Top 10 Untold Truths of American Deli!!!

American Deli is not the first fast food place
that comes to mind when people talk about going out to eat. In fact, it isn’t even all
that well-known outside of the state where it was established. So what makes this smaller
fast-food chain so special? What makes it stand out among the competition? They try
everything out to see what they can do and how they can do better than their competition.
So with that, here are the top ten untold truths of American Deli! American Deli’s first Location opened in
1989 The eighties were a pretty crazy time, and
when they were coming to a close, a lot of things were still happening that would define
the decade. The Berlin Wall came down, George H.W. Bush was Elected President, and American
Deli opened its first location in 1989. That means they just barely got in there to be
considered part of the eighties. It was a turbulent decade, full of controversy, crazy
clothing styles, great teen movies, and the dawning of new wave and MTV. It was the perfect
time for something different yet familiar like American Deli to open up. People might not
have been ready for the food revolutions taking place today, but they definitely wanted a
place they could get wings and a sandwich. And so, with the creation of American Deli,
people in the United States got what they were looking for: a restaurant that appealed
to their most patriotic instincts. Somewhere they could go to experience the flavors that
came up in America from all of the great cultures that helped to build the country. American
Deli was more than just a restaurant. It was a symbol of everything that Americans wanted
from their country. So they went, and ate, and made the business a success, showing that
the eighties weren’t done producing greatness just yet. Liking this video so far? If you’re new
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our notification squad. American Deli Started Out in a Mall Not only was the first American Deli opened
in 1989, but it was also opened in the DeKalb Mall in Georgia. There might not be anything
more eighties than a restaurant getting its start as part of the mall food court, but
it really is indicative of the time. Nowadays, people barely even remember what a mall is.
There’s one thing missing from the online shopping experience, though. It’s the food
court. Sure, you have your own kitchen and whatever food is in your fridge, but how is
that better than walking into that big open area, and seeing all the wonderful choices
for food that you could make that day? Do you want Chinese? A burger? Or maybe some
delicious wings? That’s what makes the food court so special: it has all of those things,
and more! Think about that the next time you’re ordering paper towels through Alexa.
Now you can’t make an excuse to grab some fries, a shake, and maybe even a Cinnabon. Lemon Pepper Wet Wings at American Deli Every region of the united states has their
signature flavors. New York has its Pizza, California has In-N-Out, and most of the South
has its own variation on barbecue. However, in Georgia, there is one flavor that is more
famous in that state than anywhere else: the lemon pepper wet wing. You might recognize
the renowned wing flavor from Donald’ Glover’s FX show, Atlanta, where the signature wing
flavor was given a shout out. However, that particular wing came from another location
called JR Crickets. They are not the only Georgia-based restaurant that serves the signature
flavor, though, as American Deli also does their own variation on the lemon pepper wet.
While the lemon pepper wet from JR Crickets uses the lemon pepper dry rub on the wings
which are then tossed in a classic buffalo wing sauce, American Deli does things a little
bit differently. They still use the lemon pepper dry rub, but they also have an actual
lemon pepper sauce that they will toss the wings in upon request. It goes to show that
no matter how big a business gets, it can never really abandon its roots. Serving regional
food and doing it well are the perfect ways for a business to stay in touch with its main
consumer base and remind people of where it came from. If you ever find yourself in Georgia,
don’t miss out on the chance to try the lemon pepper wet wings from American Deli. American Deli Serves up Fried Rice You might think that with a name like American
Deli, the restaurant would only serve classic American foods like chicken wings, burgers,
and hero sandwiches. However, American Deli knows that one of the things that really makes
America great is its diversity, which is why they also served Gyros and fried rice. It’s
not enough to call yourself American and serve only the foods that people expect. You have
to give them something that they might not think you would have. You have to celebrate
all of the cultures that formed the backbone of America. Things might not have always been
perfect for everyone (and that is really a huge understatement), but by bringing forth
the flavors of each culture in a way that’s accessible, American Deli is doing something
right. Their fried rice can be ordered with shrimp, chicken, beef, or veggies. You can
also make it a combination, getting more than just one meat. Now that’s getting some bang
for your buck! After all, who wouldn’t want a delicious plate of fried rice packed with
chicken and shrimp? If that doesn’t fill you up, then nothing will. American Deli Reposts People’s Photos on Instagram Basically, every business has a social media
presence now, but not all of them know how to use it properly. They might post terrible
photos of their food, or just post advertisements with no engagement with their followers, or
they might just be really boring about everything they have to say. The approach American Deli
takes to its social media, and particularly its Instagram page, is actually quite ingenious.
