Top 10 Healthy Foods That Are Actually Unhealthy!

We’re all trying to be healthy. We know more than ever about what goes into
our food and where it comes from. We have said “no” to high sugar sodas. We have turned our backs on fast food. We have shaken our heads at candy and sweets. We are on a path to living healthy and we
are going to get there no matter what stands in our way. But beware, because all around you are foods
that are deceptive. They’ll try to trick you into eating them,
promising that they are “nutritious” and “healthy.” Don’t believe a word they say, because it’s
not true! These foods are out to get you, and you can’t
let them. So stay hungry and stay alert, and watch out
for these top ten healthy foods that are actually unhealthy! Light salad dressing Let’s get one thing out of the way first:
salads are DEFINITELY healthy. If you’re eating a big bowl of vegetables,
then good for you. However, keeping those salads healthy all
depends on what you put on top of them. Is a salad still healthy if it’s covered
in cheese, croutons, bacon, and ranch dressing? Well, not so much. So surely the solution to unhealthy dressing
is to go with the low-fat option, right? Think again, herbivores. Low-fat dressing is lacking in flavor because
it’s missing a key component, which is the fat. So what does that missing flavor get replaced
with? If you said sugar, you’re correct. You’re way better off just going with the
full-fat version. Except even the regular store bought dressings
are not that great for you, since they are also loaded with salt and sugar, just slightly
less so than the low-fat version. For a truly healthy dressing, just try making
your own. It’s no more difficult than mixing some
vinegar or lemon juice with some nice extra virgin olive oil. You can also flavor it with any herbs or spices
that you’re into. Not only that, but a homemade dressing is
way more likely to impress people. It’s something to consider the next time
you’re making a salad for a crowd. Liking this video so far? Then hit that subscribe button and click that
bell to join our notification squad. Multigrain chips Lesson number one in eating healthy: avoid
chips. Just do it, because there is no way you’re
going to successfully incorporate them into a healthy diet. Now, you may be about to fire off the question
about multigrain chips. After all, they contain multiple grains! How could they possibly be unhealthy? Well, there’s a simple answer to that. While regular corn chips contain corn flour,
multigrain chips include corn flour and white flour. White flour quickly converts to sugar once
its ingested, making you crave more. Not only that, but multigrain chips are typically
higher in fat and cholesterol than your run of the mill corn chips. Plus, they’re an unfriendly snack option
for your gluten-free friends because of the hidden flour. If you’re really going to snack on chips
and salsa, then just do yourself a favor and go with regular old corn chips. By the way, this rule also applies to anything
else that touts itself as “multigrain,” including multigrain bread. Let’s face it: bread is bread. Whether it’s white, rye, or multigrain,
too much of it is just not that great for you. Remember when we said these unhealthy foods
would try and trick you? Well, multigrain is one of the greatest food
tricksters out there, so beware. Rice milk This point comes with a disclaimer: we understand
that people are lactose intolerant or have other dairy concerns. No one is saying that the dairy alternatives
out there are all terrible for you. Just this one. See, rice milk is severely lacking in any
nutritional value. While it’s a decent substitute for cow’s
milk, rice milk is super high in carbohydrates. It also has to be fortified with calcium because
of the low levels of that essential nutrient. That means that rice milk has one of the main
things that people who are trying to be healthy are trying to avoid: added ingredients. This is especially true of commercial rice
milk brands, which are often thickened with carrageenan and sweetened with syrups or other
added sugars. Rice milk, despite being a popular alternative
for parents who are trying to avoid giving their children dairy, also contains trace
amounts of inorganic arsenic. Now, it’s not enough to pose any serious
health risk, but it is enough that it should be a concern to parents giving rice milk to
their kids. The truth is that all milk substitutes have
their pros and cons, but rice milk should be far down on the list of alternatives to
