m just gonna toss this around a little bit to get some of the Juices from the chicken mixed into the onions and we’re gonna start browning that and I’m gonna add a couple more ingredients So first we’re going to add our rosemary sprigs it’s gonna make it really nice and flavorful and the salt and then Give it a chance to brown a little bit whoops. I forgot the garlic. Just put the garlic in and then we’re gonna mix that up a little bit, and they’ll let it give it a chance to round and What I’m gonna. Do now is add some lemon juice It’s gonna give it a really nice fresh flavor We got to add the lemon juice let it cook a little bit let it reduce and Then I’m going to continue on this is a really really simple and easy recipe To make now what I’m gonna. Do is add the chicken broth Lots of extra flavor also that you need the liquid because you’re slow cooking and Lots of lemon zest which is gonna. Give it a nice color after it’s done cooking and Then what we’re gonna do is I’m gonna put the chicken back in Add some lemon slices You just put the chicken it doesn’t matter now that it’s browned if they’re touching each other It’s gonna lay the chicken on top of the onions Now this is a dish that really only had to take a few minutes to put it together You can do this in the morning really quick Or on the weekend, and then we’re just gonna add our lemon slices all over It’s gonna add really nice fragrance and also it’s gonna look beautiful when you go to dish it up later And now what we’re gonna do is we’re going to put the lid back on and Now we’re going to program it to slow cook and the one thing I like to mention about this is this is where you can Use your combination cooking without having to turn the Machine off you just switch to slow cook And then you’re going to put the temperature It’s automatic comes on low you’re gonna press it once so it’s on high and now what we’re gonna Do is we’re gonna actually put the timer on? Now this happens to cook for two hours, so you set it on two hours. What’s gonna happen It’s gonna continue to cook and we’re gonna gonna come back and check on it And show you what it really looks like when it’s all done So let me show you what the chicken will look like when it’s all done cooking after the two hours. It’s a beautiful dish It’s really flavorful You can use you know a more inexpensive cut of chicken thighs or not expensive And you make a beautiful tasty meal for your family using the three-in-one multicooker cook central by Cuisinart KitchenAid six quart slow cooker and easy serve lid Maximizes your time for any occasion from an easy weeknight dinner to a weekend potluck party the hinged glass lid lifts on both sides for easy access leaving your hands-free for convenient serving and 24-hour programming with four temperature settings provide greater cooking control the 6 quart ceramic insert offers plenty of space to cook large cuts of meat or serve a crowd Cleanup is simple to the ceramic insert is dishwasher safe premium performance exceptional results legendary KitchenAid quality you

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