Top 10 McDonald’s Secrets You Are NOT Supposed To Know

Hello! Welcome back to Most Amazing Top 10, I am
Rebecca Felgate and today we’re talking about the top 10 McDonalds Secrets You are
Not Supposed to know. …. We’re gonna blow this thing wide open,
starting with an explosive fact at number 10 –
10 – There is no Rib in the McRib. Is that false advertising? Despite the name of the popular sandwich among
meat lovers, the McRib isn’t made of rib at all. It is actually pork pressed in a rib shape
mould. Delicious, but fattening ad totally fake. 9 – The Drive Through Gets Priority. If you walk in at the same time a car drives
in, the car passenger will be served first and get their meal first. The Drive through meals are priority. While staff don’t mind making diners wait,
they don’t want to make cars wait. The reason for this is that there is usually
limited driving space in a Macdonalds, and they don’t want to clog up the parking lot
or road. Sometimes it makes more sense just to walk
through the drive through! Although they might get annoyed about it. 8 – Most of their staff are not earning a
living wage. A living wage is a wage that people can live
on with reasonable comfort, meaning they can pay their rent, buy food and have a tiny bit
left over to save or spend on luxuries like clothes or travel. McDonalds Workers are paid a pittance. I guess it is hardly a secret that fast food
workers don’t get a lot of money, but it is kinda kept under wraps how bad it really
is. For example, it would take a McDonalds worker
between 7-10 months of work to earn what a CEO earns in an hour. 7 – Burgers are Thrown Out Every 10 Minutes
Yes, there are people starving in some parts of the world, and yes, perfectly good burgers
are discarded every day at McDonalds Stores. Some stores throw hundred away a day….and
thousands of fries. Burgers are thrown out 10 to 20 minutes after
production and for fries, the shelf life is only 5 minutes. While this is good for customers, as it means
they’ll always get fresh food, it is bad for world hunger, as McDonalds are producing
a huge amount of food waste. Luckily, good, skilled McDonalds workers,
will try and minimize this waste by accurately predicting how much to make at one time. 6 – Lots of Chemicals in the Food
The foamy egg patty you get in an egg mcmuffin also contains sodium phosphate, monosodium
phosphate, nisin preparation and citric acid. The salads are dusted with propylene glycol
to keep it crisp…this chemical can be found in antifreeze and lube. That really is just the tip of the chemical
iceberg when it comes to McDonalds menu items, too. So, speaking of all those hidden chemicals….at
number 5, Your Meal Will Look The Same 10 Years Later
A reddit user posted a picture of 10 year old burger and fries from McDonalds in 2016. The food isn’t mouldy or decayed at all,
it just looks a bit dry. Why is this….well there is so much salt
in McDonalds Food that it will not rot like normal food will…which is disconcerting. The reddit user, standbacknow, said that the
food hadn’t been refrigerated. Similarly, get a load of this nuggets and
fries meal…. In 2010, a woman from Anchorage, Alaska bought
this meal and left it sitting in her office for 6 years. Yum.
4 – The Salads sometimes have more fat than the burgers
Sometimes you think you’re getting the healthy option by opting to have a salad, but that
may not be the case at good old Maccy Ds. According to CBC bews,
Keep Calm and Caesar on Salad has 730 calories and 53 grams of fat, whereas a DOUBLE Big
Mac has 680 calories and 38 grams of fat….a standard burger has 253 calories and 7.7g
of fat So why is the salad so gut busting?….. well, its all about the Asiago Caesar dressing. Fatty Mc Fat.
3 – They’re Brainwashing Us From Childhood. In 1996, a survey found that 96% of American
Children could accurately recognise Ronald McDonalds. According to an article on, they
also have brand ambassadors visiting schools discussing diets…diets that include McDonalds. On top of that, almost 100 percent of American’s
are able to recognise the McDonalds logo. 2 – There have been some GROSS findings in
MacDonalds food. We have actually made a whole video about
this, so please check that out when we’re through with this video. Highlights include a whole deep fried chicken
head, bugs and scabby band aids. Mmmmm…..delicious. 1 – They Warn Their Staff Against Eating Their
Food McDonalds has built a business on selling
fast food, but they don’t want their staff eating it. In December 2013, McDonalds made headlines
when a post on their website for employees warned their crew that fast food is bad for
their heath. The post said “Fast foods are quick, reasonably
priced, and readily available alternatives to home cooking. While convenient and economical for a busy
lifestyle, fast foods are typically high in calories, fat, saturated fat, sugar, and salt
and may put people at risk for becoming overweight”….they then showed a picture of a healthy option
meal…which looked surprisingly like a Subway meal with salad. Woah there. So that was the top 10 McDonalds Secrets you
are not supposed to know. To be honest I don’t really eat at McDonalds
as I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle and don’t really eat meat, but if I do…. I am all about a mozzarella stick. What is your favourite McDonalds Menu item? Let me know !
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100 thoughts on “Top 10 McDonald’s Secrets You Are NOT Supposed To Know

  1. Oh how about the additives put in the French oils? Yes it extends the time in the dryer but dont ask what it does to your body and putting imbalances in your lymph system.