try first. Margarine In the 1990’s, the popularity of margarine
began to skyrocket due to the increasing movement to be fat-free. However, as time has moved on and people have
become better informed about these fat-free substitutes, we have learned that things like
margarine are so much worse. Think about this for a minute. What is butter? It’s churned cream that results in the separation
of butterfat and buttermilk. That’s about it. Sometimes they add salt for flavor. What is margarine though? If you asked the average person what exactly
margarine is, it’s likely that they wouldn’t be able to tell you. That’s for good reason because margarine
is nothing more than chemical reactions. It’s true! Have you ever heard about people talking about
the dangers of hydrogenated oils? That’s all margarine is. So if anyone ever tries to tell you that margarine
is better for you, just ignore them. Even if they try to show you how a lot of
margarine is made with olive oils now, the truth is that in the long run, it’s no better
for you than just regular old butter. Not only that but in a side by side taste
comparison, butter is going to win every time. Margarine just can’t hold a candle to the
more natural texture and taste of butter. If you can get grass-fed butter, even better! Veggie burgers Disclaimer: there is nothing wrong with being
a vegetarian. If you are still getting the right amount
of protein, then good on you! Being a vegetarian is a great way to avoid
some of the unhealthier aspects of meat, on top of all the other reasons one might be
a vegetarian. However, foods that are considered vegetarian
are not always healthy. Think about it for a minute. Are French fries vegetarian? Absolutely. Are they healthy? Absolutely not. “What about the vegetarian products you
can get in the freezer section?” you might be asking. Sure, those veggie burgers seem like they’d
be healthy. They do, after all, have the word “veggie”
right in the name. Don’t be fooled though! While those unattractive patties may contain
some vegetables (often chunks of peas and carrots), they are visibly stuck in a big,
grayish brown mass. Well, what is the mass made of? You already know it isn’t meat, so what
exactly is it? Well, it’s usually a collection of fillers
and other unnatural things used to hold everything together. While it might be low in fat, it’s very
high in carbohydrates, probably even higher than the bun you’re eating it on. If you really need to have a veggie burger,
try to make your own! You can create a really great burger substitute
using mushrooms, and there are plenty of great methods and recipes out there for doing it. After all, homemade is always better anyway. Certain gluten-free products Here’s a cardinal rule of food: just because
it’s gluten-free, does not mean it’s healthy. Guess what foods are gluten-free? Most potato chips. Guess what else? French fries. One more? Ice cream. All of these foods contain no gluten, but
plenty of fat and sugar (which makes them delicious treats, but certainly not foods
that should be consumed regularly). There are also plenty of foods out there that
are gluten-free substitutes for other foods, but do not be fooled: these are not healthier
alternatives. They are simply gluten-free alternatives. For example, gluten-free pizza crust mix is
no better for you than regular old gluten-packed pizza crust. The gluten-free option is just there for people
who have gluten concerns. You’re still getting just as many carbohydrates
and sugars as you would be with the regular pizza crust, just none of the gluten. What’s bad for you is an excess of carbohydrates,
usually found in the foods that also contain gluten. If you ’re avoiding stuff to stay healthy,
it’s those. “Healthy” frozen dinners Raise your hand if you are familiar with these
two words: “lean cuisine.” Most of you probably have a hand in the air
right now (or not, since we can’t see if you raised your hand or not, but we’d wager
that phrase brought up some memories of commercials or freezer shelves in the grocery store). See, back in the day, someone had the bright
idea of selling “healthy” frozen dinners which were supposed to be portion controlled
and promote weight loss. However, those meals were a complete and utter
scam. Case in point: many of those lean cuisine
meals involved pasta. Now, we all love pasta, but there’s no denying
that it’s not great for you, particularly if you’re trying to lose weight. In fact, it’s one of the first foods doctors
