Topmount vs Undermount Sinks| Which sink should I choose for my Kitchen

Robert: hi I’m Robert this is Sep welcome back to
another episode of question and answers with Sarto the topic of the day is the
difference is between undermount and topmount sinks Sep: so the difference is pretty straightforward traditionally again you always had top
mount sinks and that’s where the flange of the sinks actually went up over the
counter top whether it was laminate granite or quartz and so on and what you had is
you just kind of have this lip of the sink that set on top of the countertop
and it takes up a lot of space on the countertop and it gets in the way when
you’re trying to clean stuff off now we have and it’s been around for a while
the undermount sink and thats where the sink is actually fastened to the underside of
the countertop with different types of brackets systems which have really been
perfected over the last few years and what that gives you when you
under mount the sink is you don’t have that lip going around the top of the
countertop and so there’s no obstruction you can wipe your countertop off
straight into your sink and there’s not a lip to clean around and the big thing
is it gives you so much more countertop room especially the sinks that had that really
wide flange in the back where the faucets went through you eliminate that and a
faucet mounts straight to the countertop so you’ve gained all that room you have
a lot more room behind the sink and it’s easier to clean around you get more
countertop space but you also get more sink because you don’t have to
use up space with the flange you can actually take up a little more
space to the actual sink so the advantages are just I mean honestly we
probably do two top mount sinks a year and it’s I mean very very odd
applications everyone that’s under mount it’s a really really clean look and it
just it works way better in the kitchen Robert: so the reason you would see that in
old kitchens that topmount sink is because they really hadn’t perfected that mounting
system yet is that why? Sep: yeah so when they were starting to move
from the top mount to an undermount sink the mounting systems weren’t they
weren’t perfected correct and so undermount sink at first Kind of got a bad
reputation because you they were kind of in a half done manner mounted and then a
year two years down the road they would sometimes you know separate from the
stone and that gave a little bit of a bad reputation that’s been in the past
now for probably ten years the mountings really been perfected and there’s a
specific silicon or glue you use in between the sink flange and the granite
or the quartz countertop and it just I mean it will go years probably a lifetime
without having any issues Robert: so it seems like most of the customers these days
are choosing that undermount sink also because they’re you know they’re they’re
going in they’re picking out their stones spending a lot of money on their
kitchen and aesthetically the whole thing has a better cleaner look to it Sep: oh yeah definitely I mean you see more of the countertop you don’t see you know maybe
you didn’t get the color of your sink dead-on with your design but it doesn’t
matter because what you see is mostly the countertop you don’t see this big
ugly flange sticking up over the countertop Robert: okay there you have it
another episode of question answers with Sarto: feel free to give us a call or
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13 thoughts on “Topmount vs Undermount Sinks| Which sink should I choose for my Kitchen

  1. The flange gets in the way? Of what? People spending hundreds of dollars they don't need to? So much more counter space? A few inches. Your going to hell for telling people this. Some people will sell their soul for a weeks paycheck.

    Idk about anybody else but I don't spend a lot of time looking at my sink. I wash dishes in it and that's it. Takes up too much counter top space. What a joke.

  2. They are great especially when the edge of the stone/quartz chips and you have to get it fixed , good revenue after sales right there also you’re moving the hard to clean edge out of sight so bacteria now has a place to breed…

  3. Vedio voice is not clear, you should show some example vedios between two types of kitchen sink installation.

  4. I don't trust the undermounts. every time I see them there's a big gap between the sink and stone. I imagine I'd get all kinda gunk stuck up in there.

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