30 thoughts on “Top 10 Food Myths | Healthy Food

  1. FUCK FOOD ! everything is unhealthy, what the fuck should i eat ? GRASS !? in a couple of years that'll find something bad even about grass

  2. All depends on how you cook it, like: did they remove the skin and then bread it? What kind of oil did they use to fry it? What kind of breading did they use? ect ect

  3. Awesome, thanks for this information…. never would of guesses, god damn business will do anything for money even demolish humanity.

  4. Fats are essential, yes, but it is false to say that you need fats to "feed your brain". Perhaps a specific area in your brain such as the hypothalamus may use fatty acids, but other than that the brain uses glucose as its main source of energy. It can also use ketone bodies if it's been a while that you've ingesting a meal.

  5. everything you said is a myth. I dare you not to give your baby pedialyte from lost electrolytes. and give it water. and dont give it milk. we need milk. I dont care about what vegans say. look at nfl vegans they tend to breake/fracture bones all the time.

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