will tell you to eliminate if you’re trying to shed some pounds. So why did these meals market themselves as
healthy when they were the opposite? Well, it was because of that trend we mentioned
earlier: they were low in fat. However, what they lacked in fat they made
up for in carbs and sodium. Not to mention the fact that these meals were
highly processed, never a good look for something that is supposed to be healthy. Diet soda Woe be to anyone who tries to take diet Coke
away from someone who lives for the stuff. It’s so popular that even the President
can’t seem to live without it. Is it really healthy for you though? Sure, it may contain 0 calories and be better
for you than regular old soda, but that’s setting the bar pretty low for calling something
healthy. The most unhealthy thing about diet sodas
is the addition of aspartame. No, we’re not going to peddle the tale that
aspartame causes cancer, because the truth is that there is no conclusive link between
aspartame and cancer. That’s according to the American Cancer
Society. However, that’s not to say that aspartame
can’t wreak havoc on your body in other ways. It has been found to increase appetite and
to reduce the body’s ability to produce insulin (this was shown in lab testing done
on rats). The other problem with drinking too much diet
soda is that it triggers your brain to expect something sweet when you’re eating food. That means that you’re likely to develop
an aversion to drinking water with your meals. If you’re stuck on diet soda and don’t
know how to get off of that horse, trying transitioning to sparkling water, even the
flavored kind to start. Then you’ll eventually lose the craving
for sweetness, and you’ll be just as happy with an ice cold club soda. “Low fat” and “Reduced fat” foods We’ve mentioned it briefly in a couple of
the other entries on this list, but this deserves a spot all it’s own. Back in the late 80’s and 1990’s, fat
became public enemy number one in the food world. People were so concerned with getting food
that didn’t have fat in it, that they demanded that the foods they used to love suddenly
have less fat in them. We’re talking cream cheese, yogurt, potato
chips, all the foods that need fat to taste good were having it taken out. There’s only one problem that anyone who
loves to cook knows firsthand: fat is flavor. So when you take the fat out of foods, you’re
left with a gaping void of flavourlessness that people will genuinely hate. So what was brought in to fill that hole? Sugar! Yes, that’s right. Sugar is low in fat, but it’s, you know,
sugar. It’s unhealthy. It’s so bad for you. Sure, if you get too much fat with too little
physical activity, then yes, you will gain weight. However, fat can be burned off, because it’s
energy. Sugar, however, gets converted into the kind
of fat that sticks around for a long time. Not only that, but refined sugar can lead
to serious health problems like diabetes. Low-fat options still exist and are still
stocked on store shelves, but people have become more educated on the matter, and know
that getting something that naturally has more fat is still better than going for the
reduced fat option. Remember: moderation is key. Egg whites Have you ever been at breakfast with someone,
and you see them order an egg white omelet? Isn’t it just the most depressing thing
you’ve ever seen? Of course, it is. Not only that, but it’s not necessarily
better for you to eat only egg whites without the yolk. This is how it works: egg whites have fewer
calories than whole eggs. This is true. The yolk typically has a higher amount of
fat in it. However, that fat is good for you! It promotes brain health, decreases the risk
of heart disease, and can actually help to lower your cholesterol. Not only that but consuming the fat found
in egg yolks can also promote weight loss. “Well, what about cholesterol?” You might be asking. Again, egg yolks do contain more cholesterol
than egg whites, but the cholesterol in egg yolks is the good kind. Studies have shown that the dietary cholesterol
in eggs actually decreases the body’s natural production of cholesterol. Not only that, but the cholesterol in eggs
also does not raise the level of serum cholesterol in the bloodstream, which can lead to heart
disease. Overall, if you’re going to diet and try
to lose weight, don’t deny yourself that delicious yolk. It’s better for you than you may think! Go ahead and spend little more time with us
by checking out more of our great videos. All you need to do is point and click.