They simply repost photos from other Instagram users who have visited the restaurant or posted
photos of their food. It’s a great way to show that people love your business enough
to include it in their own photo feed, and it also gives American Deli a chance to share
other people’s work while crediting them for the photo. It’s a really smart way to advertise
the business: just let other people make the ads for you and share them online! Most other
businesses are paying money to creative advertising agencies who just keep putting out the same
stuff, over and over again. American Deli Serves Beef and Chicken Burgers Most places that serve a burger will basically
give you one option: beef. If you’re lucky they might offer a veggie burger. However,
that’s it. Beef or veggie. Why are there no other options for meat that’s been made into
a patty? After all, people enjoy the occasional turkey burger at home, even going so far as
to make salmon burgers sometimes. Why haven’t restaurants caught on to this fact? Sure,
there are places that will say you can get a chicken sandwich, but not everyone wants
a chicken sandwich! After all, it’s a breaded piece of chicken on bread. Sometimes you can
get a grilled piece of chicken instead, but it’s really never that great. The limp, lifeless
white meat that carries no flavor with it just ends up being disappointing. However,
at least one restaurant is offering something different. At American Deli, you can get a
chicken burger! That’s right, in addition to the standard beef burger, customers can
order a burger patty made from chicken. It’s a great way to cut down on the fat content
of a regular burger. Also, if you have to avoid red meat for any reason, you can still
have the experience of a nice, juicy burger without all the unhealthy aspects of beef.
This shows once again that American Deli understands its customer base by offering different variations
on its food. It’s a great model that more businesses should consider following since
it gives the consumer more choice, which is always seen as a good thing. Wings Can be a Side Dish at American Deli When you eat at a restaurant, you get your
main course and a side, typically. However, the choices for sides can be a little underwhelming,
and a lot of the time it’s just the same things over and over again. Fries? They’re popular,
but what if you want something different? Salad? That one is healthier, but it always
seems like you’re going to regret it as soon as you order it. Some places offer soup as
a side, but that just seems like you’re getting an extra drink, considering the debatable
nature of soup. There are, of course, the fancier places where maybe you can get sweet
potato fries or onion rings, but often they are few and far between. Not to mention the
fact that it’s just more carbs, and if you’re the kind of person who wants to eat at a restaurant,
but not always have to deal with the high carb counts, then you’re kind of stuck with
the salad when it comes to your options for a side dish. This is not true at American
Deli, where they have changed the side dish game forever with the fact that as a side
dish, you can order chicken wings! Yes, imagine it: a delicious cheesesteak, or a burger,
with a side of chicken wings, drenched in delicious sauce. Maybe you might even get
some of their famous lemon pepper wet wings with your main course. Which brings us to
the next American Deli Has Nine Wing Most places that serve chicken wings fall
terribly short on the number of sauce flavors they have to offer. Typically you will see,
mild, medium, hot, and honey garlic. Those are fine flavors, but what if you want something
outside of that realm? What if you want to send your taste buds on a culinary adventure,
tasting things that you have never had on a chicken wing before? Do you have any options?
Where can you go? What can you do? Well, at American Deli, they pride themselves on offering
more than your standard range of wing flavors. There, you can get your wings with one of
nine delicious sauces that they offer. We’ve already mentioned the lemon pepper wet several
times, however you can also just get the plain lemon pepper without the additional sauce
if you’re looking for something a little less intense when it comes to flavor. You can also
get your wings with Hot, Medium, Mild, BBQ, Teriyaki, Sweet Chili, Garlic Parmesan, or
Family Gold sauces. That’s plenty of flavors to choose from, but what’s also nice to see
is the range in different flavors. While American Deli offers your typical wing sauces, it even
changes things up with sweet chili, garlic parmesan, and the secret sauce which is called
family gold. There’s not much to describe that particular flavor, so you might just
have to try it for yourself to find out what it’s all about. American Deli Raked in the Bucks in 2013 Restaurants need to make money. That’s probably
one of the most obvious statements ever made, but it really is true! Restaurants live or
die on the basis of their profits. So how does American Deli fare in that department?
Well, it may not be raking in cash by the billions like McDonald’s, but it cleans up
pretty well for itself. In 2013, American Deli reported $38,000,000 in sales. That may
seem like a small number when talking about the restaurant industry, but don’t forget
that American Deli is a regional restaurant that operates mostly in shopping malls. When
you take those facts into consideration, as well as the affordable prices for food that
they offer, that’s actually pretty impressive overall. American Deli is still going strong
and is most likely doing better each year. Considering how many businesses fail in the
United States alone every year, it’s almost somewhat of a miracle for one like American
Deli to find its foothold and keep going strong even after 29 years. The fact of the matter
is that American Deli is making its own way in the restaurant business. It’s not a behemoth,
but it makes itself known as a business that refuses to stop. Besides, how could any business
in Georgia go out of business selling lemon pepper wet chicken wings? Nobody would ever
let that happen, so it looks like American Deli is going to keep surviving for a while
yet. American Deli Got a Name Drop From 2 Chainz American Deli might not be a major chain in
the United States, but its made a name for itself in its native Georgia, where the locals
stand by its variety of wing flavors, its excellent service, and its commitment to serving
great food. It’s even wormed its way into popular culture, although in a way that you
might not expect. It might have never been mentioned on a TV show or featured prominently
in a movie, but it has received a shout out from a major rapper. Georgia rapper 2 Chainz
gives American Deli a name drop in his song “Hot Wings.” That’s a pretty big honor to
be mentioned in a song by someone who has made it as big as 2 Chainz has, and no doubt
boosted the profile of the already popular Georgia eatery. After all, it would be hard
to resist trying those hot wings after a 2 Chainz endorsement. All we want is your endorsement so go ahead
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