  2. Propylene glycol is in alot of everyday foods and gel cap pills and yes. Some non oil based lube. But ethylene glycol is what's in antifreeze. Know what you're talking about beforehand k? K

  3. Half of this is not true or more? I know workers from mcds i ask before i purchase. As Everyone should. They are the longest billion dollar franchise for a reason.

  4. The "foaming egg". Is made with real eggs. And the salad does not have antifreeze formula in it. I work there

  5. Nope egg McMuffins have real eggs-my friend worked at McDonalds. The platters you get with egg on the side starts off as powder.

  6. Sorry..this one is BS Super Sized ! Did you really think that there was going to bi rib in it? McDonalds down the street from me get $12.50 an hour to start and go to $15.00 an hour. Living wage…most are part time workers. The higher the get paid the more you pay! Mickey D Hamburg orig. cost 15 cents

  7. My 2 year old Brother recognize's McDonald every time we pass it Driving. And he want's McDonalds. But, congrats for brain washing Children.

  8. Naturally you forget to say regarding wages. For entry level position. It is meant for you to just get by. You work hard and you show your commitment to the enployer. They would likely promote you or give you a better wage. If not? Search for a different job while holding this current miserable job.

  9. $15 an hour dosent do much these days nope but workin at Mickey Ds is nice knowing you dont do much to make that anyways easy money mates 😂😜🖕

  10. Meh I work at McDonald's, it's a job. About the only things I can agree with are the wages and the warning of eating too much fast foods.

  11. You're British, so it's a CAR PARK. Not a "parking lot". And McDonald's workers are paid minimum wage in the UK. Like many workers.

  12. I love McDonald's I worked there as employee only one time in 2014 I wad fry cook who cooked and did burger patties also McChickens too I loved my job being in training and focus learing everything it was fun cause baked the cookies too.

  13. Are you still working at McDonald’s I can tell you that the Egg McMuffin thing is fake because we would always crack an egg on the grill in a round shaped mold and aside from butter we put on the grill to keep it from sticking we don’t add anything to it

  14. The only people who are starving nowadays are in warzones. Stop using old pictures of famines to make a point about throwing away food. What do you want them to do? Send them the leftovers?

  15. Mc makes me full for 5 mins and then I get hungry again . They probably put some chemical so they we buy more of there disgusting food

  16. I’d like to take the women in this video to a nice dinner at McDonald’s, she can order anything on the menu too she a hottie

  17. Number 3 and 4 are complete jokes. They have to follow health codes and also propylene glycol and other chemicals are in such minute amounts that if they were not, theyd be in a lot of lawsuits

  18. Holding times- an absolute joke! If someone like a corporate supervisor was not in the place, food was frequently held until sold, despite the timers.
    Drive-thru pedestrians- other videos say McD won't serve anyone who walks up to the window. So that's a "maybe".

  19. McDonald’s is disgusting! 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤢🤑🤮🤮🤮


  21. Ur r wrong about drive thru we have a time that is absolutely ridiculous to meet from the time u hit the speaker to the time we give u the food and we get chewed for not making those times. So next time u spend 6 minute at the speaker deciding what u want just k u costed someone their job. This is why drive thru gets served first.

  22. Why did you have to get someone who hates McDonald's to make a video on it and she seems like a real c**t too,you should really consider getting ride of her just saying

  23. Reason why McDonald’s and most fast food restaurants serve people in the drive-through faster is because you have an a limited amount of drive-through time if you spend all of it up well I’m not sure but my sister used to work at Harrdees and they do have a pacific drive-through times sodas McDonald’s it takes a pretty long time to get up to a general manager to assist with OSHAGGM a Hardee’s and she got paid I’d say about 13 bucks an hour maybe 12

  24. Ours don't have cheese sticks and never known them to have them. And just because someone can identify the McDonald's logo and mascot doesn't mean the eat there.

  25. I eat Mcdonalds every once in awhile , now I will no longer eat this poor excuse for nutrition ,, I see why cancer is an epidemic, they poison us with GMO’S & chemicals , how “organic” is the pricey “organic” veggies & fruits sold at certain markets? literally anything in a box is probably GMO. Candies & chips laden with posion , obesity & cancer is a serious problem because of our diets

  26. Here is the list in order from this video
    1. There is no rib in the mcrib. It is pork placed in a mold to give its shape.
    2. Drive-thru orders take priority over dine-in orders in terms of who is served first.
    3. Restaurant crew members dont earn a "living wage" in terms of affording things beyond bare minimum living necessities.
    4. Burgers are thrown out every 10 – 20 minutes after production. Fries are approximately every 5-7 minutes
    5. There are MANY chemicals inside each item on the menu including salad.
    6. Speaking of chemicals (burgers, fries, nuggets) will not decompose even After a decades time passing.
    7. A salad may contain more calories/fat than anything else on the menu due to having "meat" and dressing.
    8. Brainwashing techniques have been used on children by the company resulting in nearly 100% of americans knowing the company logo.
    9. GROSS findings have been made in food that was served to customers such as chicken heads, bugs/worms, and scabby bandaids.
    10. Restaurant staff are told/trained to understand you should not eat McDonald's due to the health risks the food poses to them.

    Bonus fact: youtubers may make millions of dollars off of your time.

    Rise above! – read the comments section instead of enabling them to not get real job. The viewers are just another part of the problem.
    – Remember this!

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