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  2. Thank You for the Research Babble Top !

    Sorry but I just can't resist Visualizing a Nerd Mom saying she would NEVER give her children Cow's Milk
    But is Just Fine with a lil touch of Arsenic in her kids lunches LOL !
    ( Rice Milk )

  3. I loveeeeeee hamburgers. thank god I can eat a shit ton of food without being obese. Probably won't last long since my metabolism will probably get worse as I age.

  4. I dont eat margarine because it's healthy i eat it because it's cheaper to buy than butter. Most butter brand are expensive and margarine tends to be cheaper.

  5. Spot the difference

    Plz like this took a while

  6. Diet and low fat or fat free versions of anything to me is gross, it literally makes me feel ill. I'd rather consume a smaller quantity of real food rather than products like fat-free sour cream or mayonnaise (an oxymoron). Remember Snackwells? Sugary nastiness. Chips cooked with Olestra? Intestinal problems. Margarines? Transfat city. Diet sodas? Excitotoxins and hormone disruptions.

  7. I am a big dude. I will eat 8 eggs for breakfast with a glass of water or two and possibly one or two cups of black coffee. I have noticed the fat on my body is shrinking as I have been eating a lot of eggs over the past year. I have completely given up, soda and sugary drinks and potato chips and bread.
    Because this is a fkd up way to live by sticking to a boring diet such as this and In order to stay sane, I will drink 12 to 18 beers once or twice a week. Yet because of this, I have a beer gut.
    Back to the eggs –
    I fry them on a pan with olive oi and cover them for 4 to 5 minutes on medium heat, cooking the yolk entirely solid and all 8 eggs together in one delicious mass. I do not eat toast with my eggs. I do not add salt, but I do add black pepper and oregano spice. I will feel full for hours after eating 8 eggs. I do not recommend eating that many eggs unless you are 6 foot 5 like me and can handle all that at once. This many eggs will make most people sick to their stomach,. This is my story. Smiley face!

  8. "So what is used to replace that milk/butter/gluten/fat/cholesterol? That's right. Space-age polymers!"

    Here's the secret way to eat healthy all the time: get yourself a bunch of Lean Cuisine frozen meals. But instead of following the directions on the box, peel back the plastic film. And then eat it! And throw away everything else! You'll be amazed how much better off you'll be!

  9. Those of us who grew up in the sixties may remember Bob's Big Boy, and the "Lo-Cal Plate" on their menu. It was a plain, undressed burger patty (no lettuce or tomato!) on top of rye toast, with cottage cheese on the side topped with half a canned peach, in syrup. Now there's healthy eating!

  10. Having recently lost 70lbs simply switching my diet and avoiding a couple things, I can attest that there is alot of supposedly healthy food that doesn't help you lose weight. Haven't eaten pasta in 5 months…

    I simply watched for the following things: aspartame, carbs, sugars, and kept my diet around 1000 calories a day on meat, veggies and occasionally cheese. So most sodas went right out the window (used to be a heavy soda drinker), as did bread, cake, pasta, sweets, cookies…sounds obvious.
    Now the great thing is that you don't actually need to religiously avoid them, pick a day of the week, mine is sunday, where you eat whatever you want. Just don't try to overdo it on your cheat day or you might slow down or reverse whatever progress you made the previous week…
    Like, eat ONE normal sized pizza for the entire day…just one. They should be between 1200-1500calories per depending on toppings, that's not too bad for the average working male.

    If, on top of that, you exercise, even better…but I'm lazy and my work is physically taxing enough and I ride a mountainbike to work every day anyway, but not everyone can do that.

    Weight loss is not magic, it's self control and education, it's easy, because you literally have to do nothing.
    Don't eat bad or too much.

    And nowadays with food labeling laws and such, it's easier than ever to control your diet.

  11. WOW, Diet Coke isn't healthy? Who would have thought. I've been getting Diet Coke with my Big MACS and fries, and I chose the Diet Coke instead of the regular Coke because I thought it's healthier. Even if I ordered something that's unhealthy for me already, I get Diet Cokes to balance out the unhealthy food. Still a shame Diet Coke isn't much healthier that a normal Coke 😔

  12. I appreciate the education, a lot of these totally flew over my head. The only one I was aware of was diet soda, because who doesn't know it's bad for you? That isn't what bothered me about that one though. What bothered me was being told to drink sparkling water. Even if you drink the flavored kind it still tastes like canned ass. Literally TV static condensed into a can. No thanks, dood.

  13. we make our own rice milk, and its always full of stuff that we need other than fish and rice.

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