Top 10 Heart Healthy Foods | Heart Healthy Recipes

heart-healthy foods you can protect your
heart not only by exercising but also eating heart-healthy foods here’s our rundown of some of the best
heart healthy foods ensuring that you eat a variety of foods that are rich in
healthy oils warleggan’s and antioxidant rich vegetables has been scientifically
proven to help protect the heart garlic garlic contains a range of
vitamins and antioxidants a licen a compound found in garlic has been shown
to help protect against heart disease and can lower cholesterol and high blood
pressure it has also been shown to protect against some cancers and due to
its ability to protect against cellular damage can even help protect you against
Alzheimer’s oily fish opt for fish rich in omega-3 such as salmon sardines and
mackerel these are an excellent source of selenium vitamin D and protein oily
fish helps lower triglycerides a form of fat protects you against heart disease
and can also help you live longer omega-3 has an anti clotting effect
helping to keep your blood flowing studies have shown that those with a
higher blood level of omega-3 are third less likely to die of heart disease tomatoes tomatoes packed full of the
antioxidant lycopene which helps protect against cell damage tomatoes can
actively help protect against high blood pressure heart disease and cholesterol
they contain potassium which is important for blood pressure through
balancing the body’s fluid levels leaking from Tomatoes is more available
and better absorbed by our bodies when the tomatoes are cooked crushed or eaten
with a little fat such as olive oil or flax oil avocados avocados these are
high in vitamin b6 which helps regulate hormones and is one of the richest
sources of vitamin E a good source of mono saturated fats which help lower bad
cholesterol avocados also have an anti-inflammatory effect helping to
prevent the hardening of the arteries cinnamon this spice has been shown to
help balance blood sugar and has a powerful anti-diabetic effect it can
also help to lower blood pressure and cholesterol as well as protecting you
from degenerative diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s green tea well
known for its antioxidant effects and promotion of weight loss green tea also
helps to improve the health of the Salani in blood vessels and athenaeus
cells which in turn protects us against heart disease a study of forty thousand
five hundred thirty people in Japan where green tea is most widely consumed
found that drinking green tea lowered the risk of mortality from
cardiovascular disease by 31 percent in women and 22 percent in men oats oats contain a fiber recall beta
glucan which has been shown to reduce your LDL cholesterol just one large
serving of porch per day can have a positive effect on lowering cholesterol grapefruit pack with vitamin C fiber e
colon and liqueur pink grapefruit helps to balance blood lipid levels
particularly triglycerides it’s also rich in pectin a fat soluble fiber that
has been shown to slow down the progression of arteriosclerosis
grapefruit can also help to lower LDL cholesterol olive oil olive oil is a
mono saturated fat which has been shown to help protect heart and can improve
insulin resistance which causes type 2 diabetes and increases your risk of
heart disease it can also help you lose weight
the best moaning saturated fats include olives and olive oil avocados almonds
eggs red meat peanuts and cashew nuts salt too much salt increases the risk of
high blood pressure in some people because the salt can cause the body to
hold on to excess fluids such as water this can increase pressure within blood
vessels meaning the heart must work harder our reliance on processed foods
high in unhealthy fats sugars and salt means we’re eating too much salt if
everyone cut one gram salt from their daily intake there would be six thousand
fewer annual deaths from strokes or heart attacks heart healthy recipes
overnight muesli this recipe is the perfect grab and go style breakfast
it’s full of oats healthy fats and protein from the almond butter flax
seeds and chia seeds to support heart health scrambled egg with roasted garlic
and thyme tomatoes and avocado the time tomatoes in this simple recipe add a
delicious flavour to the protein packed eggs with the added healthy fat from the
avocado slices you are all set for a busy day roasted beetroot falafels this
dish is high in manganese which offers a range of benefits including boosting
bone joint health cognitive function balancing blood sugar and hormone levels
beetroot helped the heart and increase blood flow roasted tomato soup it comes
as no surprise to see this is packed with heart-healthy leukopenia
this soup was a resounding success with many claiming it was the best soup
nutrient-packed chicken curry this recipe is packed with vegetable goodness
served with either brown rice or calif lower rice salmon fish cakes salmon is
packed with omega-3 essential fatty acids which are very anti-inflammatory
and have been shown to help protect the heart as well as boosting joint and
brain health creamy masoor dal
with magnesium and fiber great for helping to balance cholesterol with
added anti-inflammatory determine from the turmeric making this a very healthy
and tasty dal bait salmon with salsa another very easy it is using omega-3
rich salmon perfect for a healthy heart joints and brain health serve this with
a green salad berry cream Marion goof Marin Q can be stored in an airtight
container in your cupboard for several weeks so they are great for a quick and
easy dessert this recipe uses natural sugar free replacements you

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